Photography is a profession where the photographer has to get hold of both technical and artistic. Photographs taken by the photographer are placed in the pages of history. Every picture tells a story or the other and it is the responsibility of the photographer to present the story as it is before the world. The work of the photographer is not only as easy as it appears. Actually, there are many problems in the life of a photographer, from the setting of the camera to find a better pose. Along with the problems for the photographer, the chances of being successful are very high in the current time many youngsters want to make Photography as a career.

Photography as a career
In the last few years, there has been a lot of technological development in the world, and now every field of life has visible effects of this technological development. The field of photography is also not untouched by this. 60 – 70 years ago, it was the era of black and white photos, but now digital photography is a common thing. Today, 30 – 40 years ago, in our home or office, photos of us or our family members were kept around our phone and now these photos are on our smartphones. Now it is the era of color photos in which digital techniques are used.


Photographers can be classified in the following ways, as mentioned in the above article, on the basis of the requirement of a photographer in almost every office or work.


Such photographers take photographs for newspapers and they are tasked with collating the incident in photographs. To become such a photographer, the most difficult is, the person who takes the photo must have the ability to understand the event.

General Photographer

Such photographers are general photographers. No-tag of any kind is attached to them. Such photographers take different kinds of pictures independently or it can be said that such photographers are not special photographers.

Commercial Photographer

Commercial photography is the highest paid job in the photographer profession. In this type of photography as a career, photographs are taken for big brands, and these photos are used to promote and sell things. Photographs placed in large posters appearing on the streets are taken by these photographers. To become such a photographer, it is necessary to have more experience and with those different types of cameras and lighting should also be used.

Wedding photographer

Everyone wants to capture their wedding moments. Therefore, the work of a wedding photographer never stops and it is always in demand. In this, work is mostly received from your contact, and earning in it depends on your work.

Advertising or Fashion Photography

This branch of photography has immense career prospects. Every ad agency needs skilled photographers. At the same time, fashion photography is also a part of it, but more than technology, the beauty of the costumes is exposed.

Wildlife photography

This branch of adventure-filled photography requires many professionals every year and makes Photography as a career. Everyone who learns photography must try his hand in wildlife photography once. This type of photography is in the trend nowadays. Wildlife photographers have to take photographs of the life of the forest. While doing this kind of photography, the work done closely is very important and the risk of life in such photography is also very high.

As you know, this photography is the most liked photo of the branch, due to this reason, the salary is also very high. Actually, with creativity in photography, memories of certain moments of life are preserved. Nowadays, very interesting topics can also be presented to us through an effective way of story-telling through photography session.

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Fashion Photographer

Such photographers have to keep a good eye on photography as well as fashion. This means that if such a photographer has to take pictures of fashion models and fashionable things, then the photographer should have an idea of ​​which pose he can take the best and most fashionable photo.

Food photographer

Such photographers work in different food companies and take pictures so that they can be used for publicity. To be such a photographer, special interest in food is essential.

Industrial Photographer

The job of such a photographer is to take better pictures of different machines so that publicity work can be done from those photographs. To become such a photographer it is necessary to have a good understanding of machines.


Most of the Photography as a career related courses in our country are vocational courses for which the candidate has passed his 12th class from recognized education board. Students pursuing undergraduate courses from Arts subjects can take a photography course as an optional subject.

Important educational courses related to the photography profession in India

  1. Diploma Course – Duration 3 months to 1 year.
  2. Undergraduate Course – Duration 3 years
  3. PG Course – Duration 2 years


The average annual salary of photographers is generally 3.57 lakh in our country. A skilled and professional wedding photographer can earn from 1 lakh to 3 lakh rupees for a wedding photo session. A Skilled Fashion Photographer pays up to Rs. 50 thousand to Rs. 2 lakhs they can earn.


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To become a professional photographer in the field of photography, you should specialize in any field, which will take your career to great heights. Like if you want to become a fashion photographer, and then you should specialize in Fashion Photography and make Photography as a career.

Nowadays in the field of photography, from fashion photography to portfolio photography and even pre-wedding photography and pregnancy photography as a career is very trendy. This is the reason that there is a great demand for photographers in the industry at this time. Not only this, if your photography is good, but you also earn a lot of money with your name. Similarly, you can do specialization in any sector.

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