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The loss of livelihood and the lack of food, shelter, health and other basic needs have led to immense loss to marginalized communities. The government is responsible for the health security of the people. Thousands of migrant workers/ labor are moves on the roads everywhere due to the shut-down of rail and bus services. The completely close the state borders for not moves from one place to another place. This one created a disruption in the supply of essential com modities, leading to increased inflation and a shortage of goods. Thousands of homeless people need protection. In this situation the government of India faces the challenges of poverty in lockdown period.

challenges of poverty in lockdown
The second major concern after health in the Corona transition is the economy. There is a lot of brainstorming on how to restart the economy amid lockdowns. Raghuram Rajan said that it is easiest to increase the lockdown, but doing so will now be destructive to the economy. Business will have to start now with wisdom. He said that India faces the challenges of poverty in lockdown. He gave another specific suggestion, which is being discussed a lot.

How Much Will Go below the Poverty Line

The UN has an organization – the International Labor Organization. It has said that due to Corona, 400 million people in the inferior sector in India will reach below the poverty line. Informal sector means small jobs. Like- paan wala, taylor, with such small business. 40 crore such people will become poor. And what is the population of the country? About 1 billion 30 crores. But what does it mean to be poor sir? There must be some definition of poverty too, right?

NSSO gave a figure in 2011-12, based on this the Planning Commission had extracted income figures and set the poverty line. The figures were such that if a man earns more than 25 rupees daily in the village of UP, then he is not poor. This definition can be debated, but the UPA government at that time calculated the poor on this basis for faces the challenges of poverty in lockdown. At this time, 27 crore poor people were in the country. 21.9 percent of the total population.

Financial Assistance Will Be Given To Farmers

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also announced for farmers in this package. He said that Annadata tries hard throughout the year to feed the 130 crore people of the country.

He said, “An installment of Rs. 2000 will be deposited in the farmers’ account every month. This installment will be transferred to the account of 8.70 lakh farmers in the first week of April.” This installment is being given under the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. Till now farmers are given 6 thousand rupees annually.

In MNREGA support their families in rural areas, their wages have been increased from Rs 182 to Rs 202. This will increase their income by about Rs 2000.

Apart from this, 500-500 rupees will be added to 20 crore women Jan Dhan accounts for the next three months.

In the MNREGA an additional 1000 rupees will be given as pension for the elderly, widows and the disabled. This money will be given in two separate installments. This money will go directly to their bank accounts so that no one is entitled to them in any way.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a package for the unorganized and organized sector for faces the challenges of poverty in lockdown.

Announcements in Lockdown Time for Poor Peoples

  1. Under the Ujjwala scheme, 8 million women were provided LPG cylinders by women of poor families. LPG cylinders are not a problem, so more than 8 crore such women will be given LPG cylinders for free for the next three months.
  2. Provision has been made to give 20 lakh rupees instead of 10 lakh to 63 million self-help groups to which seven crore families are connected. This loan will be available without any guarantee.
  3. For organized sector laborers who are employed or are about to be given jobs, those institutions where there are less than 100 employees and for those employees whose income is less than Rs 15,000, the total amount of government PF i.e. about 24% of the money for three months bear by government.
  4. By changing the PF Scheme Regulations, facility will be given to withdraw non-refundable advance ie 75% deposit amount or salary of three months.
  5. The government is releasing separate funds for the laborers working in the construction sector. 31 thousand crore fund is available under the Building and Construction Workers Welfare Fund. State governments have been instructed to use this fund for the welfare of those poor faces the challenges of poverty in lockdown. This will benefit 3.5 crore laborers.

Saving Villages Is Most Important

Cities may affect but farmer’s fields should be protected. If our agriculture lands are saved, then like some magic, we will make your cities buzz. But if lands destroy then grass will grow on the streets of your cities. If no one believes, civilization will end.

Cities are closed in lockdown. Businesses are closed. But no one remains hungry, the farmers have arranged this. This time has produced more grains than every year. The government can give one year of food grains to the whole country for faces the challenges of poverty in lockdown. But you will be saved from starvation only when the government delivers ration to the needy in the go-downs.

Government can do a lot to do it. She is also doing it and needs to do it. But our part has to be hopeful. We expect the government to pay attention to the views of experts. Make sure that the fifth largest economy in the world, which we want to make a $ 5 trillion economy, does not get any poverty or hunger.

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