Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada

Well, Canada is known for proving the finest education and making one able to succeed in life. Most Indian students have aim of studying in Canada but the course fees and overall expenses of studying in Canada are higher compared to India. Here in this article, We will only to get know about the Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada. We will get to know the complete details like the required eligibility criteria, How to apply for the Scholarship, what are the documents required and how much amount one will get etc. Check the article below to get complete information about this.

Canada is one of the foremost fashionable study abroad destinations, with over 642,000 foreign students enrolling on numerous forms of programmes available in education. But theEducation in the North American nation isn’t cheap. Students who wish to study in Canada however do not have sufficient funds to try and do this will apply for one in every of Canada’s several scholarships. As international students with the following education in North American nation, you’ll apply for numerous forms of funds on the market from the govt, universities, or non-governmental organizations. Let’s see the list of Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada

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List of Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada:

However Master in Business is a knowledgeable course there’s a restricted scope of obtaining assistance for international students for following an associate Master in Business program in Canada. However, some students will get an associate Master in Business scholarship in Canada supported by their wonderful education and different achievements relevant to the program.

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada

The primary criterion for many scholarships could be a sensible educational score, however, it additionally depends on factors like your chosen destination, subject and level. In some scholarships, factors like extracurricular activities, and volunteering may be accustomed advantage. You may have to be compelled to declare uncountable associate English language proficiency check like IELTS, that is usually accepted by all Canadian establishments.

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Types of Scholarship Offered for Education:

There are basically three types of structured Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada and it is all way tough to get. Well, it is tough but if you prepare for it well and gain sufficient knowledge about the field. It will be all easy for you to get it.

Canadian Government Scholarship: The Government of Canada offer a scholarship to international students to study in Canada. But, it is for every international student only just for Indian students. So, the competition is going to be tough and you will have to be on the list of top students to get the scholarship.

Non-Government Scholarship: These scholarships are basically offered by charities, private companies and some other organizations that are not related to the government but work under the rule of the government of Canada. They offer teh scholarships to some international students in form of social help and inspire the students to study in Canada.

Institutional Scholarship: The Institutional Scholarship is basically offered to the students from that particular institute, where he/she applying for admission. Well, the criteria to get teh scholarship completely depends on the institute. The most institute offers scholarship to the top candidates who have scored well in the last qualifying examination or conducted the entrance exam or scholarship exam and offer the scholarship on the basis of their marks scored in the examination.

Well, these are the major three ways to get Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada. Here is the list of t the various government and non-government or private organizations that offer scholarships.

Government Scholarship to study in Canada:

The names of the scholarship schemes have been just shared to help the students, we are promoting any particular organization or government here. To apply for each scholarship scheme, there are some required criteria that are mandatory to have. Check the name of the organization, the total budget they have for scholarships required criteria etc.

Sl.NoScholarship NameAmountEligibility
1Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship₹42,45,756.90Must be enrolled in a postgraduate degree in environmental and social science or health studies.
2IDRC Research AwardsTravel and research support of up to ₹9,09,805.05Applicants participating in master’s or doctoral programs in developed countries (masters scholarships in Canada)
3Vanier Graduate Scholarships₹30,32,574.67Applicants must be deserving, with the testing ability and leadership abilities.
4Partnership Grants by Social Science and Humanities Research Council in Canada₹12,12,785.20pursuing a PhD in a particular subject at one of Canada’s qualifying universities
5Canadian Studies Post-Doctoral Fellowship₹1,51,598.15/month & airfare up to ₹6,06,392.60Completed thesis in last 5 years, is not employed, length of stay 1-3 months
6Ontario Trillium Scholarship₹24,26,301.39PhD scholarships in Canada for students in Ontario
7Canada-ASEAN SEED₹6,06,392.60 for the cost of the program ₹3,03,327.80 for flight, visa, health insurance ₹97,064.90 weekly allowanceMid-career professional from ASEAN countries
8Ontario Graduate Scholarships₹9,09,794.74OGS is made possible through a partnership between the Canadian government and participating organisations.
9Quebec Provincial Government ScholarshipDoctoral students are offered ₹15,16,269.93/year and postdoctoral students are offered ₹21,22,993.95/year.Master’s students studying in Quebec Canadian universities are eligible for financial assistance. Merit-based awards are given out.

These are the government scheme for Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada. Now let’s see the list of Private organizations or non-government organizations schemes.

Non-Government Scholarship Scheme:

The Governments scholarships rules and regulations are all the fix and are released every year while the private organization do not have fixed criteria and the rules and regulations keep on changing every year. Here is the list of some non-government Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada.

S. NoScholarship NameAmountEligibility
1Anne Vallee Ecological Fund₹90,985.46Students doing animal science at the doctoral level at universities in British Columbia or Quebec are eligible to apply.
2Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships15 scholarship awards of ₹36,39,418.20International students seeking doctoral degrees in Canada are eligible for this award.
3Canada Memorial Scholarship₹10,32,157.00Offered to UK students seeking postgraduate studies in Canada. The scholarship includes tuition, airfare, and lodging costs.

Some Best Entrance Scholarship for Indian Students:

The Entrance Scholarship is completely based on the marks scored in the entrance examination. If you are passionate enough to study in Canada, prepare all the way better than other students and score better. This can be the easiest and less complicated way to get a scholarship. Check the list below:

Scholarship NameValue
Robert Krembil Scholarship of MeritNet Amount of CAD 33,000 (INR 19,77,516)
Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance ScholarshipNet Amount of CAD 24,200 (INR 14,50,178)
Scotiabank Scholarships in International BusinessNet Amount of CAD 20,000 (INR 11,98,495)
Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance ScholarshipNet Amount of CAD 24,200 (INR 14,50,178)

Continuing Students Scholarship for Indian Students:

Scholarship NameValue
Sony of Canada MBA ScholarshipNet Amount of CAD 3,000 (INR 179774)
Carol Anne Letheren Women’s MBA AwardNet Amount of CAD 3,000 (INR 179774)
The Thomas Beck MBA AwardNet Amount of CAD 5,000 (INR 299623)
Wigwam ScholarshipNet Amount of CAD 2,500 (INR 149811)

What quantity of cash is offered through scholarships?

The amount of cash on the market and sort of award varies between numerous establishments. obtaining a scholarship is competitive and then, you want to apply well ahead of time. we tend to advocate you begin with the procedure regarding 8-12 months before the well-liked intake begins. Canada could be a growing hub for international students, with an academic system that is supported by cross-disciplinary studies and nice facilities.

Canadian universities are stratified quite high for their distinctive courses and reasonable tuition fees. they supply a good variety of scholarships for international students in Canada to assist them to fund their studies. Students ar has been given numerous forms of scholarship awards, grants, or bursaries to finance their education by the Govt of Canada and lots of post-secondary establishments. This attracts an outsized variety of Indian students selecting to review abroad in Canada for pedagogy and a far better quality of life. Keep reading to be told additional regarding the favoured Scholarship in Canada for Indian Students.

How to Apply for Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada:

The process of applying for a scholarship in Canada could be a mix of art and science. Here will tell you ways to bring to a close the method in four fast steps to apply for Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada:

  • Searching: you wish to begin your analysis and appearance for scholarships for your required program and university. There are varied scholarships and awards offered for Indian students, however, the time is proscribed. An associate degree early begin suggests having the ability to form the correct call.
  • Preparation: The eligibility, terms and conditions of every scholarship can disagree. as an example, one may simply would like your tutorial records, whereas another might need you to jot down a private essay. Be ready with the facts and figures before you begin the application.
  • Organisation: Most scholarship applications would require a full assortment of documents and papers. Certify you’ve got unionized all of them before applying for the scholarships.
  • Applying: A scholarship application is a love associate degree interview. you’ve got to place your best foot forward. assure that you simply embody correct and every one the knowledge asked and also the supporting documents. raise somebody to assure it to get rid of the writing system and grammatical mistakes.

These are all the ways to Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada. Make sure to check all the basics information and before opt to apply.

FAQs For Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada

What are the requirements to get a scholarship in Canada for Indian Students?

One must be registered full time bachelor’s, master’s or PhD level programs at the Canadian Institute and also must have Valid Passport to apply for the Scholarship application forms.

Does TATA offer scholarships for Abroad Studies?

yes, there are some criteria for that as well like the course should be at least 2 years long and a candidate must be an India etc. Check the official webiste of TATA group to get the latest information about the scholorship.

Do Indian Students get scholarships in Canada?

Yes, there are many government schemes in India that provides Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada. The Canadian government has also some criteria for scholarship not just for Indian Students but for International Students.

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