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Event Management Courses After 12th

Events Management Courses after 12th are taken by those who wish to make a profession out of the field of event planning, planning as well as conceptualizing and implementation. As per Statista Event marketing is effective in generating sales for 79 percent of marketers. According to EventMB, 85 percent of event planners feel confident about their job security in the near future and just 15 percent expressed concern or anxiety. The event industry was valued at $1,135.4 billion in the year 2019 and is projected to reach $1,552.9 billion in 2028, growing at a rate of 11.2 percent in 2021-2028.

The Asia-Pacific emerging economies of the region comprising China, India, Indonesia as well as The Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia are predicted to expand rapidly. Over the next forecast period, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to expand at a rate of 13.7 percent. To become an experienced event planner, individuals may study the Bachelor of Event Management as well as a master’s program on event administration such as a BBA for event administration, the MBA of Event Management or a diploma in event management.

The requirements for eligibility required for Event Management Courses After 12th is different in every type of events management course. But, Events Management courses are the most common. is eligible for admission. is based on 50 marks in the 12th grade from a recognized institution. In addition, candidates must possess excellent communication skills as well as the ability to be able to work odd and long hours and be able to coordinate and oversee the logistics of an event.

To be aware of the most recent trend in event management or get to know the basics of Event Management Courses After 12th Students are able to study a variety of events Management Online Courses through Coursera, Udemy, or edX. Being a certified event manager allows hopeful candidates to gain an edge over their competition and land jobs that pay high wages. CMP (Certified Meetings Professional) as well as CSP (Certified Special Events Professional) as well as CPCE (Certified professional for Catering as well as Events) are among the top event management certifications.

The top event management company employs event organizers, event managers and wedding planners. They pay the highest salaries, starting at INR 2,50,000 to 3,50,000 per year. Access Destination Services, BCD GROUP (BCD EVENTS & MEETINGS), ATPI Ltd., Riviera Events, Entertaining Asia, Live Nation Worldwide Inc., StubHub, Anschutz Entertainment Group, Pollstar, Cvent Inc., Capita Plc., Reed Exhibitions, Questex LLC, Outback Concerts, The Freeman Company, Penguins Limited, CL Events, Seven Events Ltd., Clarion Events Ltd as well as Versatile Event Management are among the major players.

What are the Event Management Courses?

The Event Management course, as the name implies, is one that focuses on the whole process of planning and organizing a complete event. The process is called event management. It involves planning weddings or planning ceremonies, programs or celebrations, or conventions. The roles in the business of event planning are as diverse and varied as the services provided as well as difficult to differentiate one from the other. It can be challenging to build an event portfolio, find jobs, or deal with a client who doesn’t understand your purpose and obligations.

Event Management Courses After 12th

The course on event management after the 10th covers a wide array of events that can be organized large-scale events, such as concerts, conventions, conferences and trade shows celebrations, festivals and ceremonies. It involves overseeing the overall logistics of the event and collaborating with the workers and project-managing the event in general.

  • Event management course costs range between INR 4,00,000 – 40,000
  • Admissions to the Event Management course are made based on merit as well as on the foundation of entrance tests as well
  • The different Event Management entrance exams are CAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT, etc.
  • Certificate in Event Management and undergraduate in Event Management is among the most popular programs.
  • The length of an undergraduate study in the field of Event Management can be as long as 3 years . A Diploma of Event Management courses spans from one to 2 years.
  • The median salary after completion of an event Management course ranges from 3 to 5 LPA.

Event Planning Course

A course in event planning can help you get familiar with the best practices in the industry and will allow you to make a mark in a competitive field. If you are looking to pursue event planning for fun or as a profession, classes in event planning can show you the skills needed to succeed. Here are some things to consider prior to taking an event planning course.

Course Name Platform Price
Event Planning Fundamentals Connected In INR 1143
Event Planning that is successful along with Marketing and Administration Udemy INR 3800
Event Planning 101 Universal Class INR 5,300 with or without a certificate and INR 7000 when an official certificate
Event Planner: Begin Your Own Business like Rockstars. Rockstar Udemy INR 1830
Learn Event Planning from Scratch and earn 7k Per Event Udemy INR 15,000

Event Management Course Details

The details of the event management course differ from college to university depending on the degree and the duration of the program. Additionally, the details of the event management course also vary based on the level that the student is studying the course. In some schools events management courses are offered as part of courses in mass communication.

BBA Event Management Master of Journalism in Mass Communication and Mass Communication
MA PR and Event Management Masters in Management of Events. Management
MBA Event Management A Diploma in Event Management

What are the courses to help Event Management?

The various courses for event management include UG, PG and Diploma Courses.

Courses Private Government
UG INR 60,000 – INR 8,00,000.
PG INR 20,000 to INR 4,00,000. INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000.
Diploma INR 25,000- INR 60,000

Event Management Courses Eligibility

As we have discussed previously as previously mentioned, the event management course after 12th following graduation on the 10-year mark is taught in a variety of levels, from certificates to diploma-level courses, undergraduate courses, and even PhD Courses. This table will outline the requirements for each degree available in the Event management certificate courses,

  • Certificate Courses on Event Management Students must score at least between 45% and 50% total marks or an equivalent CGPA in their 12th grade board examinations.
  • Diploma Programs for Event Management: For pursuing PG Diploma courses in Event Management students must finish their graduation in any discipline, with a minimum of 50% marks aggregate or the equivalent CGPA at a recognized University.
  • undergrad courses for Event Management: Admissions to undergraduate classes for Event Management are made in accordance with merit and entrance tests. Students must pass the 12th-grade examination with an approved board and have at least 50% aggregate marks or an equivalent CGPA score
  • Post Graduate Courses in Event Management: For pursuing a Post Graduate certificate in Event Management students must earn at minimum 60% aggregate marks or an equivalent CGPA at the time of their final year of graduation. Then, they will have to pass entrance tests based on the college they intend to apply for.

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Admission Process

  • There aren’t any specific exams required to be passed for admission into Certificate courses.
  • Participation in online certificate programs is usually done by submitting an application on the official website of the provider.
  • In the event, there’s a case of certificate programs that are not functioning colleges might award you based on the authenticity of the program. Your grade in classes X and XII (as material) is considered in such a situation.

Which are courses within Event Management

Students can choose from a range of choices for pursuing Event Management courses, starting with Certificate courses and progressing to Doctoral Degrees in Event Management. The criteria for eligibility is crucial when deciding the most suitable Event Management courses for oneself. Other duties could consist of managing the budget as well as the teams of individuals accountable for each task and managing the execution of the event. Event organizers are also accountable for supervising the services of other outside vendors and professionals such as event planners. The most popular kinds of event management include Wedding Planning, Event Coordinating as well as business Event Managing.

Events Management Certification Courses

There are a few recognized Certificate programs that you can take to further their education in Event Management. A few of the most popular Event Management Certificate Courses are listed below:

Certificate Name Cost of Event Management Courses (INR) Duration
Certificate III for Events 84,755 9 to 33 months
Certificate in Event Management 11,90,000 1 year
Training of Instruction Sport Event Management Online 90,930 10 weeks
International Certificate in Online Communication Events 39,500 100 hours
International Certificate Online Organizing Techniques and a Practical Guide for Events 39,500 100 hours
Online Certificate for Meeting and Event Management 87,670 6-12 months
Certificate in applied tourism & Event Management 90,430 6-9 months

Certificate for Event Management

Course Name Duration
PGP in the fields of Event Management and Public Relations 1 Year
Postgraduate Degree in Event Management 2 Years
A Diploma in Event Management 1 Year
PGDM (Event management) 1 Year
PG Degree with Media Marketing as well as Event Management 1 Year

Master of Event Management

Course Name Duration
BBA for Events Management & PR 3 years old
BBA for Event Management 3 years old
A.B. in Event Management 3 years old

Masters for Event Management

Course Name Duration
MBA in Event Management 2 years
An MBA degree in event Management & Public Relations 2 years
MA in Public Relations & Event Management 2 years

Event Management

How to conduct Events Management Courses

  • To be able to take part in the Event Management Courses, Event Managers must be constantly in contact with their customers and other stakeholders which is why they need excellent communication abilities. They must possess leadership and decision-making skills to lead their staff in their tasks. Event managers should be involved and have a positive attitude to succeed in the field of event management.
  • Candidates can take events management courses at their Diploma, UG and PG levels. There are several certificate programs that can help you get jobs at reputed organizations. The most important subjects taught during courses in the Event Management programmes are Management Process, Business Communication, Organizational Behavior, Event Management Planning, Public Relations, Soft Skills for Business, Event Hospitality, Law & Permissions along with Event Resource Management, among other courses.

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How to run Events Management Courses after 12th

  • A lot of learners in India are looking for the top event management courses after 12th grade. Anyone who is interested in the field of managing events must have many skills in the field of event management, including leadership skills as well as public relations as well as business and marketing abilities, risk management techniques as well as budgeting and planning skills and more. After completing the 12-year-olds, they are offered numerous opportunities to work in a variety of fields, including advertising, visual communication and event management, as well as several other event management courses following 12th grade. When you think about the event management courses after 12th there’s an abundance of possibilities and security of employment in this rapidly growing industry. Let’s explore this course. following 10th.
    • Master of Arts degree in public relations and event planning.
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in the field of event management
    • Certificate in Event Management
    • A diploma in Management of Events, Event Management along with Public Relations
    • Advanced Diploma in Event Management
    • Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Activity
    • Post-Graduate Diploma in the field of Event Management as well as Public Relations
    • Graduate Diploma Postgraduate in Event Management
    • Post-Graduate Diplomas in Advertising Media, Marketing and Event Management
    • Post-Graduate Diploma of Advertising and Event Management
    • Master’s degree in Event Management & PR (MEM)
    • Master’s of Business Administration (Event Management & PR)

Online Courses in Event Management

  • Online courses for event management that are popular include wedding planning courses, events management courses for beginners along with wedding management.
Course Name Provider Duration
Courses for Wedding Planning Planner International Career Institute 1 year
Higher Program Organization of Events, Protocol, and Business Tourism EAE Business School, School of Tourism & Hospitality, The Ostelea Barcelona 9 months
Training in Event Management International Career Institute 6-12 months
Event Management for Beginning Event Managers Udemy 45 hours
The Project Management Principles and Practices Coursera 5 months

The Best Event Management Colleges in India

  • You can study an event management degree after graduation any of their preferred qualifications, which are listed in this article. The top universities that allow students to pursue a highly regarded diploma related to Event Management are tabulated below,

Event Management Colleges in Mumbai

Name of the College Cost of Event Management Courses (INR)
National Institute of Event Management 70,000
Bharati Vidyapeeth University 2,25,000
University Of Mumbai 55,000
Garware Institute of Career Education and Development 1,41,000

Event Management Course Syllabus

This Event Management Courses After 12th Syllabus includes areas that deal with finance, IT , as well as advertising. The following stable will provide a brief description on the topics taught in the Event Management course,

Fundamentals of Event Management Brand Management and Consumer Behavior
Event Marketing Event Risk Management
Marketing Management Special Topics for Events
Cross-Cultural Management Business Communication
Catering & Event Production IT for Event Management
Event Accounting Dissertation
Negotiation Skills Project Work

Skills for Event Management

  • Event Management requires individuals to continually interact with clients, investors, stakeholders, and clients. So, having excellent communication skills is an important skill required for event management.
  • Event organizers or team leaders must constantly lead their teams to get the desired results, so you must possess the necessary abilities to lead in this area.
  • Time Management ability is the most crucial ability for managing events. Event organizers are held accountable by the deadlines within which they must complete their work, therefore you must be conscious of time-management abilities.
  • An Event Manager must be extremely proactive and helpful when leading the team. The more easily accessible, trustworthy and supportive an Event Manager can be, the better the overall performance of their team.
Keen observer Clear-headed
Inquisitiveness Logical
Excellent perception Diplomatic
Eye for detail Intelligently interested
General awareness Self-motivated

The Scope Management Courses

  • When you have completed your Degree in Event Management you may opt to pursue a job as an event coordinator or Wedding Planner, Event Manager or any other such position.
  • Due to the program, the possibilities for a career after the management stage are very restricted.
  • A fresher’s starting wage is between INR 2.5 to INR 3.5 lakhs per year.
  • Aspirants, once they have gained enough experience in their areas, may even begin their own company for event management that can yield higher income.
  • Large-scale corporate meetings and other special events are regularly organized and carried out by event management firms.
  • Wedding planning and concert events are common occasions for an expert in event management Other occasions like reunions, athletic events and large parties could also benefit from the event management.
  • Event management firms are employed by government agencies, organizations or groups to manage important events and gatherings.
  • The function of event management is usually found in an organization’s public or marketing relations department or as part of the event management team for special occasions.

Event Management Company

The event management company employs experts in event management to plan small and large-scale events. The candidates can apply to an event management firm from the marketing, entertainment, and advertising industries. These are the most popular companies for event management which employ event organizers.

Wizcraft Percept Profile
Cineyug Pegasus
Encompass Events Cox and Kings
Tafcon ProcamRunning
70 EMG —-

Job Opportunities in Event Management

Event Management Courses After 12th is among the most sought-after non-conventional areas of research. While it is considered to be a subset of the field of public relations, it has been growing in market share and has created many jobs for those interested in. The degree you earn from Event Management can land some of the most fascinating and rewarding job opportunities in comparison to other professions.
Below are some of the most popular job profiles and their descriptions within this field. Event Management

Job Profiles Job Description
Event Planner The Event Coordinator is accountable for the whole process associated with an occasion. The Event Manager makes an inquiry about the location of events and transportation, as well as oversees the other aspects of the occasion, like planning an event, developing ideas, and so on.
Event Manager An Event Manager is the most important participant for the planning of an Event. They are responsible to oversee the event from start from planning to organizing, and then executing.
Business Development Executives A BDE is a Business Development Executive whose primary job is to generate revenue for the business through the investors and clients. The BDE is responsible for making cold calls and is required to keep in constant contact with prospective clients. as well as collaborators.
Wedding Planner Wedding planners plan the wedding from scratch. The location transport, food, locations, caterers and decorations are created by an event planner in accordance with the budget set by the clients.
Event Coordinator An Event Coordinator is only accountable for securing locations, negotiating prices and coordinating event resources and monitoring customer service
Event Manager of Accounts Like the name suggests, an Event Accounts Manager accountable for the accounting as well as the finance division. He maintains a record of all expenditures and is also accountable to make profits for the business.

The Scope Management Courses abroad

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to Event Management. When one has completed a bachelor’s degree in event management, you could be a part of various companies that manage events, with profiles like Event Planner, Event Manager, Event Planner, Wedding Planner and many more. A few of the most sought-after hiring companies for event management overseas are listed below to assist you:

Event Management Company Abroad

Bassett Events, Inc David Tutera
MKG An Event to Remember
Colin Cowie Rafanelli Events
Royal DSM Verizon
Oren Co. Evening
Wonderland IHG

Event Management Employment Outlook for Salary

The pay of an event manager, in the beginning, will be INR 3.59 lakhs annually. The salary for event management is contingent on the event management firm and the various types of event management jobs. The table below provides the salary profile for new graduates or professionals with less than one year of working experience..

Job Profile Yearly Salary (INR)
Event Manager INR 3.59 lakhs
Wedding Planner INR 3.50 lakhs
Event Coordinator INR 2.37 lakhs
Director of Events INR 2.90 lakhs
Marketing Manager INR 4.20 lakhs
Business Development Executive INR 2.50 lakhs

FAQs For Event Management Courses After 12th

What is the price range of the top schools that offer courses in event management?

The fee for the event management course is lower than INR 2 lakhs in most of the colleges for event management. However, certain private colleges for event management or colleges that offer MBAs for event administration cost greater than INR 5 lakhs as tuition cost.

Can I take an event management class on the 12th of December?

Yes, a class 12 certificate in any discipline from an accredited board is the criteria for eligibility for UG-level courses in event management. For PG level eligibility criteria are graduation from an accredited university, in any field of study.

What is the pay of the event director?

Event managers earn an average of INR 4,85,434 annually as per PayScale’s estimates for India. Experience can have a significant impact on earnings for this job. The majority of people who work in this field go on to different positions after 10 years of their profession.

Which is the most efficient method of managing events?

NAEMD is among the first to create a fully-fledged degree program, which includes MBA and BBA, with the ability to specialize in the field of Event Management & Public Relations. They also provide training in the field for students through taking them through more than 1,000 events.

What do I need to pursue to become an event organizer?

If you want to become an event manager in a well-known business or firm You can take the MBA in event and management, along with a certificate in event management.

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