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Human has always been interested to know about the sun, moon, star’s, planet, galaxy present in the space. Man has time to time made their a1957. On this day, the first manned Russian satellite “Sputinik” was sent from the surface of the earth. After that many countries released satellite in space exploration. Today, India is also one of the biggest country in the world, which playing an important role in space exploration. Read full article i have share history of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and establishment, achievement.

history of ISRO


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is the National Space Institute of India. The head quarter of ISRO is Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. In this institute total employs and scientist about 17,000. The main important work of this institute is to find out information about space, and develop the technology for enhancing the space program. Develop the satellite, sounding rocket, launching pad or vehicle and make it possible ground for development this system.


After the launching of “Sputnik” by Russia in 1957, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai realized the importance of this satellite. In the year 1961, India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru put the space research under the supervision of the Department of Atomic Energy. Homi Bhabha called the father of the Indian nuclear program formed the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) in the year 1962, in which Dr. Sarabhai was appointed as the chairman. Later Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) became ISRO on 15 August, 1969.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)  established in 1969 on the day of Independence Day. Dr. Sarabhai is also called the father of the space program. Presently the chairman of ISRO is Dr. K. Sivan. At 1972 the government of India gives additional motivation to space research activities, and formation of “Space Commission and Development of Space”. ISRO was working under the control of the ‘Department of Space’.

In 1970’s was very big experimental era in the Indian history of space programs such as ‘Aryabhata’, ‘Bhaskar’, ‘Rohini’ and ‘Apple’ were launched during this time. ‘Rohini’ satellite became the first India – made launch vehicle SLV – 3 to be placed in orbit. In January 2015, ISRO successfully used an indigenous cryogenic engine in a GSLV – D5 launch of GSAT – 14. India work’s and started another major satellite program like ‘inset’ and ‘IRS’ one thing is that in the present time ‘INSAT and ‘IRS’ are the major program of ISRO. India has a strong launch vehicle program for launching space craft and Indian provides services to other countries.


  • On 19th April 1975, ISRO launched the first satellite ‘Aryabhata’.
  • On 10th August 1979, ISRO experimental satellite ‘SLV – 3’ was launched.
  • On 19th June 1981, ISRO launched its first communication satellite ‘Apple’.
  • On 10th July 1992, ISRO launched the first INSAT series, ‘INSAT – 2 A’.
  • On 20th September 1993, ISRO launched the first series of ‘PSLV’.
  • On 18th April 2001, ISRO created history by replacing GSLV with ‘GSLV – 1’ in orbit.
  • On 22nd October 2008, ISRO launched its mission ‘Chandrayaan – 1’.
  • On 5th November 2013, ISRO launched the mission on Mars.
  • On 24th September 2014, ISRO launched ‘MOM’ in mar’s orbit.
  • On 28th September 2015, ISRO launched the mission ‘Astrosat’ completely dedicated to astronomy.
  • On 15th February 2017, ISRO achieved the biggest record; ISRO put 104 satellites into orbit simultaneously with the ‘PSLV – C37’.
  • On 14th November 2018, ISRO launched India’s heaviest satellite.
  • On 22th July 2019, ISRO launched ‘Chandrayaan – 2’ comprise a Lander (Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan).
  • On 7th September 2019, the ISRO mission ‘Chandrayaan – 2’ was a big success and the Lander ‘Vikram’ made a hard landing on the moon’s orbit.

FAQs For History of ISRO

What is the ISRO Full Form?

ISRO full name Indian Space Research Organisation.

When was ISRO established?

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was establishment on 15 August 1969.

Who was the first chairman of ISRO?

The Indian Space Research Organisation first chairman was Dr Vikram Sarabhai

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