Dance Diploma Courses in India

Someone has said that we should turn our passion into a profession. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the  Diploma in Dance Courses in India. We will get to know the admission Procedure, Required eligibility criteria and age limit criteria, etc.

Dance Diploma Courses

A person should only choose the career where their interest lies. A career in dance can be really good if one purses a better course from any Institute. This is the field where your talent matters a lot. So make sure to train yourself well and get proper education and training related to this. Now let’s see the complete details about the Dance diploma courses, Eligibility criteria, Syllabus, Bst Institutes, Career Prospects and Job Opportunities in this field, etc.


What are Dance Diploma Courses?

The Dance Diploma is basically a course where one gets proper knowledge and training related to the dance. The diploma courses can be as long as two years. After the completion of the course, One will be awarded the diploma certificate. There are also many types of dances that are offered by the various Institutes in Indian as well as abroad.  One can also get a job in the respected and related fields.

There are also many types of courses available in this field. One has an option to go for the diploma courses, certificate courses, Degree courses, and even master’s courses in the dance course. Now let’s see the required eligibility criteria that are mandatory to have to apply for admission in the dance courses.

Dance Diploma Courses Eligibility:

There is nothing much required as eligibility criteria. One just needs to pass class 12th in any stream from any government recognized Board. There is no age limit that has been mentioned anywhere so, all age group candidates are eligible to apply for this.

Some Institutes have marks criteria for admission. One must have scored at least 45% marks in the class 12th board. But, the marks criteria are not required by every Institute. Select the best institute for admission and almost every institute has its official website. Check the exact eligibility criteria requirement of that particular institute.

Syllabus Dance Diploma Courses:

As I said above that there are different types of courses available in this field. The Syllabus is also different for each course. Here I am sharing with you the complete syllabus of the Diploma Dance Courses. The Syllabus of each Institute is a bit different but there are no huge changes, it would be similar in nature.

  • Choreography 1: Constructing the Body
  • Movement Techniques: Codified practice level 1
  • Movement Technique and Improvisation: Somatic Practice
  • New Media and Performance Practice
  • Collaborative Practice 1
  • Choreography 2: Body as a conscious site
  • Movement techniques: Codified practice level 2
  • Movement Techniques: Contact Improvisation
  • Dance on camera: Practice of Screen Dance
  • Collaborative Practice 2: Sound and Site
  • Choreography 3: Final Independent Project
  • Movement Techniques: Codified Practice Level 3
  • Movement Technique and Improvisation: Further Development of Somatic Skills
  • Formation of a company to work with a professional Choreographer
  • Professional Portfolio: The Enterprising Artist


Diploma in Dance Course Importance:

A person who loves this and wants to make a career in this field The Diploma courses will definitely help you in all manner. After the course, One becomes eligible to get a job in the commercial dance/Entertainment sector. Well, It is mandatory to have a diploma to get jobs in this field, there are people who have achieved everything in this through his/her talent. But, for middle-class background, it is important to have a certificate to get a job quickly.  There is a number of benefits of having a diploma in Dance like:

  • It enables you to create or develop your own identity as well as learning new dance techniques.
  • This course provides you a better understanding of dance, better techniques, Creativity, professional awareness to sustain a career in commercial dance.
  • After the course, One can get a job in this Music Industry,  web series, dramas, Commercial films, etc.
  • The course is overall beneficial for making a career in the field of dancing.

There are also some required skills that one must have to pursue this course. One must have a basic understanding of dance, movements, and rhythm of the music. A person must be open-minded, self-disciplined, Ability to move beyond boundaries, and also must have good physical health. This is a field where your skills are everything, Make sure that you focus more on that. Now let’s see the list of some best Institutes for Dance Diploma courses.

College for Dance Diploma Courses:

There is a huge number of Institutes for dance in India It may be hard to find the best one. Almost every city has more than one dance academy. You must choose the Dance Institute which has a good trainer, friendly environment as well as at a better location. Here is the list of some Institutes that are considered as best for dance.

I am not promoting any Institute here. If you taking admission in any of these Institute. Make sure to check their complete admission Process, Eligibility Criteria requirements as well as the fees structure, etc. You can also look for the better Institute in your own city. The Balajee academy has many branches across India. I could not mention the name of the maximum Institute but you can easily check on google for the best Institutes nearby you.

A Career in Dance in India:

A career in this field is lucrative as well as high paying. But, your passion does matter a lot in this field. This is the field of passion. Dance is one of the most ancient forms of art. There is always a space for fresher, If you are fresher but good at skills and have proper knowledge about the field, it will be very easy to get a job in any commercial dance, Music videos, Web Series, Music & Dance Firms, Educational Institutes, Film Industry, Theatres, Museums, and Art Galleries, etc. As fresher one can work as:

  • Dance Teacher
  • Performance Artists
  • Dance Experts
  • Freelance Dance etc

The Most popular that most people follow is publishing their dance videos on youtube. Youtube is one of the best platforms to show your talent. Once you get famous, You will easily get work in the movies, TV Serials, Music Videos, etc.

Skills required Courses Dance Diploma:

In every field, there are some required skills that are mandatory to have. Here is a list of some skills that one must have to succeed in this field.

  • Knowledge of Dancing
  • Must know the steps and different forms of dancing
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Should have a creative mind and can innovate new dance steps and style
  • Hard Working Skill
  • Ability to work hard and for hours
  • Discipline and Punctuality
  • Should be disciplined and punctual
  • Patience and Concentration
  • Must possess immense patience and concentration to watch others performing
  • Team working Skill
  • Ability to work with others and in a team etc

I hope you the complete information about the Diploma in Dance courses. Join the best Institute and get proper training and knowledge. Your talent is over everything in this field. choose the best mentor, who could help in every manner to make better.

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