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ITI COPA Course Details: Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process and Fees

The Career can be better in any field. One just needs to find select the better career option where their interest lies. Here in this article, We will get to know the details about the ITI COPA Course Details. We will see the required eligibility criteria which are mandatory to have to apply for admission in this course and its complete admission criteria etc. To get detailed info, One must check the complete article below:

The computer technology field is something that will be increasing in future. This is the field that would have better growth. A candidate who pursues any course related to computer technology would have very better career growth in future. Let’s see the ITI COPA Course Details.

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What is ITI COPA Course:

COPA (Computer Operation and Programming Assistant) is the best trade of ITI (Industrial Training Institute).  Most people are not aware of this but this is the best course for those who are interested in computers and programming. This course is comparatively smaller than other courses.  For those who are keenly interested in computer operations and wants to make their career in information technology (IT), then ITI COPA is the best choice for them.

ITI COPA Course Details: ITI COPA is not only about the operations of the computer but also the programming of the computer. In this course, you will get to learn Ms office, DOS, internet surfing, internet uploading, and many more related to computer operation. Now let’s see the details about the required eligibility criteria and admission process in the course etc.

COPA Course

ITI COPA Course Eligibility Criteria:

Those students who are planning to get admission to this course must have the following criteria for admission in the ITI COPA (Computer Operation and Programming Assistant):

  • Students must have completed class 10th from any recognised board.
  • Students must have scored 50% or more in the 10th board examination.
  • The age of the student must not be less than 14 years old and must not be more than 40 years.
  • The marks criteria are not the same in every college, It may be different as per the college.

Admission Criteria for ITI COPA:

ITI COPA Course Details: The Admission Criteria varies from college to college. For admission in the reputed colleges, One has to appear for the Institute level Entrance examination. Students will be enrolled on the basis of the marks scored in the entrance examination.  Some Institutes or colleges also offer admission directly in the course. Candidates are usually enrolled for the admission on the basis of the marks scored in the Class 10th board examination.

Top Colleges/Institute for ITI COPA:

There are many colleges/institutes for ITI COPA. Well, here is the name of some best colleges that provides better education. I am not promoting any college, Institute here. All the names that have been shared here are as per their annual performance. Here is the list of top ten colleges:

  • Bharat Private I.T.I, Karnal
  • Sarvodaya Industrial Training Institute ( SITI), Delhi
  • RAJ-CLC Industrial Training Centre, Kanpur
  • RAJ-CLC Industrial Training Centre ( RAJCLCITC),
  • KanpurSainik Parivar Bhawan ( SPB), Jhajjar
  • Parshuram Private Industrial Training Institute ( PPITI), Nagpur
  • Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private Industrial Training Institute ( SRSPITI), Raipur
  • Access Private Industrial Training Institute – ITI
  • Advance Institute of Information and Computer Technology
  • Access Private Industrial Training Institute – ITI

ITI COPA Course Fees and Duration:

The course fees for ITI COPA varies from college to college but the common fees of Government college are around 6,000 INR and in private colleges, fees are 15,000 to 50,000 INR. The course duration of ITI COPA is 1 year. It consists of two semesters and it covers video and a detailed range of subjects and every topic related to the computer is being taught in this course. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is given in this course and projects are also given.

ITI COPA Course Syllabus:

There are five elements in the syllabus of ITI COPA and each element covers the detailed and wide knowledge of computer, data entry, internet etc.  The syllabus of ITI COPA varies from college to college,  it all depends upon their teaching pattern. The general syllabus of ITI COPA is given below. Professional trade theory knowledge (Theory class):

  • Introduction to computer components
  • Introduction to Windows operating system
  • Introduction to Windows shortcut commands and methods
  • Basic software installation in Windows
  • Introduction to Linux and DOS
  • Introduction to the database management system
  • Introduction to macros and design object controls
  • Introduction to networking
  • A detailed study on networking concepts
  • Double-entry system in bookkeeping
  • E-Commerce concept
  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Computer networks, use, necessity, and advantages
  • DOS internal and external commands (Basics)
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Introduction to open source software
  • Introduction to word processing software
  • Introduction to a spreadsheet, their uses, and application
  • Spreadsheet shortcuts and commands (basics)
  • Image editing and creating presentations
  • Open course Word press, Joomla, etc.
  • Introduction to Java and programming
  • Introduction of script language
  • JavaScript and basics
  • Introduction to Visual Basic for application
  • VBA data types, variables, and constants
  • Introduction to debugging techniques
  • Using accounting software
  • Data type
  • Constants
  • conversion between data types in JavaScript
  • Arithmetic, logic, and comparison operation in JavaScript
  • Network topologies
  • Concept of DHCP server
  • Concept of ISO in IT trade
  • Introduction to internet
  • Basic internet concepts
  • Introduction to web browsers and search engines
  • Downloading and uploading basics
  • Introduction to web design concepts
  • Introduction to HTML and CCE
  • Introduction to Functions in JavaScript
  • Concept of using multimedia and animation files in JavaScript
  • Analysis of VAT, Cash flow, and fund flow accounting
  • Introduction to Tally
  • Implementing accounts in Tally

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Professional trade practical skill (Practical class):

  1. Identify computer components and peripherals
  2. Assemble computer
  3. Configuring hub and switch
  4. Perform subnet masking process
  5. Programming in VBA
  6. Software installation and basic commands
  7. Basic designing of static web pages
  8. Developing web pages using JavaScript
  9. Practice with arrays in JavaScript
  10. Executing commands on DOS
  11. Linux operating systems
  12. Create, edit, and format word processing document
  13. Use image editing and presentation software
  14. Create and edit presentation
  15. Protect an important file and data
  16. Using ActiveX controls
  17. Using MS access
  18. Compress and encrypt MS access database
  19. Open Tally and use tally for accounting
  20. Open and use E-commerce websites
  21. Setup tight cybersecurity for a computer
  22. Using the internet
  23. Create and send an email with an attachment of a different kind
  24. Use video chatting software
  25. Creating an account on various websites
  26. Configuring Outlook mail service
  27. Install, setup, configure network
  28. Secure computer network
  29. Manipulate arrays in VBA
  30. Write basic programs in VBA
  31. Use MS excel and enter data

Employability Skill Development and knowledge:

  1. Improving English literacy
  2. Concept of entrepreneurship
  3. Designing and compiling programs
  4. Introduction to E-commerce and its possibility
  5. Introduction to communication skills
  6. Motivational training
  7. Group discussion, behavioural skills
  8. Improve communication skills
  9. Capture and designing of images

Career Scope and Job Opportunities:

ITI COPA Course Details: The Career is better in this field. As you may know that the technologies are increasing day by day. After the completion of a 1-year ITI COPA course, one has the option to work in numerous fields. One can also pursue the other higher-level program to get better career growth in this field. Here are the following field, where one can easily get employment after the completion of the course.

  • Government block office
  • Police department
  • Akshaya centres
  • Data entry centres
  • Welfare office
  • College and university
  • Small scale accounting firm

The minimum salary of ITI COPA is 10,000. The freshers get this salary and after gaining experience the salary gradually increases. The Salary in this field depends on many factors like employment area, degree, the diploma you have and your extracurricular activities etc. If one pursues a higher-level program in this field would have better career growth. I Hope that you got the complete details about the ITI COPA Course Details and this blog was helpful to you.

FAQs For ITI COPA Course Details

What are the required criteria for Admission to ITI COPA?

One must have passed class 10th with 50% marks and age must be between 14 years old to 40 years old.

What is the admission process in ITI COPA?

The admission is done directly, There are some institutes that may conduct the entrance exam at the Institute level for admission.

How is the career as ITI COPA?

Technology is increasing day by day. The career is gonna be better in this field If one pursues the course from any better college, Institute or university.

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