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List of Pharmacy Courses 2023 – Pharmacy Course Admission Process, Eligibility, Fees

The Medical field is one of the most popular fields in India. Most of the students who have passed class 12th with science opt for the Pharmacy Courses, MBBS, BUMS and other medical-related courses etc. Here in this article, we will get to know about the List of Pharmacy Course 2023, Pharmacy Course Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria etc and more about this course. Check the complete article below to get detailed information about this.

What is Pharmacy Course?

Pharmacy courses upset subjects like biology, medicine, and chemistry that supply foundational data to develop pharmaceutical medication for safe and effective use in care. in step with IBEF, India is the largest supplier of medicine across India. The Indian pharmaceutical business meets over 1/2 the worldwide demand for varied vaccines, four-hundredth of generic demand within the USA and twenty-fifth of total drugs within the UK.

Pharmacy is one of the most favoured fields with nice career opportunities. Students about to pursue a career as a pill roller will pursue pharmacy courses at the undergrad, postgraduate and student levels. B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy, and credential in Pharmacy square measure common Pharmacy Courses when twelfth. The eligibility criteria to pursue these courses are learning Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Classes in 12th and securing over five hundredth marks within the class twelve examination. For master’s and Doctor of Philosophy level courses, students ought to complete graduation and postgraduation in Pharmacy.

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Required Eligibility Criteria:

There are basically four types of pharmacy courses that are offered in India. The required eligibility criteria for each course are different. Here are the details:

  • Diploma in Pharmacy: Candidates ought to have completed category 10+2 with science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and arithmetic.
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy: Candidates should have passed category 10+2 from a recognized board and studied Physics, Chemistry, arithmetic or Biology, and English subjects.
  • Master of Pharmacy: Candidates who have a B.Pharm degree with minimum qualifying marks PRN from a pharmacy faculty that’s approved by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).
  • Doctor of Pharmacy: Candidates should have completed education from any recognized board and studied Physics, Chemistry with arithmetic or Biology as optional subjects. Candidates with a credential in pharmacy degree also are eligible for the PharmD course.

Pharmacy Courses

These are the required criteria that one needs to have to apply for admission in the course. There are no age criteria have been mentioned anywhere regarding admission. So, all age group candidates are eligible for admission. Now let’s see the admission process to the Pharmacy Courses.

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Admission Process:

Admission to pharmacy courses is done in various different methods. Most of the colleges offered admission on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying examination. On the basis of the marks, the cutoff marks will be decided.

In order to get admission to the top reputed colleges, a candidate will have to appear for the entrance examination which is being conducted to shortlist the candidate. Some colleges also offer direct admission to the course without any entrance exam or interview.

But, it would be better to choose the college which has better education faculty and offer your placement drive after the completion of the course. Choose the college wisely, it is all about your career and time.

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List of Pharmacy Courses in India:

There are tons, of course, being offered like diplomas, UG Courses Master’s degree courses etc. Here is the list of pharmacy courses:

Certificate Courses:

The Duration of the certificate courses can be somewhere between 3 months to 6 months or even more or less. Here is the list of courses that one can choose in the Certificate course.

Course NameFees
Industry Certificate in Pharma Product ManagementINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Technology TransferINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical PackagingINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Process EngineeringINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Biopharmaceutical TechnologyINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in PharmacovigilanceINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical ChemistryINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Formulation and EntrepreneurshipINR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharma Sales and Marketing ManagementINR 50,000
Professional Certificate In PharmacovigilanceINR 15,000

Diploma Courses in Pharmacy:

The Duration of the diploma courses can be somewhere between 1 year to 3 years depending upon the course you are opting for.

Course NameDuration
Diploma in Pharmacy2 Years
Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy2 Years
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing2 Years
Diploma in Drug Store Management2 Years
Diploma in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance1-3 Years
PG Diploma in Drug Store Management1-3 Years
PG Diploma in Principles of Clinical Pharmacology1-3 Years
PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management2 Years
PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance2 Years
PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry2 Years
PG Diploma in Herbal Products1-3 Years

Under Graduate Pharmacy Courses:

The Duration of Under Graduate Pharmacy Courses can be somewhere between 3 years to 5 years or even more or less if includes internships. Here is the list of courses that one can opt for in the undergraduate category.

Course NameDuration
B Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy)4 Years
B Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)4 Years
Bachelor of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosy4 Years
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Pharmacy4 Years
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)4 Years
B Pharm (Pharmaceutics)4 Years
B Pharm + MBA5 Years

Post-Graduate Pharmacy Courses:

The Duration of the post-graduation courses is 2 years. Here are the details about the Post-Graduate Pharmacy Courses that one can opt for.

Course NameDuration
M Pharmacy (Master of Pharmacy)2 Years
MSc (Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance)2 Years
M Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy)2 Years
M Pharm (Industrial Pharmacy)2 Years
MSc (Pharmacology)2 Years
M Pharm (Pharmaceutics)2 Years
M Pharm (Biopharmaceutics)2 Years
M Pharm (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)2 Years
M Pharm (Biotechnology)2 Years
M Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)2 Years
M Pharm (Medicinal Chemistry)2 Years
M Pharm (Drug Discovery and Drug Development)2 Years
M Pharm (Cosmeceuticals)2 Years
M Pharm (Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance)2 Years
M Pharm (Pharmaceutical Market and Management)2 Years

This is the complete details about the Pharmacy Courses in 2023. All the candidates who are eligible can apply for admission into the multiple colleges in India. Here is the list of best colleges in India that offers Pharmacy Courses.

Best Colleges & Fees Structure of Pharmacy Courses:

There are many colleges in India that offers this course but it would be better to choose the college which has the best education faculty, better placement drive etc. Here is the list of top 5 colleges in India that you must try for admission:

College NameAverage Fees
Jamia HamdardINR 1,50,000
Panjab UniversityINR 15,000
Institute of Chemical TechnologyINR 85,000
BITSINR 4,23,000
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical SciencesINR 2,85,000

Well, we are not promoting any college here. The names of the colleges have been shared just to help the students. There are tons of colleges that offer this course. It would be better to choose the government college or semi-government college etc. This is the complete details about the Pharmacy courses, Hope you got the complete details about the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of Pharmacy courses are there?

There are basically four types of pharmacy courses that one can opt for like Certification Course, Diploma Course, Under-Graduate Course and Post Graduation course etc.

Can A pharmacy student become Doctor?

The Dr. will be added before the name once you complete your master’s in pharmacy. But, one can never become Doctor to have surgery after completing pharmacy.

What is the duration of the pharmacy course?

The Duration of the course depends on the type of courses you are opting for. On average, the duration can be 1 year to 4 years etc.

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