The informal meeting was completed on the request of Pakistan and China on Friday (August 16, 2019). Indian has made their stand clear on Friday in the United Nation Security Council NSC meeting on Jammu and Kashmir. After coming out of this meeting the permanent representative of India Mr. Syed Akbaruddin told the media that this was Indias stand and that the matter related to Article 370  of the constitution is  purely an internal matter of India and has no external effects.


India said after the United Nations Security Council meeting on the Jammu and Kashmir that the removal of the special state status of J & K is a purely internal matter and has no external effects. At the same time, India told Pakistan strongly that it would have to stop terrorism at the negotiation.

Without naming Pakistan, Mr. Akbaruddin says that some people are trying to show the situation in Kashmir with a frightening perspective which is far from reality. Stop terrorism to start talks. Mr. Akbaruddin said that when countries interact or talks among themselves, there are common diplomatic methods. This is the way to do this, but normal countries do not adopt the method of using terrorism and accomplishing their goals to move forward again. He said first stop terrorism then talks.

Mr. Akbaruddin said that the recent decision of the government of India and purpose of our legal bodies is to ensure that good governance is encouraged for our people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, to enhance socio-economic development. They said that we are happy that the Security Council (UNSC Meeting) appreciated and recognized these efforts in the close-door discussion.

The diplomatic source said that no results were found in the meeting. Akbaruddin said that a particular concern is that a country and its leaders are encouraging violence in India and using the terminology of ‘Jihad’ violence is not the solution to the current problems before us.

Mr. Akbaruddin said that India is committed to removing all restrictions gradually in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistani ambassador to the United Nations Maliha Lodhi said after the meeting that the voice of the peoples of the J & K was heard in the meeting. Lodhi said that this dispute has been recognized internationally.

China stands on the matter of Jammu and Kashmir, China said that India’s unilateral steps have changed the status quo in Kashmir which is considered a dispute internationally. Opposing India’s move to remove the status of special status of Kashmir and make Ladakh a separate union territory, he said that this move of India has also challenged China’s sovereign interests and to create peace and stability in the border areas. Violated bilateral agreements. China is quite worried. Before going to the meeting room, Russia, Deputy Permanent Representative of United Nations Mr. Dmitry Polinski told reporter that this is a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan. Dmitry Polinski said that the meeting has been held to understand what is happing? It is noteworthy that the details of closed-door meeting are not public and records of statements are not keeping in it.

Discussions are held informal meeting of members of the Security Council. India and Pakistan did not participate in the meeting. The meeting was only for 5 permanent and 10 temporary members of the United Nations Security Council.

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