How to Join NSG as a Commando in India

There are many vacancies released by the Indian Armed forces in order to be a part of it. One can join the Indian Army as an officer or soldier, the Indian Navy as an Officer or Sailor, or the Indian Air force as an Officer or Airmen, etc. But it is extremely tough to be part of the National Security Guard (NSG). Here in this article, I will talk about the How to join NSG as a Commando in India. We will get to know the selection process, required eligibility Criteria and required age limit, etc. Check out the complete blog below to get details about the availability of vacancies and how to apply for the post etc.

NSG Commando
The National Security Guard is India’s highest level security that provides security to the President, Prime Minister as well as other high profile government posts in India. They are known for their bravery, skills and their training, etc. they are training to tackle any kind of situation. The Training of the NSG Commando is extremely tough. They are trained in all different manners to be the best.

What is National Security Guard?

The National Security Guard is an organization that deals with Counterterrorism. It was formed in the year 1984 after the operation blue star. Its aim and motto are to deal with the internal and external threats of the Nation. The Selection of the National Security Guard Commando’s is completely different. Here are the details about the Eligibility Criteria requirement and Selection Process of National Security Guard Commando etc.

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Eligibility Criteria Required to Join NSG:

There is no such eligibility requirement. The entire candidate who wants to join the NSG as a commando. They will need to join the Indian Armed forces to the Indian Police force first and after at least three years of service. Once becomes eligible to apply for the National Security Guard Commando’s post.  Here is the following candidate that must be matched:

  • Should not have any bad record in the last three years of service.
  • Candidate must be graduate in any stream from any recognized University or Institute.
  • Age must be below 35 years old. There is no relaxation in age has been given to any candidate regarding their caste, community, or religion.
  • Must be fit in all manner (Physical and Medical)
  • Should have a Service certificate.
  • Should have No Objection Certificate from their organization.

The rest of the process will be discussed in the Pre- Selection Criteria of the NSG (National Security Guard) Commando below:

NSG Commando Selection Procedure:

There is no direct way to join the National Security Guard as a Commando. The Selection of the commando is done by the Indian Army, Indian Air force as well as from Indian Navy, etc. In order to become commando in the National Security Guard. First, one will need to be a part of the Indian Armed force Indian Army, Indian Air force, or Indian navy, etc as an Officer or Soldier or any other post. The CRPF personnel can also apply for this.

Once you become a part of the National Security. You can apply for the post of the National Security Guard commando whenever the vacancy is released by the Selection Authority.  There is a total of three rounds of selection that one has to clear.

  • Pre- Selection Criteria
  • Selection and Training
  • Advance NSG Training

Pre- Selection Criteria

  • Served for at least 3 years in the Indian Armed forces and in the case of Indian Police at least 5 years.
  • Age must be less than 35 years old.
  • Must be physically and medically fit.
  • Service Report etc.

The Shortlisting in order to become National Security Guard Commando is done like this. If you clear this, you will proceed to the Next Phase of selection.

Selection and Training

Once a candidate is inducted as a trainee in the National Security Guard. They will proceed with the training. There are two types of training that are provided in the Indian Armed forces.  Basic Military Training and Advance Military Training. All the cadets will be trained for at least 14 months. And after this, they will proceed with the Advance NSG Training.

Advance National Security Guard Training

Advanced combat training is done in Israel. All the candidates will be sent to Israel at the government’s expense. After the completion of the Training, they are officially inducted into the National Security Guard. All the commandos are allowed to serve for only 5-6 years. After that, they can be back to their parent organization.

Types of NSG Commandos:

There are basically three types of commandos in the National Security Guard. And they are allotted different works:

Special Action Group is tasked to counter Terrorism and Special Ranger Group is tasked to provide security to the VIP and VVIPs and the Special Composite Group is Deployed in the city Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gandhi Nagar, etc to tackle the counter Terrorist Activity.

NSG Commando Vacancy Notification 2021:

National Security Guard Agency recently released the notification for the selection of the commandos. All the eligible candidates who are eligible can apply for the vacancy. To get further updates about the vacancy. You must visit the official website of the National Security Guard.

You can check the complete eligibility criteria and Selection process above. If you match the eligibility Criteria, You must apply for the vacancy.

How to apply for NSG:

First, You will have to become an official member of the National Security Guard. You can apply for this online. While applying, you will need to attach all the documents that are asked to submit. After the submission, Wait for confirmation from the National Security Guard Head Quarter, New Delhi. For further updates, check the official website of the National Security Guard.

After the confirmation, all the shortlisted candidates will proceed for the Medical Exam at the Military Hospitals. The candidate must be fit in all manner to join the service, The Medical Exam is tough; A minor problem can be a reason for rejection. Make sure that you are fit and fine in all manner. Once you become a member of the NSG (National Security Guard). You will proceed with the training.

NSG Commando Salary and Allowances:

Indian Armed forces are known for paying the best salary and allowances to their employees. The National Security Guard commando while they are on training, they get a fixed stipend of 18,000/- per month and after the completion of the training. They get a salary between 40,000/- per month to 85,000/- per month depending upon the location and type of duty etc. There are also many more benefits and perks after the salary that one gets in the service.

  • Travel Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Free Ration
  • Free Stay at Government Quarter
  • Free education Facilities for their children.
  • Medical Facilities
  • Lifelong pension
  • Kit Maintenance Allowances
  • Field Area Allowances
  • Parachute Pay
  • High Altitude Allowances
  • Special Forces
  • Annual Leave of 2 Months
  • Casual Leave of 20 Days
  • Air/Rail Travel Concession
  • Free Hospital Facilities
  • Low-Interest Loans


To become an NSG Commando is not an easy task. One will have to be the best version of him.  If you are passionate about this, you must chase your dreams. Remember, It’s a long process, So, take care of your health and try your best to live a healthy lifestyle. Everything is possible in this world. If others can do this, You too can do this. Prepare yourself better and be a part of this prestigious force.

FAQs For NSG Commando

What is NSG Commando’s Retirement Age?

After the Selection in the Service. A National Security Guard Commando can work for 5 to 6 years in the service. After that, they can move to their parent organization.

What is the NSG Commandos Qualification?

The Minimum Qualification to become an NSG Commando is Graduation. A candidate must be graduate in any stream from any recognized Institute or University.

How to join NSG Commando after the 12th?

There is no way to National Security Guard Commando after 12th. The Minimum qualification to apply for the NSG is Graduation. BSc,, B.A or any other Bachelor Degree program.

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