Can a Commerce Student Do Data Science

Data Science has become a popular field that uses data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. You may think that only students with technical backgrounds can pursue data science, but that’s not true. Even commerce students can do data science. Here in this blog, we will get to know about How Commerce Students can become data scientists and other career options. Check out the complete blog below.

Can a Commerce Student Do Data Science?

Yes, Commerce students can do data science. Although data science involves math, statistics, and programming, commerce students have unique skills that make them a good fit for this field. Their business knowledge and analytical thinking can be valuable in analyzing data and making business-related decisions.

Why Do Commerce Students Pursue Data Science Careers?

There are several reasons why commerce students are interested in data science careers. One can become financially stable if have better skills in the field.

Data-driven decision-making: Businesses today rely on data to make important decisions. Commerce students understand the significance of data analysis and want to participate in the process that helps businesses make better choices.

Career growth opportunities: Data science offers great career prospects with good salaries and job stability. Commerce students see data science as a way to grow professionally and open doors to various industries like finance, retail, healthcare, and consulting.

Interdisciplinary approach: Data science combines different fields like math, statistics, computer science, and business. Commerce students know various areas, so data science allows them to use their diverse skills to solve complex problems.

Can a Commerce Student Do Data Science

Analytical skills: Commerce students are trained to analyze financial statements and market trends and make strategic business decisions. These skills can easily be applied to data science, making commerce students well-suited for this field.

This is a course that purely depends on your Skills. You must induce yourself into the right course and gain practical education about the field.

How to Become a Data Scientist as a Commerce Student

A commerce student can choose a Data Science course and become Data Scientist. Here are the steps for commerce students to become data scientists:

Strengthen Foundational Knowledge: Start by understanding math, statistics, and programming. Take online courses or certifications in subjects like calculus, algebra, probability, and programming languages such as Python or R.

Learn Data Analysis Techniques: Get familiar with data analysis methods like cleaning, exploring, and visualizing data. Become proficient in statistical techniques and tools commonly used in data science.

Gain Practical Experience: Apply your skills to real-world projects. Take part in competitions like Kaggle, contribute to open-source projects, or find internships that involve data analysis. Practical experience will help you build a strong portfolio to impress employers.

Network and develop professionally: Connect with the data science community by attending conferences, joining online forums, and connecting with professionals in the field. Networking can lead to mentorship opportunities and provide insights into the industry.

Consider enrolling in data science programs or boot camps designed for commerce students. These programs provide targeted training in data science concepts, tools, and techniques, helping you bridge the gap between Commerce and data science.

What Else Can a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate Do?

While data science is an exciting field, one has other Career options after Commerce too apart from becoming Data Scientist:

Finance and Accounting: Commerce graduates can pursue careers in finance, investment banking, financial analysis, auditing or become chartered accountants. Their strong finance and accounting principles foundation makes them suitable for these roles.

Business Consulting: With business knowledge and analytical skills, commerce graduates can excel in management consulting. They can provide valuable insights to clients, helping them improve operations and make strategic decisions.

Entrepreneurship: Many commerce graduates start their businesses using their finance, marketing, and business management knowledge. They identify market opportunities, develop business plans, and run successful enterprises.

Market research and analytics: Commerce students can work in market research, where they analyze data, identify consumer trends, and provide insights to businesses.

Operations and supply chain management: Commerce graduates understand logistics, supply chain dynamics, and inventory management. They can manage operations, ensuring smooth business operations and efficient supply chains.

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Is it Better to Choose Data Science Course With Commerce Background?

Commerce students have the potential to excel in data science and have a successful career in this field. With a strong commerce foundation, technical skills and practical experience, they can become valuable assets in the data-driven world.

It’s also important for them to explore other career options, as their versatile skills open doors to a wide range of exciting opportunities beyond data science.

FAQs For Can a Commerce Student Do Data Science

Can a B.Com student pursue a career in data science? 

Yes, B.Com students can pursue a career in data science. While their background may be in Commerce, they can acquire the necessary skills through further education or specialized courses in data science.

Is it necessary for commerce students to learn Python? 

Learning Python is not mandatory solely for commerce students. However, Python is a widely used programming language in data science, and it can greatly benefit anyone working with data analysis.

What is the salary for data scientists in India? 

The average annual package for data scientists ranges from around Rs 4.5 lakh to Rs 25 lakhs. It can be more or less depending upon the company

Is work experience required to become a data scientist?

No, prior work experience is not a requirement to become a data scientist. You can acquire the necessary skills through self-study, online courses, or specialized training programs to become a Data Scientist.

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