Top 10 Courses for Housewives

Well, this is a digital world and we all are free to work and earn money to fulfil our daily needs as well as our dreams etc. In India, We do not have the culture that the housewives can do jobs. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the Top 10 best courses for Housewives, that one can pursue offline as well as Online etc. There are many courses available that are best and one can select and pursue as per their interest and passion. Let’s see the complete details below:

Career-Oriented Courses for Housewives:

A female is the backbone of the house, female leads to tranformation of the house, she maintains home and make it comfortable and cozy for the family. She stays half of the day in kitchen to prepare food and do other household works. Basically a female after marriage or sometimes before marriage is a working machine with no earning.  Every women wants to get independent and do not want to rely on others to look after them financially.

It is the matter of pride for every women to earn their own and  to do something to their family proud. There are lot of courses a women can pursue staying at home looking after the children’s and family and doing househod works. Here’s the list of jobs which homemakers would want to do, it totally depends upon the one’s interest and qualification.

Courses for Housewives

List of Top 10 Courses for Housewives:

  • Content Writing
  • HR Payroll
  • CPTA
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Computer Course
  • Graphic Design
  • Jewellary Design
  • Interior Designing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Cooking Classes
  • Makeup Artist etc


This is the best job for women, it just requires the knowledge of particular language. The training of 32 hours is needed, you can work while meeting your responsibilities as well. It requires to put your knowledge or words in a manner that attracts the reader. There are 30 types of content writing, it totally depends upon your interest. You can work online and can get online projects. Trainers will train you in content writing and designing skills so that you start working online. You must have thorough  knowledge of computer, google docs, ms excel, outlook, excel and powerpoint to do your best. If you have interest in this, this is the best for one, This comes under the  top 10 course for housewives. You can do it by sitting at home.


It is also the best job for courses for housewives women to do from home. It is very much easy for the women who were from commerce, but women’s from other streams too can pursue this job. For a successful orgnaisation it is important to manaage and control the human resources. The CHRPS (certified HR payroll specialist) is a online course that  teaches the basics of Human resource management so that you  can enter into the world of Human resource development. This course offer jobs in HR department of any company. You can work from home independently. Jobs in this field is Payroll auditing, accountancy, provident fund, income tax deduction, financial management.


The certified accounting and taxation course (CATP) is a course which a women from commerce background can pursue. You can get complete knowledge from the expert trainers of income tax and business income. This will develop the deep understaing of TDS and TCS which you can use in real world. This course teaches you the basics of accounting and taxation, indirect taxes etc. This is the short term course which you can pursue to brush up you knowledge and degree and advance your accounting skills.


This program is good for housewives to make their career in digital marketing and get a handsome salary in this field and achieve good career and growth in this feld. The techniques taught in this course will make you professional in this field. Those who don’t have knowledge about this field can learn online business. If you want to make your career in social media marketing, then this course is the right choice to advance you digital marketing training. You will get lots of work and opportunities which can be done while staying at home from large organisations who wish the expansion of their business.


Women’s who hold computer science degrees can do short term courses in computer science which are highly demanded such as Java, C++, python etc. if you are well-versed in computer, you can help your husband or family business or you can start your own. It just needs dedication and energy to do something. There are the listof som courses:-

  • Ms-excel, excel, powerpoint etc
  • Hindi and english typing
  • Animation course
  • Accounting course
  • Photoshop, DTB (Desktop publishing course).


This is the most famous courses for housewives and interesting job any women would want to do. In this job a Graphic designer assembles photos and many more things to create a design. Graphic designers create ideas and visualise things and create visual images by hands to produce informative design which can motivate,inspire, and give knowledge to the consumers.  You will get good salary in this field. At first you will be posted to Junior graphic designer and then you will become senior graphic designer. Graphic designs includes posters and banners, magazines and newspapers etc.


This is the best job for women who love designing. Every women is fond of jewelleries and creates the design in her mind. This is a dream of every women to buy different kinds of jewelleries matching to their outfit. This is a good course a women could do in her spare times nad can make good career in jewellery designing field. Styles and trends keeps on changing so there is immense job opportunities for women’s in this field. You will be getting orders continuously and you will always find yourself occupied, also it gives good salary which a women could never deny. If you have interest in this, this is the best for one, This comes under the  top 10 course for housewives.


Interior designing is also a good work for women who stays mostly at home. It is very common that women’s likes painting, crafting, wall hangings and decorating their living area and rooms. They do every possible ways to make their home brighter, beautiful and attractive. Female leads the house and it gives her immense satisfaction after decorating their homes. Now interior designing has become the profession for women . she can take online training and can earm good salary. The demand for interior designing is increasing very rapidly. Everyone wants to decorate their home so mostly they hire interior designer for that. You can get training from online as well as offline, its all upto your wish whether you want to do this online or offline.


The relation of women and clothes is very famous.  People loves to buy clothes and the trends keeps on changing  but the trendof buying clothes remains the same. Everyone wants to look attractive and fashionable. There is a course called fashion designing course which is available in both modes that is offline and online. This course is highly demanded and people who love creativities often choose this course to make their career and earn a good amount. If you have interest in this, this is the best for one, This comes under the  top 10 course for housewives.


Women who loves cooking can start their business as tiffin servise or Dabba service. There are many online courses of cooking, housewives can start their own online teaching classes which will not only give her recognisition but also a good amount of salary. There are many people who lives alone and wants to get readymade home food for survival, dabba service is always in demand. If you have interest in this, this is the best for one, This comes under the  top 10 course for housewives.


Women’s are fong of makeup and wants to look good always. There is no doubt that every women loves her hair most and keeps changing the hairstyles because hair is the crown of head. Women who loves makeup can do a short term course of makeup and hair stylist, the demand for this is increasing day by day. Women can open their own parlour and can earn good money. Everyone wants to get themselves ready for any function by a professional. So there is a great scope for this job. It is the dream job of many girls.

These are the following course that comes under Top 10 Best Course for housewives. One cam pursue any of these as per their interest and passion. I hope that this article was helpful to you and got the complete details about the.

FAQs For Courses for Housewives

The content writing, Digital marketing and Graphic designing is the best course.

Yes, many Online paid sources as well as free sources are available for digital marketing classes.

Yes, You can learn through the online lesson, But practical knowledge is more important in this field.

You can join the fashion designing courses (Diploma & Certificate Course or  Under-Graduate Course etc) to get complete knowledge about and after the course can apply for the job or start your own.

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