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There are many career options after passing class 12th or graduation. Here in this article, we will get to know about the Virtual Reality Course that one can pursue to make a career in a particular field, we will get to know the details like Fees, Duration, Online, Syllabus, Subjects, Classes & Jobs 2023 etc. After finishing any of the Virtual Reality Courses, students get to figure in high recruiting sectors like care, movies, Education, Gaming etc. and might expect median earnings of INR 4L per annum. Check the complete details below to get detailed information.

Virtual Reality Course Details:

Virtual Reality is essentially a computer-generated simulation during which an individual will move with a man-made surrounding and victimisation completely different specially designed electronic devices. it’s associated with electronically generated surroundings which will be explored by an individual. video game courses are designed for college kids Who are new to the globe of VR and therefore will gain data concerning VR Technology and Optics, displays, stereopsis, major hardware platforms and different domains of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Courses are instructed in most animation courses in some high universities of India like Periyar University, Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh, The Northcap University, and Chandigarh University are the highest universities providing video game courses with a median course fee of INR 5,00,000.

Virtual Reality Course

The common eligibility criteria for admission in video game Courses is to possess passed 10+2 in the science stream from a recognized board of education. While, for a Master’s in virtual reality, the common eligibility criteria is to be a holder of a graduation degree in either Engineering Courses or Science Courses from a recognized university.

Types of Virtual Reality Course:

Virtual Reality Courses are a study of engineering to form a three-dimensional surrounding ahead of the user. Instead of viewing a mobile screen ahead of them, the viewer is immersed in the surroundings and ready to move with the globe. The course can facilitate the scholars to succeed to some extent wherever they’ll be ready to produce their own VR scene. Below we’ve got given a detailed description of all the categories of Virtual Reality Courses that students will fancy pursuing in future.

Fully-Immersive Simulations:

  • This kind of VR is often used for gambling and amusement functions in VR arenas or reception with correct devices.
  • It provides the users with the foremost realistic expertise doable with correct sound and lightweight.
  • It would feel that the person is physically gifted within the surroundings.

Semi-Immersive Simulations:

  • This provides the user with a partial virtual surroundings expertise and is employed for instructional and coaching functions.
  • A virtual tour is a decent example of this technology. several businesses are attempting this technology as participants will vagabond around the place while not having to be there physically.

Non-Immersive Simulations:

  • It could be a kind of Virtual Reality wherever an individual will move with a virtual surrounding typically through a laptop and might manage the character or activities inside the expertise.
  • Computer games are a non-immersive Virtual Reality Course wherever an individual will manage the character or activity and can have a bearing on the virtual surroundings of the sport.

Why study Virtual Reality Courses?

  • Employees in Virtual Reality courses are trained a lot quicker than room teaching. What takes an associate hour to be told within the room or ancient manner can most likely be learned in a lot less time in VR.
  • VR learners are a lot of assured in applying what they’re instructed as they need three-dimensional expertise of a specific surrounding.
  • Employees are a lot of psychologically connected to the Virtual Reality Course and perceive things a lot of deeply as they’ll feel the bogus surroundings created by the victimisation of Virtual Reality.
  • Virtual Reality Learning is cheaper at scale.

Who should pursue VR courses?

Candidates with an associate interest in secret writing, graphics programming, 3D modelling planning and Game development will pursue this course as there are endless jobs in these career methods by completely different IT organizations. A candidate can favour working with an organization that aligns with his/her interests. as an example, a student Who is keen on preparation or music will work as a Virtual Reality developer for a preparation channel or music development company.

Required Eligibility Criteria and Skills:

In order to pursue a Virtual reality Course, A candidate needs to have done class 12th in science (preferable) to pursue the graduation degree courses. There is no age limit has been mentioned regarding admission to the courses. But make sure that your age is as per the Indian Education Standard. here are the skills that are required to have to become a VR Specialist:

Deep knowledge of social/web-based content Knowledge of Software
User Experience (UX) Mobile Design Sound knowledge of 3-D tools
D Modeling for Native App Development Knowledge of platform-specific SDKs
Computer Vision Sound knowledge of Design
Marker Detection Good understanding of VR User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX)
Knowledge of Mobile Programming (such as iOS and Android)
Low-Level Programming-Language Knowledge (C#, C++, JavaScript, etc.)
Knowledge of Relevant Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Admission Process:

Admission to the Graduation program is done in a number of ways. In order to get into a better college, a candidate will have to clear the entrance exam that is conducted at the national level, State level as well as on institute level etc. Here is the list of some famous entrance exams that are conducted for admission to the Virtual reality Course:

  • JEE Main
  • JEE Advanced
  • GATE
  • SRMJEEE etc.

Some private colleges also offer admission to the course on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying examination. But, it is always better to opt for a college that could offer you a better education and more practical knowledge about the field. Choose college wisely as it is all about your future, career and time etc.

Virtual Reality Course Syllabus:

The Syllabus of the course can be different as per the chosen course like BSc in Virtual Reality or Bachelor of Computer Application in Virtual reality etc. But the overall structure of the syllabus is the same. Here is the syllabus for the graduation of VirtualReality Course:

Semester I
C Programming Discrete Mathematics DigitalElectronics
Computer Organization Lab on C Programming Lab on Digital Electronics
Lab on Computer Graphics Peaceful Communication and Collaborative Human
Semester II
Data Structure using C Applied Statistics Microprocessor Family
Fundamentals of Virtual and Augmented Reality Introduction to 3 D modelling Lab on Data Structure using C
Lab on Microprocessor Lab on 3D Modelling
Semester III
C # Microcontroller Introduction to 3D Texturing and Sculpting
Fundamentals of Unity 3D Rigging I Lab on C#
Lab on Microcontroller Lab on Unity& 3D Rigging I Universal Human Values – II
Semester IV
Operating System Concepts Python Data Communication and Networking
3G Rigging II 3D Animation Lab on Python
Lab on Data Communication and Networking Lab on 3D Rigging II and Animation
Semester V
Theoretical Computer Science Integration of 3D Models and Unity Unity Interactivity
SDK Implementation and Platform Testing DES – I Open Elective – I
Lab on SDK Business Communication
Semester VI
Application Development using AR Introduction to UX/UI design Software Project Management using Agile
DES – II Lab on Application development using AR Mini Project I
Indian Tradition, Culture and Heritage Application Development using AR

This is the complete syllabus that one has to study for the duration of 3 years. The Syllabus of the Virtual Reality Course may be a bit different as per the colleges. So, check the syllabus of the particular college that you opt for admission.

Career Scope and Job Opportunities:

Virtual Reality professionals are used in several industries to style computer programme programs for apps. Candidates following courses in increased Reality & Virtual Reality will apply for jobs in recreation, gaming, R&D institutes, and defence, etc. a number of the notable firms in this field are Apple, increased Reality Labs, Magic Leaps, Microsoft, Niantic, Zappar, Intelivita, Lucyd, bastion Infotech etc. the task profiles that the candidates can apply once finishing their course in Virtual Reality are mentioned below:

Virtual Reality plays an important role in the daily lives of the world’s population. This technology is employed everyplace to check product styles and simulate user interaction.

Healthcare Sector:

  • Using Virtual Reality in care sectors helps in treating several health aspects, robotic surgery and skills coaching.
  • It helps the care professionals to be told new skills and develop the previous ones guaranteeing secure surroundings.

Education Sector:

  • It permits an outsized cluster of scholars to possess interaction with the bogus surroundings through VR.
  • It helps them to grasp a state of affairs higher as they themselves feel that they’re in the vicinity of it.

Gaming Sector:

  • This idea is incredibly well-liked in the gambling sector. Virtual Reality makes the user expert in three-dimensional surroundings and interacts with them throughout a game.

Movie Sector:

  • Virtual Reality is employed as a way to flip the unbelievable into one thing that appears real.
  • 3D movies are extremely popular among today’s generation as they’ll feel the surroundings. picture show Avatar could be a good example of a 3D picture show.

Well, Apart from the Graduation Courses, there are also some Online Courses as well where you can easily learn the aspects of Virtual Reality. So, This is all about the Virtual Reality Course. I hope you got the complete details about the course and this was helpful to you.

FAQs For Virtual Reality Course

Can I Pursue Online Virtual Reality Course?

Yes, there are some MOOC platforms like Coursera, edX, Alison, Udemy etc offer online courses in VR where you can learn the aspects of Virtual Reality.

What are the eligibility criteria for AR & VR Under-Graduate Courses?

For admission to the undergrad degree programmes of AR & VR, candidates should have completed their 10+2 education in the Science stream from a recognised board.

What are the vital skills needed to make a Career in VR?

To achieve success in these streams, one must have sure technical and non-technical skills like deep information of social/web-based content, User expertise (UX) Mobile style, Marker Detection, Sound information of style etc.

Who are the top recruiters in the VR field?

A number of illustrious firms in this field are Apple, increased Reality Labs, Magic Leaps, Microsoft, Niantic, Zappar, Intelivita, Lucyd, bastion Infotech etc.

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