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The Medical Courses are usually known as the best courses in terms of pay scale as well as career growth etc. In order to make a career in the field of medicine, many courses are available after passing class 1oth, class 12th as well as after graduation or post-graduation etc. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the DMLT Course Details that is a diploma course after this course one can make a good career in the field of medicine.

We will get to know the Admission Criteria in the course and complete the required eligibility criteria that are mandatory to have to apply for this. The DMLT is not the only course, there are many others but here we will only talk about the DMLT Courses that one can pursue after passing class 12th.

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What is DMLT Course?

The DMLT stands for Diploma in Medical and Laboratory technology. This is a Diploma course. The duration of the course is 2 years. After the completion of the course, One will be awarded the diploma certificate. Under this course, One will get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the use of medical equippments and technical skills of biochemistry.

After the completion of the course, One usually gets an internship. In the duration of two years, one get theoretical as well as a bit of practical knowledge. Well, this course is widely offered by the various government, Semi-government as well as private colleges. In order to get admission in the DMLT (Diploma in Medical and Laboratory Technology). there are some requirements that are mandatory to have to apply for admission in the course. Let’s see details about the eligibility criteria and admission criteria etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in DMLT Course:

There is nothing much required for admission to the DMLT (Diploma in Medical and Laboratory Technology). One just needs to have the following:

  • A candidate needs to have passed class 12th with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • One must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the class 12th.
  • The marks criteria may be more or less, it depends on college but one must be passed in all subjects.
  • There is no defined age limit for admission, So all age group candidates are eligible to apply for admission in this course.
  • The age limit must be as per the Indian Education Standard.

Generally, A candidate who has passed 12th with Bio are eligible to apply for this. Now let’s see the admission process of government Institutes, Semi-Government Institutes and Private colleges etc.

DMLT course details

DMLT Course Admission Process:

Admission to the course can be by visiting the Institute or can also submit the form Online. To get admission in the reputed colleges, One will have to clear the entrance examination, as the competition is too much for admission in the reputed colleges. The reputed colleges can be government as well as private. On the basis of the marks, one will score in the entrance examination, admission will be granted.

There are also some colleges that enrol the candidates directly without any examination or admission through teh oral examination or Interview. Some colleges enrol students on the basis of their marks scored in the class 12th board examination. The fees of such colleges are very high and for colleges that offer direct admission, the education quality of that college would be extremely bad.

The Admission Criteria varies from college to college. one must prepare well and appear for the entrance exam to get better colleges for your course. This is the field of knowledge, Join the college that could give you a better education. Now let’s see the syllabus of the DMLT (Diploma in Medical and Laboratory Technology) Course.

Syllabus of DMLT Course:

The Duration of the DMLT (Diploma in Medical and Laboratory Technology) Course is 2 years and these two years are divided into four semesters. This semester pattern is not followed by every college, Some colleges follow an annual pattern but in both cases, the syllabus would be the completely same. Here is the complete syllabus of the course:

First-Year Syllabus of DMLT:

Semester I Semester II
Human Anatomy Human Physiology
Fundamentals of MLT Basic Pathology
Basics of clinical Biochemistry Fundamental Biochemistry
Basic Human Science Microbial Instrumentation
English Communications Information and Communication Technology
Professional Activities Community Development

Second-Year Syllabus of DMLT:

Semester III Semester IV
Human Physiology II Histopathological Techniques
Clinical Hematology Clinical Biochemistry
Metabolic and Technical Biochemistry Clinical Microbiology
Technical Microbiology Clinical Pathology
Community Development Activities II Pathology Lab

Top Colleges for DMLT Course:

These are the colleges that are known for this course. Well, there are also many other colleges. Almost every district has a better college for this course. let’s see the list of the top ten colleges.

  • Jaipur National University, Jaipur
  • Madhav University, Rajasthan
  • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore
  • NRI Medical College, Vishakapatnam
  • KVG Medical College, Sulia
  • Sharda University, Noida
  • Sanskriti University, Delhi
  • PDM University, Haryana
  • Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Maharashtra
  • Jawhar Lal Nehru Medical College, Ajmer

I am not promoting any college here. All the names have been shared as per their performance and annual report etc. I have collected the top 10 colleges name for DMLT from some news sources and some news articles. Now let’s see the fee structure of the DMLT Course.

Fees Structure of DMLT Course:

The Fees structure also varies from college to college. Government colleges usually cost less as compared to private colleges. The Fees structure of the colleges can be somewhere between 20,000 for the entire course to 3 lakhs etc. One should always try to get admission to the best and reputed colleges only. There are many colleges that provide better education, better facility and costs less. Join the college, after the proper research and cross-check, It is all about your career, Money as well as your time etc.

Career Scope and Job Opportunities:

As I mentioned in the first paragraph that this is the field that is known for paying well. There is scope for this course, The medical field expanding and growing in India. There are lots of opportunities after completing the course. As a fresher or with few years of experience, One can work in the following sectors:

  • Pathology Labs
  • Lab consultants
  • Government and private hospitals
  • Research labs
  • Technologist
  • Blood banks
  • Clinics
  • Emergency centres
  • Medical Writers for journals or websites
  • Academic writers etc

But, Make sure that gain proper practical as well as theoretical knowledge about this. This is the field where your knowledge is everything. let’s see the top recruiters for freshers.

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DMLT Fresher’s Salary:

Job Positions Salary per month (Approx)
Health Care assistant INR 30,000
Laboratory Analyst INR 17,000
Medical Coder INR 18,000
Research Assistant INR 24,000
Medical Technician INR 17,500
Laboratory Technologist INR 17,000

Top DMLT Recruiters:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Fortis Hospitals and Labs
  • Holy Family
  • Medanta
  • Ranbaxy
  • Max Health Care
  • Sun Pharma
  • Sri Gangaram Hospitals etc

I hope that you got the complete DMLT Course details. The career is better in this, You have also an option to pursue the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology. The Duration of the Bachelor’s degree is 3 or 4 years. The bachelor degree may take time, but you will land with better career. After the Diploma course, You can go for specialization in any particular stream in DMLT. Well, It is all about your career, take decisions wisely.

FAQs For Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

The DMLT Stands for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.

No, One need to have pass class 12th with Biology to pursue DMLT Course.

The Duration of the DMLT Course is 2 years and these two years are devided into four semesters.

No, It is mandatory to have passed class 12th with Biology.

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