Energy Security in India simply means to save the energy. The natural powers that a human being uses to make his tasks easier are called energy. A human keeps on finding new ways to make his life easier. Human used the maximum resources on the earth.  Of which mainly sources of energy like petrol, wood, electricity etc. are all in a limited state. If they continue to be exploited in this manner, then in the coming time all these will be finished. National Energy Conservation Day 14th of December celebrate in our country for Energy Security in India.


Resources and energy are limited in nature. With the increasing population of the world, requirements are also increasing. The number of motor vehicles on the roads is increasing day by day. The number of all is increasing by train or by airplane. Man’s dependence on machines is gradually increasing.

What is Energy Security?

Fossil fuels, crude oil, coal, natural gas, all are generating sufficient energy for use in daily life. Now the increasing of demand causes fear of expend of natural resources. Energy conservation/security is the only way that replaces non-renewed means of energy. In order to make energy users less energy efficient as well as to create efficient energy conservation. Governments in different countries have imposed a tax on the use of energy and carbon.

The concept of a world without resources like petrol or diesel also seems difficult. But the reality is that given the speed with which we are using these resources, the day is not far when our energy resources will be extinct from the earth. Therefore, it is necessary that we pay special attention to energy security in India work on other resources for its replacement because if we do not succeed in our efforts in time, then only human civilization can be in danger.

Objective of National Energy Conservation Day

National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year with a specific theme. It become more effective among the people keeping in mind certain goals and objectives.

  1. Celebrate the importance of energy conservation among people in every sphere of life.
  2. To promote the process of energy conservation, organizing many programs throughout the country such as: discussions, conferences, debates, workshops, competitions.
  3. Encouraging people to use less energy instead of using excessive and surplus energy.
  4. Reduce energy consumption and encourage people to use efficiently.

Problem of Energy Security in India

Every day things are increasing in new machines, trains, airplanes, trains etc. To maintain the functioning of all these machines some kind of energy is required which we get from nature. The dependence on our energy has increased in such a way that in the coming time, the possibility of losing all the energy resources is also increasing.

Energy Affects Directly and Indirectly           

During this action, there is a deep impact on the environment. The role of energy in improving the standard of living of human beings is so important that even after the deep effects, the consumption of human energy is going to increase in the future. Energy problem is likely to occur.

The amount of energy that the human community could not use in three or four thousand years, has been multiplied by modern society in the last 100 years, due to which the pressure on the limited resources like coal, minerals, petroleum etc. is increasing which Energy is giving rise to crisis.

Estimate in Future Demand

The increasing demand for energy will be three or four times more than in the coming years. According to an estimate, by 2030 the demand for energy will increase by 50 to 60 percent compared to the present. Therefore it is very important to find solutions to energy crisis and find out the way of energy security in India.

Solution of Energy Security in India

If we want that we can get energy in the future and can take advantage of the sources of energy, then we have to use them thoughtfully and at the same time find the sources of energy that we have in store and that will never end. We work on the energy security in India and discovered new sources of energy such as solar energy. This energy derived from the heat of the sun and it is never ending and is not harmful to the environment. Wind power which is obtained from strong wind. To protect sources of energy like petrol, coal etc.

  1. Thermal curtains, apart from smart windows, windows are the biggest factor in conserving energy.
  2. Large amounts of energy from natural light and compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs, solar smart flashlight, sky lights, light from windows.  The system can be saved by using solar lights.
  3. Water conservation also leads to better energy conservation. Per year, near about thousands gallons of water is wasted by people every ye We can be saved by using various means of conservation such as; less flow fountains, very low flush toilets, tap aerators, compost toilets.
  4. Separation plays a very important role in conserving energy by reducing the thermal in winter as well as obtaining thermal in summer. For example, natural wool segregation, home segregation, cotton segregation, filament segregation, thermal segregation etc.
Small Measures  for Energy Security in India
  1. We should not leave fans, lights etc. open without use.
  2. We should use LED bulb to reduce power consumption and save coal.
  3. Use public vehicles except private vehicles.
  4. Use a bicycle to go a little distance and walk a little if possible.

Energy Security in India strongly focuses on save energy and secures our future. For this, we should not burn unnecessary electricity in our homes. Electric appliances used as per requirement. Every person should think about save the energy. Today we do not take Energy Security in India subject seriously then the upcoming results will be difficult.

All the people of our country should know about effective energy usage. Information made about the better use of energy for every person in India. At the same time adopting methods for the betterment of the future through various other methods to energy security. All the people of India can directly agitate and raise their voice to minimize energy wastage during the 11th Five Year Plan. In the present time, young generation will have to come forward to bring about positive change. Increase the economic condition of the nation as they are the future of this country.

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Dasharath Maurya