How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th

Most people are confused regarding the Merchant Navy and Indian Navy. Indian Navy is the defence Navy and they work under the central Government. While the Merchant Navy is a Private organization that works to carry cargo from one nation to another. Merchant Navy is known as the Backbone of the International Trade. The name of the merchant Navy and Indian defence Navy is a bit similar but their duties are completely different and there is no comparison between them.  Here in this blog, We will get to know about the How to Join Merchant Navy after 12th as an officer or as a Sailor, etc.  I have shared the information like Selection procedure in the Merchant Navy, required Eligibility Criteria and Merchant Navy Salary, etc. Check the blog below to get complete details.

How to Join Merchant Navy

The Merchant Navy plays an important role in the Import and Export business. Without the Merchant Navy, the Import-Export Business will come to a grinding halt.

For the Indian Candidates, They have an option to join the Government Merchant Navy which is known as the Shipping Corporation of India, or can join the private merchant Navy, etc. The way of working and the Procedure of selection are completely the same. Either its Government Merchant Company or private Merchant Company, There are fixed laws and rules that every private and government has to follow. Merchant Navy salary is very lucrative and private companies Known for paying more salary than the government companies. Now let’s see the ways to join the Merchant Navy and after that, we will see the Selection process and required eligibility Criteria that are mandatory to have to apply for the vacancy.

Ways to Join Merchant Navy

There are basically two types of selection done in the Merchant Navy either its government company or private company. One can apply for:

  • Officer’s Entry
  • Sailor’s Entry

In the officer’s Entry, one can apply for the engineer’s Entry also. The Training procedures of Engineers are a bit different but the selection process and required eligibility Criteria after class 12th are completely the same as the officer’s Entry.

In the Sailor’s Entry, One can also apply for the Chef post, Stewards, and other gally department posts. Let’s see the Complete Selection Process and Eligibility Criteria of Officer’s Entry and Sailor’s Entry in detail.

Officer’s Entry in Merchant Navy After 12th

  • In order to join the Merchant Navy as an Officer. It is mandatory to have to Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 Level.
  • The age of the candidate must be at least 18 years old and it should not be more than 28 years old.
  • A candidate must physically and Medically Fit.
  • EyeSight must be 6/6 with or without glasses.
  • The body of the Candidate should not carry any genetic diseases or diseases that can not be correct through treatment.
  • There is no relaxation has been given to any candidates on the basis of their caste, community, and religion.

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Officer’s Entry Selection Procedure in Merchant Navy

The Selection Process of the Officer in the Merchant Navy is done in three phases. The Selection is a bit complicated, You will need to understand this better. Merchant Navy three phases of selection Consists of:

  • Sponsorship Exam
  • IMU-CET (Indian Maritime University Common Admission Test)
  • Medical Exam

Sponsorship Exam

The very first thing that you have to do is to select the company that you want to join either its government company or Private Company. Every company conducts a Sponsorship exam before the IMU-CET Exam. The Sponsorships Exam ensures your selection in that particular company after clearing the IMU-CET Exam and Medical Exam.

To get the details about the Sponsorship exam. You can visit the official Website of the Merchant Navy companies and can also apply for the Sponsorship exams.

IMU-CET (Indian Maritime University Common Admission Test)

This exam conducted twice a year. Once in the month of June and 2nd in the month of December etc. This is the mandatory exam to clear. Even if you get sponsorship from any company but you failed to clear IMUCET Exam. You will not be able to proceed further.

Even if you do not appear for any sponsorship exam, then you can appear for the IMU-CET Exam. But to join the company, You will need to clear the exam of Sponsorship of any particular company. Most of the companies do not conduct any sponsorship exam after the IMU-CET Exam. So it would be better to appear and clear it before the IMU-CET Exam.

All the candidates who would clear the sponsorship exam and IMU-CET Exam will proceed for the Medical Examination.

Medical Examination

The medical exam is done by the DGS (Director General Shipping) Approved doctors only. Most of the time company conducts the Medical exam for the selected candidates.

Sailor’s Entry in the Merchant Navy

  • All the candidates who have passed at least class 10th with a minimum of 40% marks are eligible to apply for the sailor entry.
  • Candidate’s age should not be less than 18 years old and it should not be more than 28 years old.
  • A candidate must be physically and medically fit.
  • There is no specific medical requirement for the Sailor’s entry into the Merchant Navy service.

In order to become a sailor in the Merchant Navy. One can appear for the GP Rating Exam which is General Purpose Rating.  Here is the complete selection procedure of the Sailors.

Selection Procedure of Sailors in Merchant Navy

There is no specific Selection procedure for the Sailor. One can choose the company either government or private company. You can directly apply for the GP rating. Most of the institutes offer direct admission while some select through the Interview or Written Examination etc.

Now let’s see the training period and duty period of the Merchant Navy officers and Sailors etc after the selection.

Training Period in Merchant Navy

All the candidates who get selected through the Officer’s Entry. They will be trained for 3 years by the company. In which One year will be pre-sea training at the campus and the rest of the training will be done on board and during the onboard training, all the candidates will be some amount as Stipend.

After the completion of the three years of training. You can apply for the degree. You will get a B.Sc in Nautical Science from Indian Maritime University.

For the sailors, They will need to complete 18 months of training in which 6 months of training will be done at the campus, and the rest of the training will be done onboard. During the onboard training, all the candidates will be some amount as Stipend.

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Salary and Allowances in Merchant Navy

The Merchant Navy is known for giving the best salary to its employees. On average, A captain of the ship can take around 6 to 10 lakhs per month. All the newly elected officers in the government company get around 96,000/- per month to 120,000/- per month depending upon the type of ship they are on. The salary to the employees is only given while they are on board. No Salary is given to the employees while they are off duty.  Merchant Navy Salary is completely tax-free.

A sailor with zero experience gets around 30,000/- per month to 50,000 per month depending upon the type of ship they are on. After some years of experience, they get close to lakhs per month or even more.

The Salary in Merchant Navy is lucrative but there is no such allowances are given to the employees. Here is the list of allowances that one gets in the Merchant Navy.

  • Official Travel Expenses are completely paid by the company.
  • Signing on bonus.
  • Signing off bonus.
  • While on duty, officers and sailors get free food, high-quality stay,s, and almost every facility onboard.

Benefits of Joining Merchant Navy

  • Less competition in this field as compared to the other professions. Joining the procedure is easy. One just needs to clear the basics of 6th to 12th. This is the only job where you will be financially independent at a very young age.
  • You would have a lot of time to spend with your family. Onboard you would have free wifi connectivity all the time. You can stay connected with your loved ones all the time.
  • Merchant navy gives you the opportunity to travel the world for free. You would have a lot of new experiences meeting new people, new culture, etc. Well, The job at Merchant is full of adventure, if you love to do adventurous things. This profession is for you.

FAQs For How to Join Merchant Navy

Difference between Merchant Navy and Indian Navy?

The Merchant Navy Carry Cargo from one nation to another while the Indian Navy is the defence navy and they are responsible for the security of the Indian Sea border. Merchant Navy and Indian Navy are a completely different profession.

Can I Join Merchant Navy after 10th?

Yes, You can join the Merchant Navy after 10th as a Sailor. You can apply for the GP Rating Couse training to become a sailor in the Merchant Navy Private company or Government company etc.

Which is better Merchant Navy Private company or Government Company?

There is no huge difference in the Private and Government merchant Navy companies. The way of working, laws, rules and regulations are completely the same. You must go with the company which has a good record with their employees.

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