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How to Join NIA?

There are many unknown agencies in India that are working day and night to protect the nation from internal as well as external threats. The National Investigation Agency is also one of them. The National Investigation Agency has been constituted for the investigation and controls of the activities of terrorism in the country. If you are here to Know How to Join NIA. There are many ways by which one can join the NIA and become a part of it as an Officer or as a Non- Gazzette officer.

Role of National Investigation Agency

Their Primary aim to counter-terrorism inside the country. They have some special powers that are given by the central government. The NIA officers directly report to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Under their special power, they can investigate in any state without any permission of the state government. They are permitted to investigate anywhere in the country without any interference of the police personnel or other armed personnel. This Agency has been established to maintain internal security or internal threats.

How to Join NIA?

As per the recent amendment in the NIA act. Now the National Investigation Officers are allowed to work outside the country also. They will have the same power as a Police officer to take action. After the completion of any investigation, it is shown in the NIA court. Yes, NIA has its own Judicial court.

It is among one of the most successful agencies in the country. The NIA prepares every year the list of the most wanted person or gang in the country and finishes them one by one.

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National Investigation Agency Headquarter

The headquarter of the National Investigation Agency is in New Delhi. But there are many branches which have been spread all over India.

  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Mumbai
  • Guwahati
  • Kochi
  • Hyderabad
  • Jammu and
  • Raipur

These are the branches of the National Investigation Agency. With the help of these offices or Branches. It is easier for them to operate all over India.

Ways to Join NIA (National Investigation Agency)

There is an only direct way to join the National Investigation Agency. Here we are sharing with you the complete details about the Selection Process, Age Limit, and its complete required eligibility Criteria that is mandatory to have to apply for joining. Let’s begin with the Selection Proces and later we will see the Eligibility Criteria and other details etc.

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Selection Process of NIA (National Investigation Agency)

First of all, there is no direct way to be an Officer in the service. One can apply for the SI (Sub Inspector) post in the service. There are no other ways rather than this.

For the Post of SI (Sub Inspector) in the service. One will need to clear the Examination called SSC-CGL which is conducted once a year. Selection is done on the basis of the exam. This is actually the Combined Graduate Level Examination  (CGL) which is conducted by the SSC (Staff Selection Commission).

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There is a total of four phases in the SSC CGL Exam which is divided into four tiers. One will need to clear all these phases in order to get selection. To get more details about the SSC CGL Examination, Check out the official website. Now let’s see the required eligibility Criteria which is mandatory to have to apply for this.

Eligibility Criteria to Join NIA

In order to join the National Investigation Agency, it is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from any recognized Institute or University.

The age of the candidate should not be more than 30 years old. There are also some relaxation has been given in the age to the candidates who belong to OBC (Other Backward Class), Scheduled Caste, or Scheduled tribes.

Direct Ways to Become an officer in NIA

The officer in the National Investigation Agency is mostly selected from the Indian Revenue Service (IRS), IPS (Indian Police Service), etc. There is only a direct way to join NIA is through SSC CGL Exam. The Exam is tough and the competition is too much. You will need to prepare very well in order to crack the exam.

Exams to Join NIA

As I mentioned above in the Selection Paragraph. In order to join the Service. One will need to clear the CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Examination which is conducted by the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) once a year. There are a total of four phases in the examination and named as Tier one, Tier two, Tier three, and Tier four exams, etc.

Job Profile of NIA Personnels

The job at the National Investigation Agency is full of adventure. There is no fixed duty time. If one working on any special cases. They may have to work day and night to finish the case.

One can only survive in this field if you are passionate about this. If you want to get a clear view of the life of NIA officials. There are many Bollywood movies that have been made and based on true incidents.  You must watch those movies to get your own opinion about NIA. In the movies, Everythings that are shown is not true. So, do not just completely believe over that. It can just give you an overview etc.

If you are willing to join the service. You will need to be physically and medically fit.

Physical Eligibility to Join NIA

This job physically challenging when you are posted in the fieldworks. There are some physical requirements also in the service.

  • The eye must be 6/6 with or without glasses.
  • The height must be 170cm or more for the male candidates and 157cm or more for female candidates.
  • The chest expansion should be at least 5cm. No chest expansion is required for the female candidates.
  • Make sure your body does not carry any serious disease.

The NIA officers get paid so well for their job. There are also many Allowances, Perks, and extra benefits that are given to the personnel. Let’s see the salary and allowances that one gets in the service.

Salary and Allowances in NIA

There are basically four categories on the basis of which government pays the salary to their employees.  Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D, etc. The Employees of the National Intelligence Agency falls in Group A categories.

They get around 47,000/- to 85,000/- per month depending upon the Job position and area of posting etc. After the salary, They get allowances like:

  • Life long pension
  • Travel Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances
  • Ration
  • Free stay at the Government quarter.

There are also many more allowances but these are the some famous and most common that is given to almost every employee of the National Investigation Agency.

The job at the National Investigation Agency is very challenging with full of adventure. If you are passionate about this, Gain knowledge about the SSC CGL Examination cause that is the only way to get into the service. Once you joined the service as SI (Sub- Inspector). You can appear for the internal exam to get further promotion in the service.  Here are the details regarding the Promotion in the service.

Promotion Criteria of NIA

In almost every government organization. The promotion is done on the basis of the experience or through the Internal or department Exam. One can appear for the departmental exam to get further promotion. But, there is some eligibility requirement to appear for the departmental exams.

Every year, the rules and regulations for the promotion criteria keep changing. You must check the official notification to get the exact details. This was all about the National Investigation Agency. I hope that you got the answer to How to Join NIA.

FAQs For How to Join NIA?

How to Join NIA after the 12th?

There is no way to join the National Investigation Agency after the 12th. The Minimum Qualification to join the service is graduation. A candidate must have done graduation in any discipline from any recognized Institute or University.

How to Join NIA as an Officer?

There is no direct recruitment of the Officers in the National Investigation Agency. The officers are mostly selected from the Indian Revenue Service and Indian Police Service etc. In order to become an officer in the service. One will need to clear the Civil Service Exam.

What is the NIA Recruitment Rules?

There is only recruitment in the service that is through CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Exam which is conducted by the SSC (Staff Selection Commission). One will have to physically and medically fit to join the service. There are four phases of the exam, that one has to clear to be part of the service.

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