New Education Policy Highlights

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The New Education Policy aims to supply quality and just education to all or any kids in India. a number of the key highlights of the policy square measure as follows

1. The policy emphasizes providing quality and reasonable education to all or any kids within the age bracket of 3-18 years.

2. It emphasizes holistic and multidisciplinary education rather than memorization.

Students can currently be tested on their skills to use ideas to find real issues instead of on how well they bear in mind things from books

It emphasizes that the three-language formula is followed in faculties, that specialize in the regional language, Hindi and English

To create it easier for college students to be told regional languages, instruction within the initial 5 grades is schooled in those languages rather than English

– The college info in India has been updated to include additional core ideas and education.

The policy focuses on mistreatment technology in education to form it additional accessible and effective

It envisages a system wherever there’s no distinction between rural and concrete areas, and every kid has access to quality education

The policy proposes many measures to boost the standard of teaching, like necessary teacher eligibility tests, teacher skilled development programmes, and teacher education programmes at the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels