Best Computer Courses after 12th 2020

There are many different types of courses available after class 10th, 12th, or after graduation, etc. It all depends on the person to person and their interest and passion towards any particular stream or field. Here we will talk about the Best Computer Courses after 12th 2020 and give you complete information about this. There are many newly launched courses in this field that are in very high demand in the market like Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, etc. We will discuss each term visually and give you the complete list of computer courses after the 12th.

Best Computer Courses After 12th

What is a Computer course?

In an easy way or in short. A computer course is a course that is related to the computer and it can only be performed on the computer or laptop. There are many types of computer courses like basic Computer courses, Advance Computer courses, Software related computer courses or Hardware related computer courses, etc. Let’s see the types of courses available after the 10th or 12th etc.

Types of Computer Courses

Computer courses can be divided into two categories. Short term course and Long term course. Short terms course duration is usually between three months to one year and after the completion of the course, you will be awarded diploma certificates. Long-term courses are basically a degree course and the course duration would be a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years.

  • Computer Skills like CCC etc
  • Programming like Java etc.
  • Web Designing.
  • Long-term courses like BCA, MCA, etc.

There are a huge number of short term courses in this field and can also be said as the Best computer courses after 12th 2020 but to make career better and long-lasting, you must go for the long term courses. You will have many opportunities after the courses and will also make good money. Let’s see the list of Computer Courses after the 12th and after we will talk about the job opportunities in this field or after the course etc.

List of Computer Courses After 12th

There is a huge number of courses that one can pursue to get better career options. Here we will categorize the list of computer courses that are mainly three categories.

  • Computer Skills
  • Programming
  • Web Designing etc.

In order to learn basic computer skills, you can go for the CCC (Common Concepts of Computers) C++, etc.  In order to apply for any government vacancy which is related to computers like LDC (Lower Division Clerks) etc. It is mandatory to have at least CCC certificates. Let’s see the number of courses available in Computer Skills.

Basic Computer Courses

The basic Computer courses and to learn about the basic computer skills. In the common Computer course, you will learn about the:

  • Computer Fundamentals,
  • Microsoft Office
  • PowerPoint
  • Notepad
  • Wordpad
  • Ms-DOS
  • Researching Online
  • Internet Searching
  • How to send an email
  • Creating an email account
  • Computer Networking
  • Job searching online
  • Write a Letter
  • Write a Book
  • Typing

Here is a list of professional Computer courses after 12th 2020 that one can pursue to have a better career option in the future. Most of the courses are job-oriented and it will easy to get a job in this field with the certificate.

  • Diploma in Software Engineering.
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing & Advertisement.
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing.
  • Diploma in Interior Designing.
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing.
  • Web Designing
  • VFX and Animation
  • Hardware and Networking Course
  • Software and programming language course
  • Tally
  • Cyber Security Course
  • Microsoft and typing course
  • Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Data Entry Operator Course
  • Computer hardware Maintaience
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Blockchain Developer/Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Information Systems Manager etc

These are the some best Computer Course after12th 2020. After the completion of these courses, you will be awarded the certificate. There are also some degree courses. Almost all the courses are job oriented and it will be easy to get a job in any reputed companies once you get a certificate in any of this particular course.

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Jobs in Computer Courses After 12th

There are huge vacancies in this field. As per the recent survey, A person who would have computer knowledge will have a better career in the future. There are many computer courses that are in very high demand like Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Java, Programming, Software development, etc.

The availability of vacancy as well as the type of career in this field completely depends on your capability and your experience. If you have better knowledge and better work performance, there is lots of vacancy and vacant seats for you. Most companies like digital marketing companies, programming, etc always hire candidates who have good experience in this field.

Salary: The salary in the field depends on many factors like your Work Experience, your certificate or degree, etc. At the start, with the certificate, you will get around 1,50,000 to 2,50,000 per annum. With the degree in these courses, you can earn up to 6 to 10lakhs per Annum.

Recruitment After the Computer Course

  • Computer Operator
  • Web Designer
  • Accountant
  • Software Developer
  • C++ Developer
  • Accounting
  • Database Handling
  • Basic Computer Applications etc.
  • Networking & Internetworking
  • Database Development & Administration
  • Programming – Development tools, languages
  • Technical writing
  • Software design & engineering
  • Graphic design and animation
  • Web/ e-commerce development etc.

The job criteria depend on the market condition. Most of the college/Institute or university etc conducts the Placement drive. You must join the some of best institutes or colleges or universities to pursue the course. This was all about the best Computer courses after 12th 2020. While pursuing any of these courses, you must check the Institute’s registration number and that Institute must be certified by the government.

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