ITI Courses After 12th

There are many career options available, it all depends on person to person which is better for you and which work gives you happy doing that. We will hear the complete details about each ITI Courses after 12th.  We will discuss each topic one by one which is related to this. You must check out complete details in the blog.

ITI Courses After 12th

What is ITI Course

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute. That provides information related to technical and non-technical things through which a person can easily get any job in the related fields. A person also gets an ITI certificate after the completion of the course. The ITI courses can be pursued after class 8th, after 10th, or after 12th.

Most of the courses in the Industrial Training Institutes courses are job oriented and you may get direct placement from your college Institute or University. After the completion of the course, you get a certificate from the college, where your overall performance during the entire course will be mentioned as Grade.  It will be a bit easy to find a job with an ITI certificate.

Types of ITI Courses

There are basically two types of ITI (Industrial Training Institute) Courses after 12th and 10th that are available through this.

  • Technical courses (Engineering)
  • Non- Technical (Non-Engineering)

The Technical Course is usually pursued by the candidate or person who is from an engineering background and wants to make a career in the technical fields. Non-Technical courses are pursued by the candidates or person who is from the non-engineering background and want to make a career in non-technical fields. As per the survey, the technical course is more in demand than the non-technical courses. We will see the complete list of the technical and non-technical courses below.

Eligibility Criteria for ITI Courses

An ITI (Industrial Training Institute) course can be performed after the 8th,10th,12th, or after graduation. But the minimum educational requirement is class 8th. A person who has passed class 8th from any private or government school are eligible to apply for this.

Admission Process in ITI Courses

There are many Institute in India that offers ITI (Industrial Training Institute) courses and each college, Institute or University has its own criteria for admission. Some college takes the admission through the written examination and selects the candidates on the basis of the marks scored in the exam. While some college selects the candidates through the Interview and some colleges have direct admission approach.

There is a defined process for the Admission in the ITI courses after 12th. It completely depends on the Institute where you are seeking admission.

Course Duration of ITI After 12th

The course duration of ITI depends on the type, of course, you are persuing. The duration of each course is different. Mostly, some courses are for Six Months, one year, two years or for three years, etc. None of the ITI course is for more than three years. Courses related to the Engineering are usually longer than the Non-Engineering courses. We will see the duration of each course in the given article below.

List of ITI Courses After 12th

There are two types of courses offered by the Industrial Training Institute. Technical and Non-Technical course. Both courses are very different and their duration and Eligibility Criteria are also different. We will see here both courses that are related to engineering and non-engineering etc.

Name of ITI Courses


Duration of the course

Programming Assit and Computer Operator Non-engineering One year
Instrument Mechanic Engineering One  year
Stenography English Non-engineering One  year
Radiology Technician Engineering 2 years
Stenography Hindi Non-engineering 1 year
Insurance Agent Non-engineering 1 year
Surveyor Non-engineering 2 years
Computer Hardware and Networking Engineering 2 years
Library and Information Science Non-engineering 1 year
Catering and Hospitality Assistant Non-engineering 1 year
Crèche Management Non-engineering 1 year
Gold Smith Non-engineering 2 years
Architectural Assistant Engineering 1 year
Interior Decoration and Designing Non-engineering 1 year
Desktop Publishing Operator Non-engineering 1 year
Plastic Processing Operator Non-engineering 1 year
Prism Grinding or also called as  Mechanic Lens Engineering 2 years
Mason Non-engineering 1 year
Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician Engineering 2 years
Architectural Draughtsmanship Engineering 2 years
Health and Sanitary Inspector Non-engineering 1 year
Programming Assist. & Computer Operator Engineering 2 years
Physiotherapy Technician Engineering Two years
Craftsman Food Production Non-engineering One year
Travel and Tour Assistant Non-engineering  One year
Marine Fitter Engineering One year
Human Resource Executive Non-engineering One year
Basic Cosmetology Non-engineering One year
Call Centre Assistant Non-engineering One year
Mechanic Agricultural Machinery Engineering Two years
Old Age Care Assistant Non-engineering One year
Health Safety and Environment Non-engineering One year
Marketing Executive Non-engineering One year
Special Effect and Multi-media Animation. Engineering One year

These are the courses that one can pursue after class 8th, 10th, 12th, etc. The duration of each course is written ahead. There is a huge number of colleges, Institute, and Universities that offers these courses.

Most of the college also have placement criteria. If you do these courses from the best college or college which has a good reputation in the market. There is a high that you get a job after the completion of your ITI courses after 12th.

FAQs ITI Courses After 12th

What is the use of the ITI course?

Industrial Training Institute course provides the Vocational training of any specific subject or material and some industry-specific Skills to students. This training lands the candidate’s technical skills as well as non-technical skills in the relevant sector or industry etc. Job Prospects and type of job depends upon the type of training and type of course certificate you are having. It will be a bit easy to find a job with an ITI certificate. Most of the companies, private as well as Government are having prior criteria of having an ITI certificate.

Which are the best courses in ITI?

It cannot be defined which course is best in the ITI (Industrial Training Institute). But on the basis of the availability of Job, computer hardware, batteries, Electronics technical like a transformer, regulators, transmitters, , radar systems, etc is best. But for better career growth as well as better salary Information Technology and Interior Decoration & Designing are best. Well, It all depends on a person’s interest and which profession suits him, etc. The market keeps on changing, so it cannot be said that it will be the best ITI course forever. You must not choose any career that could not give you enough time for yourself. Turn your passion into your profession.

Is ITI good for girls?

Each and every field is better for girls. ITI courses just add some value to their professional lives and give some specific skills. They can easily get jobs anywhere in the world if they are talented and have proper knowledge about your stream. They can earn good money which helps them become financially independent and can give financial support to their family as well. A person who has talent will never die hunger. It is also very important to have your ITI course done at the best College, Institute or University, etc.

What is the salary of ITI?

The Salary of any individual person who has done the ITI course depends on many factors like the type, of course, your marks, your experience, your performance, etc. On average, the minimum starting salary will not be less than 8 thousand a month but after some years of experience in the field. You may get more.
The Starting salary may not be better in this field but after some years of experience, it is definitely going to be better. You have the option of joining the Government Sectors also like railways, PSU (Public Sector Units), etc.

How can I get ITI after 12th

All the candidate or people who have done class 12th, They have an option two options for doing ITI (Industrial Training Institute). If they are from a Science background, they can go for the Engineering courses as well as non-engineering courses and if you are from the commerce side of the Arts side. You can choose the non-technical or non-engineering courses.
In order to get admission. Each college has its own selection criteria. Most of the college selects the candidates through the Written Examination and some colleges have direct admission procedures.

Is ITI a better option after the 12th

Yes, It is a good option. It is hard to find a good job after the 12th but if you are having an ITI certificate, it may be a bit easier to find a good job. If you want to start earning early and become financially independent. You can go for it. Most of the ITI courses are job oriented and it will help you to get a good job after the completion of the course.

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