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Top 20 Best Professional Courses in India

People are often confused regarding career options. There are so many career options available for one individual. The most common problem that everybody faces after the completion of school is a profession. A professional course sets you apart from other candidates. it enhances your creativity. Here in this article, I am sharing with you Top 20 best professional Courses in India. After this Article, It will be easy for you to select a better career option for you. To get complete details about this, Check the complete blog, I have twenty best professions that can give you a better lifestyle as well as a secure lifestyle. 

professional coursesA professional course will teach you a better approach to people. Experts say you must choose a career as per your passion. Turn your passion into a profession. In a recent survey, It has been proved that a person who chooses their passion as their profession are happier in life as compared to the person who chooses money over passion. But as per my personal opinion, If you have enough money than you need, You will be happier in life. After any professional degree or diploma course, it will be easy to get a job as compared to the non-professional courses.  Money plays an important role in today’s generation. choose the career option that could fulfil your needs. Now let’s see the 20 best professions that can give you a handsome earning as well as a good lifestyle. 

20 Best Professional Courses:

There are many courses in India that you may be aware of but you may not be aware of that course’s potential. Here is this list of top 20 courses that are considered as the best course after 12th or after graduation. The Profession is somethings that make you eligible to work in any particular Sector. Here are the top 10 highest paying Profession courses that are in demand for 2021.


It is the most common career option in India. Most candidates go for MBBS or BDS or BUMS etc after their 12th with Bio. But there are also many more options in this particular field that is way better than the MBBS and BDS etc. You can go for Ayurveda, Homeopathic degree courses. These courses are trending. Due to the less competition in this field. You can stand stronger in this at the initial level. Pharmacists are also a good option after the 12th.  In order to get admission in the medical courses. You will need to crack the entrance examination that is conducted at the India Level. it is an undergraduate level degree programme and the duration is 5.5 years but it takes hard preparation as it is not easy to crack. You will be needed to rank good in NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) exam which is conducted at a national level, without qualifying NEET you will not be able to apply for any medical course.

Fashion Designing:

This is also the most trending course in India. One can make a better career in this field. In order to get admission to the Fashion Designing college. One may need to clear the All India Level Entrance examination. This course is tough to handle, only pursue the course, if you are passionate about this. It can create a better income course as well as a better lifestyle. Fashion designing is a very creative course and the demand for fashion designers is very high in India as well as in other countries. Those who want to pursue fashion designing have to clear class 12th with any stream (Science, Commerce, Arts) from the recognized board because some reputed colleges only allow the students who have completed their schooling from a recognized board.

Interior Designing:

We all like good interior designing. It is actually the first impression of your home. Interior designers plan the layout of the houses, offices, buildings, complexes etc in a way that every corner of the land is utilized, they plan everything like colour, theme, lights, decorations, furniture, pots etc. We always find a good Interior Designer who can decorate your home with POP. This is a good career option if you are passionate about this. There are many colleges in India for Interior Designing. In order to get admission, you may need to clear an Entrance Exam. Some private colleges also offer admission through the Interview or on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying exam. Most of the popular interior design colleges offer admission to the students who appear and score well in the design aptitude test and thereafter candidates have to submit their portfolio. Students who have completed their 10+2 from any recognized board are eligible to take part in this, some colleges prefer students who have completed their 10+2 from physics or mathematics.

Web Designing:

The World moving towards digital. Learning web designing can be boon for you. There is a huge number of job opportunities in this field. It is easy to learn about Web Designing. There are many online sources available that can give you a better knowledge about this. But, if you choose it as a career. You must join the best Institute that you train and educate you in a better manner. For taking admission ion bachelors degree student must have completed 10+2 from any recognized board and candidate must have 1 to 2-year diploma in web designing or 6 to 12 months certification in web designing, and for masters, a degree candidate must have a bachelors degree. Most colleges do not offer any age limit for this course.


This is not just popular in India as well as in other countries too. You can choose this course as a Career. There are many colleges that offer this course. Some colleges conduct entrance exams and some offer admission through the Interview or on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying exam. There is no particular subject to enter in this industry but your skills in drawing, sketching must be good and most importantly you must have a deep interest in computers. For graduation, a bachelor in fine arts will be the best start to step into the animation field.


This profession is most desirable professional among the youths. This industry will never get out of demand. This sector is in a growing phase and a person can make a better career in this. There are many colleges in India that helps you to get a degree in this field. With the Degree in this field, you end up making a huge income. In the hospitality industry, there are some most common titles like an event planner, executive chef, hotel general manager, housekeeper, porter, waiters etc. students who have a diploma in higher education, bachelor’s degree, foundation degree are eligible to appear for this. If you are studying at the bachelor’s level then it takes around 3 to 4 years but if you are studying at the master’s level then it takes 1 or 2 years.

Journalism and Mass Communication:

In today’s generation, Journalism and Mass Communication have gained a lot of popularity. There are many colleges that offer professional degree course for this particular. There are so many things that come under Journalism and Mass Communication. One can become a news anchor, Social Media Writer, Newspaper content writer, TV channels, program hoster, etc. This Industry is also known for playing better salaries for their employees. You have an option to open up your own news channel or Tech Channel etc. You do not just have to find jobs. You can be independent through this. You can study journalism and mass communication at both B.A or M.A level. For a bachelor’s degree, it takes 3 years and for a master’s degree, it takes 2 years. Course fees per annum in India is around 1,41,000.

Software Engineer:

This course is also related to programming like Web Development. But, this is tough as compared to Web Designing. There are many colleges that offer Software Engineering. You need to clear JEE Mains and JEE advance Entrance exam in order to get the best IITs for this course. The JEE Mains and Advanced are known as the toughest exam in India at the 10+2 level. to become a software engineer you must have coding, testing, communication skills. To become a software engineer you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology and you have to learn programming languages like C++, Java etc.


LLB is also the most common option for students after IITs and MBBS. The LLB is five years long course after the completion of this course, you will be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree. The course has potential. It takes a lot of knowledge, Experience, and patience, etc. There are many colleges that offer LLB course. Join the best colleges and learn all aspects of Lawyer. Your knowledge is the only way to make you a better lawyer. There is no limit to earning. It can give you a better lifestyle. Law colleges of India mostly follow the entrance exam to take admission. After having LLB degree you can appear for the judicial services exams and can become a judge in courts.

Computer Application:

The computer has become a part of our lifestyle. There are different types of Computer courses available that make you eligible for the job. If you take it as your career and you like to be with computers. Pursue Degree course in this particular field and apply for a job in some big and reputed company. Students who have passed 10+2 with minimum 50% marks are eligible for the BCA ( bachelor in computer application) and the time duration for this course is 3 years and for MCA (Master in computer application) the time duration is 2 years. For those who are fascinated by the world of computers then a career in computer application will be the best career option for them. BCA also includes programming languages like C++, java, data structure etc.

Here is the list of some courses that are quite famous but there is nothing much to talk about. These are the field that offered professional courses and courses in these fields can give you a good start in your career. 

Charted AccountantAccounting and Finance
Graphic DesignerCivilian Navy
Film or TVDietetics
AgriculturistMaster of Business Administration

Follow your passion, Never choose any career on the basis of money. It is very important to be happy in your life. Choose the career that suits your nature and you think that you can do better in this field. Best of luck for your future. Your career can be better in any field. You just need to passionate and dedicated to that. A tea seller can make more money if he has the right mindset and if he takes it as a Business. Although, None of any business is small or big. You just need a mindset to take it to the next level. The same things happen in jobs also. You just need to have a proper mindset to pursue the professional courses and make them successful in all manner.

Whatever course I have Shared here. You have an option to work as an Employee or to start your own business. if you are financially weak. Start a job after the completion of the course and later you can start a business. All the candidates who pursue MBBS, Web Designing, Software Engineering. They end-up starting their own Business. It is completely up to you. What you want to do with your Degree or Certificate. Here is also the list of some career options or Professional courses that are underrated but actually have a very good scope in the future. You just need to find the potential of that particular course.

Event ManagementMusic Industry
Social WorkBeautician
Human ResourceAdventure Courses like Scuba Diving, Sky Diving etc

Find your passion and make yourself the best version of yourself. I have tried my best to share my knowledge with you. I hope that you got the answer for the top 20 best professional Courses in India.

FAQs For Top 20Professional Courses

Which is the toughest professional courses in India?

Every course is tough at their own level but Law, Medical and Engineering courses are tough to pursue because it needs a lot of education as well as Dedication. You will have to study hard and also have to memorize things. But, if it’s your passion, It will be easier for you.

Best professional Courses in the World?

The master of Business Administration is considered the best professional Courses in the world. It has a lot of potentials and an MBA graduate never settles for less. But make sure that you do it from a reputed college.

Which is the highest paying professional course in India?

The Medical Line, LAW, and Engineering are the highest paying career in India. A person with good knowledge in this field can be a millionaire in India.

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