Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence is that computer systems are to be used to perform any tasks that a human being normally needs. In this AI works includes speech recognition and translation into different languages and all that require visual perception and even decision making.

According to ‘John McCarthy’, 1995 the father of Artificial Intelligence, it is the science and engineering of making a model of intelligence machines, in the special section for building intelligent computer programs. AI is a way of creating computers, computer controlled robots, or software that can think and work like intelligently, the way a wise human being thinks.

Artificial Intelligence

The focus of research in artificial intelligence is primarily on the following components:

  1. Learning
  2. Reasoning
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Perception
  5. Speech Recognition
  6. Language Translation

Benefit of Artificial Intelligence

1. Error Reduction: The advantage of using AI  helps us to reduce the error and increase the probability of reaching the higher accuracy with more precision. It can be applied in various situations, including a process of space exploration. In Chandrayaan 2 uses artificial intelligence in space.

2. Medical Application: One of the great advancement of artificial intelligence is its use in medical science. We can identify many medical applications that rely on artificial intelligence.

3. Digital Support: Highly advanced organization has already implemented machines on behalf of humans to interact with their customers using ‘avatars’. It is digital assistants or replicas that will help reduce the need for human resources. For all machines, emotions can only be identified by way of rational thinking.

 4. 24/7 Availability: Machine does not require frequent breaks and refreshment like humans. It can be programmed to work for a long time and be able to work continuously without getting or tired.

Negative Effects of Artificial Intelligence

1. Causes of Unemployment: AI can lead to mass unemployment, factory; its widespread use in banks, thousands of people can lose their jobs. Of course, robots have already taken away many jobs on the assembly line.

2. High Cost: AI requires a huge cost to manufacture because they are very complex machines and their cost is very high. e.g. Bank ATM, Hospital, Factory etc.

3. Creative Power Can End: With the help of AI we can create a new design, new things. It is quite possible that with its use we will become completely dependent on AI and loose our creative power by laziness.

4. Manufacture of Dangerous Weapons: it is very likely that with the help of AI the machines make automatic weapons which will destroy the entire human by themselves. When this happens, some people can rule the entire human population exploit it.

5. Fail to Recognize Right or Wrong: With the AI technique, the machines work according to its feed program. There is no emotion or moral value inside machines; they are not able to differentiate between right or wrong. In the opposite situation, machines with AI techniques cannot take a decision.

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is going to play an ambitious role in the field of economic development and social progress. Nevertheless, in today’s time AI has become a big issue for scientist about which continuous research is going on. New changes are also being seen in AI technology.

India’s mission is to develop a human- centered, artificial intelligence which can benefit humanity in an inclusive manner. Finding solutions to a difficult problem and joining the world leading countries in the field of AI is among India’s main goals.

Apart from all this, there are some important issues related to the ethics and privacy of Artificial Intelligence, which have to be resolved.

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