Tally Course Details: Eligibility, Duration, Fees and Job Opportunity, etc

There are many short-term courses that one pursues to add some value to the resume. Here in this article, we will get to know about the Tally Course. This course is very common nowadays and in most of the jobs that are related to the computer like Data Entry, Management, etc it is mandatory to have Tally Course certificate. Check out the complete blog below to get the Tally Course Details, Eligibility Criteria, Duration of the course, Fees that are required to get Tally Course certificate, and what are the job opportunities after the completion of the course 2021, etc.

Tally Course Details

It is very important to have knowledge about Short-Term Courses. In this competitive world. If you are looking for a job and want to earn well, add some more value to your resume. Most of the private companies always want to hire a multi-tasking staff and if you have such a valuable certificate, Your chances of getting that job would be a bit higher than others. There are many certifications and diplomas in Tally Offered by the Institutes. The fess Structure, Duration, and placement Criteria would be a bit different. Now let’s see the details about this course.

What is Tally Course?

Tally is basically an Accounting Software that is most commonly used in making calculations in small and Mid-level Businesses etc. Through this software, you can do complete banking, Auditing and Accounting works, etc. The Accounting of tally allows the person to keep the record of transactions easily and instantly. This software basically helps you manage all the accounting works of your business.

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Required Eligibility to Pursue this Course:

There is no such eligibility Criteria requirement to pursue tally Course. Here are the following Criteria that one must have to Pursue Tally Course from any reputed institute/University etc.

  • A candidate must have passed at least class 12th from any recognized Board (Central Board or State Board) with good marks.
  • A candidate should have basic knowledge of Business Management or at least a basic understanding of Business etc.
  • A candidate who wants to pursue a Tally Course after graduation must have hailed from Commerce Background.

There is no age limitation to apply for this. There are some private colleges or institutes that do not require any eligibility criteria. Candidates who just have passed class 10th and have basic knowledge of computers can apply for the Tally Course.

Admission Process in Tally Course:

This Course is basically a short-term course. There is no said or declared admission process. The admission criteria depend on college to college. If you want to take admission in any reputed colleges like The Institute of Computer Accounts, Mumbai. You may need to appear for the Entrance Examination that is conducted by the College itself.

Most of the private Institutes or colleges offer direct admission into the course without any exam or Interview and some select the candidate on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying examination. I would suggest joining the best college or Institute. The Quality of education does matter a lot in order to get a better job after the completion of the course.

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Tally Course Duration and Syllabus:

The duration of the tally Course is 3 months. In these three months, One will learn all the aspects of Tally. Here is the complete syllabus of the Tally course that one has to cover in the three years. There are also some specialization courses in Tally that one can choose to be a master at this. Let’s see the syllabus and later we will talk about the Specialization courses etc.

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Accounting software
  • Meaning of accounting and company creation
  • Ledger Account and Crating voucher
  • How to modify company details
  • Features of the company
  • Cost category and cost center
  • Creating of Godown, Stock Maintain
  • Budget, Price List
  • Introduction of F-11 and F-12
  • Profit and loss Account-Balance Sheet
  • VAT(Value Added Tax) Calculation and introduction
  • TDS(Tax Deducted Sources) Calculation and introduction
  • Excise Duty

Specialization in Tally Course:

Specialization Course is something that makes you better in any particular module of Tally. There are different types of modules in the Tally Course, one can choose any of these as per their passion and interest and be master at it.

The duration of the Certification course in Tally is for three months. One can also go for Diploma courses in Tally. There is no huge difference between the Certification Course and the diploma course. But, in the Diploma course, one will get to study each topic in a very detailed manner which would make you better in this.

Fees Structure:

The Fees for Three months of the Tally Course can be between 3,000 to 10,000 depends upon the Institute and the trainer. There are many online sources also available where you can learn almost all aspects of Tally but the value of online education is less as compared to offline education or Classroom education. After the online training, It will be difficult for you to get a better join in this field. Join the best institute which is reputed in the market and conducts a better placement drive for the candidates to get selected.

Job Opportunity:

Banking and accounting is a rich field. It will not be difficult to get a job after the completion of the course. On average, A candidate who has done a tally Course from any reputed Institute can earn between 12,000/- per month to 25,000/- per month depending upon their job position and type of work, etc. One can work as:

  • Business Analyst
  • Finance Officer
  • Sales Analyst
  • Tax Accountant
  • Business Development Trainee

After a few months or a year of experience, The Salary of a person can be up to 30k or even more. It may be difficult at the beginning to get a better job. Make sure to choose a better Institute that could help you to get placed in any company. No Doubt, This field is better for beginners as well as for the experts. I hope you got the answer about this course, Eligibility, Duration, Fees and Job Opportunity, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Online Tally Course Available?

There are many online sources available that may help in understanding the basic concepts of Tally. There are also some paid course for tally. But Offline courses are better in order to get a better job.

Which is better Tally Course Offline or Online Course?

Both are better, You need to choose as per your comfort, But In the offline courses, It will be easy for you to get a job after the completion of the course. Most of the Institutes Assists their students for the placement. In terms of Placement, the offline or classroom courses are better.

What are required qualification to pursue Tally Course?

There is no declared to pursue certification course of tally but a candidate must have a basic understanding of Business Management. Some Reputed Allows admission to the commerce students only but mostly Institutes offers direct admission.

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