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CBSE Economics Class 12 Syllabus 2021-2022

The Central Board of Secondary Educations conducts the Class 10th as well as the class 12th board examination etc. Here is this article, I  am sharing with you the complete details about the CBSE Economics Class 12 Syllabus 2021-2022 etc. As per the recent news, there are some changes has been made in the latest Syllabus of CBSE Economics class 12th.

During the Covid-19, board exams were conducted in a different mode. Now the things are in control and boards has been decided to conduct the offline examinations. There are some changes that have been made in the CBSE Board Syllabus. The syllabus is now a bit less as compared to the previous syllabus.

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Latest CBSE Economics Class 12 Syllabus:

The Syllabus of the course has been divided into two parts. The Exam is conducted twice one is as pre-board and another is Board etc. If you are in class 12th, make sure to check the latest syllabus of the CBSE Econimics Syllabus. Class political economy provides a large vary of ideas and advanced data relating to the topic which has all the queries provided within the CBSE category eleven political economy information.

Economics Class 12 Syllabus

Economics concentrates on however governments, business, households, societies and people build decisions regarding once,  wherever and the way to use their natural resources at its best. It is a study that deals with several abstract and ideal blueprints to check the action and foretell however establishments can adapt to given changes in commercial enterprise policies and market conditions, among alternative factors.

Download the Complete Economics Class 12 Syllabus in PDF:  Download

CBSE Economics Class 12 (Term-1) Syllabus:

The syllabus of class 12th Economics is devided into 2 elements. The primary half includes Introductory political economy, and therefore the second half includes Indian Economic Development. Moreover, these 2 elements have varied vital topics that students ought to perceive totally. Below listed the chapters associated with Macroeconomics:

  • Balance of Payments.
  • Money and Banking.
  • Government Budget and the Economy.
  • Determination of Income and Employment.
  • National Income and Related Aggregates.

The second half involves Indian Economic Development and therefore the chapters associated with this subject ar mentioned below:

  • Development Experience of India – A comparison with Neighbours.
  • Development Experience(1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991.
  • Present Challenges facing Indian Economy.

This topic focuses on the decision-making, structure, behaviour and overall performance of an economy.

 Term 1 – MCQ Based Question Paper  
UnitsTheory: 40 Marks                             Time: 90 minsMarksPeriods
Part AIntroductory Macroeconomics  
 ·        Money and Banking68
 ·        Government Budget and the Economy615
 ·        Balance of Payments67
 Sub Total1830
Part BIndian Economic Development  
 Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991:


·        Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

·        Indian Economy (1950-90)

·        Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation: An Appraisal

 Current challenges facing Indian Economy


·        Poverty

·        Human Capital Formation

·        Rural development

 Sub Total2245
 Project Work (Part I): 10 

CBSE Economics Class 12 (Term-2) Syllabus:

Term 2 – Subjective Question Paper  
Theory: 40 Marks                             Time: 2 HoursMarksPeriods
Introductory Macroeconomics  
National Income and Related Aggregates1023
Determination of Income and Employment1222
Sub Total2245
Indian Economic Development  
Current challenges facing Indian Economy


·        Employment

·        Infrastructure

·        Sustainable Economic Development

Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbours-


·        Comparative Development Experience of India and its Neighbours

Sub Total1830
Project Work:10 

Important Chapters for Class 12 Economics:

In the info of social science category twelve, political economy ought to be rigorously studied and revised to get sensible marks within the board examination. Most students notice this subject tough as they are doing not have correct chapter-wise political economy notes. Students will notice elaborated notes of social science category twelve on the official web site of Vedantu and might conjointly transfer PDF as per your comfort at freed from value.

Economics for sophistication twelve is an upgraded level of grade eleven. at school eleven, students have solely studied the essential aspects of the topic. however at school twelve, the ideas ar a lot of advanced and complex. A tabular illustration of marks distribution is provided below, which is able to facilitate the scholars to know that chapter carries what number marks.

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Important Questions of Class 12 Economics Syllabus:

Students are under a lot of pressure during the examination, and when they do not have essential notes of important chapters, it adds to their stress level. In Economics, it is necessary to clear the students’ concepts to understand the Indian Economy better. Students can place their queries regarding Macroeconomics Class 12 notes anytime. Some important questions related to this chapter are listed below:

  • Define Macroeconomics?
  • What are the components and objectives of the Government Budget and the Economy?
  • Concept of Demonetisation and GST.
  • Define Aggregate demand and its components.

Economics for Class 12 is an upgraded level of grade 11. In Class 11, students have only studied the essential aspects of the subject. But in Class 12, the concepts are more advanced and complicated. A tabular representation of marks distribution is provided below, which will help the students to understand which chapter carries how many marks.

Projects Works Term I & II:

MonthPeriodic WorkAssessment RubricsMarks



Instructions about Project


Guidelines, Background

reading Discussions on Theme and Selection of the Final Topic, Initiation/ Synopsis

Introduction, Statement of Purpose/Need and Objective of the Study,


Hypothesis/Research Question, Review of Literature, Presentation of Evidence, Key Words, Methodology,

Questionnaire, Data






Planning and organisation:


forming an action plan,

feasibility or baseline study, Updating/modifying the action plan, Data Collection

Significance and relevance of


the topic; challenges encountered while conducting the research.

 Mid-term Assessment by the internal examiner10

Project Work for Term II:

MonthPeriodic WorkAssessment RubricsMarks




Content/data analysis and



Conclusion, Limitations,

Suggestions, Bibliography,

Annexures and Overall

Presentation of the project.

Content analysis and its


relevance in the current scenario.

Conclusion, Limitations,

Bibliography, Annexures and

Overall Presentation.






Final Assessment and


VIVA by both Internal

and External Examiners

External/ Internal Viva based on


the project


FAQs For Economics Class 12 Syllabus

Can I prepare for class 12 Economic Online?

Yes, there are many online websites that provide better education to get better prepared. You can use paid or unpaid websites.

Which is the best book for Class 12th Economics?

There are many, It is hard to select one. But choose NCERT over any book for the best preparation.

Do I need to join coaching to prepare for Class 12th economics?

No, the preparation can be done at home as well. It all depends on one individual.

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