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Thanks God, we have got 4 types of weather like; winter, summer, Spring and Rain. All Indians are feeling proud to born in India for these 4 types of weathers. We feel cold during winter season and feel hotter in summer season. All this happens due to changes in the weather. Time to time weather change the climate of a place in time duration. Rain, Sunlight, Wind, Humidity and Temperature are the main factors that determine this season.

Climate Change Summit 2019

In present scenario, the climate of the earth is changing and all living beings have also coordinated with these changes. But in the last 100 to 150 years, this climate changes have happened so fast, with this sudden changes animal and flora world is finding it difficulties to reconcile with this change. In a way human activity is responsible for this change.

The main causes of climate change:

  1. Natural causes
  2. Human causes


There are many reasons for the climate change. The main area; Movement of continents, Volcanoes, Ocean waves and Rotation of the earth. These natural causes are not in our control; these are happening on its natural flow.


Green House Effect

The earth received energy from the sun, due to the surface of earth becomes heated. This energy passes through the atmosphere, in some quantity; near about 30 percent of the energy remain in the atmosphere. Some layer of gases in the atmosphere absorbs this energy. These gases, including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous dioxide and water particles which are less than one percent of the atmosphere.

In nineteenth century temperature figure show that the earth’s average temperature increased 0.8 degree Celsius in the last 100 years. This temperature has increased by 0.6 degree Celsius only in the last three decades.  Data received from the satellite shows that the sea level has increased by 3 mm annually in the last few decades, glaciers are melting at a speed of 4 percent annually.

Effects of Climate Change

In fact, the impact will be on the human and flora world be a very huge peripheral zone. It can lead to a shortage of drinking of water, decrease in food production, an increase in the incidence of floods, storms, droughts and hot winds. The biggest impact of climate change can be on poor countries. Directly impact on human being and animal life become affected. The risk of extinction of trees and animals living in particular weather will increase.

Solution of Climate Change

According to John F. Kennedy – “Our problem is man- made, so they can be solved by humans”. While it is true that mankind is not eager to accept the magnitude of the reaction or climate change. In addition, encouraging the use of clean energy to reduce carbon pollutions from our atmosphere is the need of the hour.

PM Narendra Modi Address on Climate Change

At the United Nations Summit on Climate Change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India has run a campaign against single-use plastic. PM, Modi said that campaign of India will affects the whole world. The PM said on the climate change conference “It is better to change in their own behavior rather than to preach. This is itself is not less of a world war against plastic”. Second things are said at the united Nations Climate Action Summit that there is no time left for talks on the environment and third things said PM, Modi on the environment “ The whole world needs to act in order to protect it”.

In the 74th  Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, Prime Minister Modi also suggest about the importance of using renewable sources of energy instead of non-renewable resource.

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