How to Prepare for Board Exams Class 10th & 12th in 2023?

First of all, candidates must keep in mind that there are no magical tips for preparing for the examination. A candidate has to prepare in a smart way for the examination. It has become easy to prepare for the exam as compared to the exam when it used to be conducted in the back 2010 and 2012. Now the candidates have tons of resources like Online Classes, Online Mock tests as well as smartly designed question papers etc and more. Here we will get to know about How to prepare for Board Exams 2023 in a better manner and pass the exams with flying colours.

There are many websites that may show you the magical tips to prepare for the Board Exams 2023. No magical tips are effective at all when you are not done with your basic syllabus of the examination. You have to be 100% clear with your syllabus and what your weakness & strength are for the exam etc.

How to Prepare for Board Exams Class 10th & 12th in 2023?

The Board exams are just after a month. As per the recent report on the official website. The CBSE Boards exam is about to be conducted from 15 February 2023. First of all, if your syllabus is based on the NCERT, make sure to cover the complete syllabus of the NCERT only then opt to prepare for the Board Exams 2023 with any substitute study material.

How to Prepare for Board Exams 2023

Most of the teachers and experts suggest solving the maximum number of question papers for better practice. But the practice will be all useless if you are not done with your syllabus yet. Here are some simple steps mentioned below that you must follow to prepare for the Board Exams 2023 in a better manner.

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Know your Syllabus:

These are the most necessary and critical steps for Board Exam preparation for 2023. You have to comprehend that the CBSE board has decreased the CBSE Class 10 syllabus 2023 by way of 30% for the tutorial 12 months 2022-23. So you need to go via the ultra-modern syllabus and put it together accordingly.

Know your syllabus, what you are up to and what you have prepared. If you are getting ready for any competitive exam like an entrance or scholarship test, then you need to check the complete syllabus as the competitive exam will be held as per the full syllabus, however, there will be some interior preferences amongst questions. It will additionally assist in board exams.

Once you get to know about your syllabus. Now you have to find out the right study material that could cover the entire syllabus of the exam in a better and easy manner. You don’t have to memorise the chapters, you actually have to understand those chapters. So that you can answer the questions in your own way.

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Get Familiar with Exam Pattern:

Knowing the examination Pattern is as essential as the syllabus. As the syllabus is vital to understand the path and the examination pattern helps to be aware of how to move. CBSE exam pattern consists of sorts of questions, examination duration, marking scheme for ideas and sensible examination which are vital components of an exam.

You have to check the pattern of each subject in the exam and the weightage of each chapter etc. Now mark the chapters that have covered a maximum number of questions in the exam and focus more on that. Focusing more on that does not mean that you have to leave the other chapters.

You have to make a pattern accordingly while keeping in mind your strength and weakness in that particular subject. Once you are done with the syllabus and exam pattern. Now let’s move to another way to prepare for the Board Exams 2023.

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Make a proper study Schedule:

An organized time helps to cover the syllabus at a targeted time. You just ot have to finish the syllabus. But also have to make sure that you get enough practice as well. Here are some tips mentioned below to make a better study schedule to prepare for Board Exams 2023:

  • Your study schedule must include all chapters of each subject. From the pattern, you may have got an idea about that where you have focused more.
  • Try to make a realistic Study Schedule based on your learning ability.
  • Also, include your free time to get better rest and to freshen your mind as well.
  • You also have to mention the short breaks to take during the study to be more productive during the study.

In short, you have to make a plan for your whole day including your wake-up time to sleep time. Try to stick to your plan as possible to get better results in the end. If you become successful in managing your time. Nobody can be as successful as you can be in future. This is what I got to know too late in my life.

Choose the Right Study Material or Study from School Books:

The School books are designed in a manner to give you complete preparation for the examination. You have to cover the NCERT Books somehow. In board exams, Most of the questions are asked from the School Books. Once you are done with that and still have time for books. You can opt for some alternative books that contain a bit advance information regarding the examination.

In the starting, you have to now not select reference books as these books comprise advanced level knowledge which is now not the proper approach if your basic fundamentals are now not clear. These are the very basic Ways to prepare for the Board Exams 2023 that students usually forget and start with reference books.

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Make A Short Note: (To prepare better for Board Exams 2023)

As well as I know about the syllabus of the Board. One can cover the entire syllabus in a month and opt for the practice. Making short notes is very important to get a better revision of the syllabus at the end. So, while studying, you must make brief notes of necessary points, subject highlights, necessary formulation and different things.

These brief notes will be a great use for you to revise the matters rapidly a few days earlier than the Board Exams as you will make it in your personal language and style. These points come in the list of Best Ways to prepare for the Board Exams 2023. You must not take it lightly.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers:

Solving a question paper is as important as covering the complete syllabus of the examination. Solving the question paper will give you a better understanding of the examination, the type of questions asked in the examination etc.

You will also get a better idea bout the difficulty level and where you are lacking the most. You would have time to correct your mistake. You do not have to solve the question paper just to finish it. You have to solve it to understand the types of questions being asked in the exam.

There are also some academies that conduct mock tests as well right before the board exams. If you have time, you can also opt for that as well. Remember, Practice is a very important way to prepare for the Board Exam 2023. Now let’s see the most round of our preparation tips.

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Stay Healthy: (Imp Point to prepare better for Board Exams 2023)

While you are doing all this. You have to make sure that you are healthy and eating right on time. A fresh and untired mind will help you in better preparation for the examination. Focus on all these ways to prepare for the Board Exams 2023.

Try to eat healthily and work out or meditate for at least 15-20 minutes. Remember, You do not just have to work hard. You have to work hard in a smart way.

FAQs How to Prepare for Board Exams 2023

How many months are enough for Boards Preparation?

You have studied well for a year. It won’t take more than 1 month to 1.5 months to finish the complete syllabus and start solving the practice paper.

Should I choose reference books for better board preparation?

First focus on your Schools Books or NCERT Books. Only then opt for the reference books for preparation. Reference books usually consist advance information. That is only useful when you have already finished your syllabus from school books.

Are there any secret tips to prepare for board exams 2023?

No, magical tips will work, if you are basic syllabus is finished. You have to finish your syllabus in a better matter and only then opt to search for magical tips.

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