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Job Oriented Courses After 12th

The career of any person depends on his/her interest. One should never select the career option for the sake of money or showoffs. Always choose the field where you actually want to work. Here in this article, we will get to know about the Job oriented courses after 12th in India. This blog may help you in selecting the better career option for you. I will share the details of this blog like Courses Durations, Job profile after the completion of the course, Admission Process in the course, etc. To get detailed information about this, check the complete blog below.

Job Oriented Courses After 12th

There is a number of courses available in India after which one can get a job in the respected and related field. One has an option to move in Technical field, Non-technical field. Management field or Services field etc. A person should always choose the field as per their interest.

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List of Job Oriented Courses after 12th:

There are basically two types of courses are available. One is short-term and another is long-term. The short terms courses are usually diploma courses or certificate courses but the long-term courses that are for three years or more are degree courses. The degree courses are considered more valuable than a diploma or certificate courses. Most of the names that have been shared here are known as highest-paying job-oriented courses. Here is the list of the top ten job-oriented courses.

Short-Term Job Oriented Course:

  • Product management certification Program.
  • Business Analytics Certificate Program
  • Financial Planner Certificate Program
  • Data Science Certified Program
  • Advance Certificate Machine Learning

Product Management: Every company needs a product manager to manage the launches and overall product growths etc. The demand for product managers is high in the market. There is a number of courses offered by the institutes for Product Management. One should pursue this course from the best Institutes. As most of the Institute assists with the Placement after the completion of the course.

Business Analytics: This is three months long course. One can also learn this Online. There are a number of paid as well as unpaid courses are available. But, the unpaid courses will not offer you the certificate. An offline course is also an option. You can join the best Institute to get trained well. Join the best Institutes. As most of the Institute assists with the Placement after the completion of the course.

Financial Planner: The financial planner job is globally recognized job and respected global certificate in the world. The duration of this course can be somewhere between 3 months to 2 years depending upon the type of course you are opting for. This is one of the best certification program that can give you a really good amount as monthly salary. Make sure to choose the best institute for training and education.

Data Science: The Job of a data scientist comes under the most demanding job in the year 2021. Almost every company is now are adapting the tools of Data Science tools and technology. Data science can help them boot sales, improve productivity, maximize customer satisfaction, and many more things. There are many offline as well as online sources are available through which one can get complete knowledge about Data Science. Well, one must find a better offline Institute to get education and training. offline are Institutes are always better because you get a better atmosphere and better learning experience. It is completely up to you to choose the way of learning. Online courses are also better and they may also cost you less.

Machine Learning: One of the most trending courses in India. Most of the freshly passed class 12th Students are opting for this. This is one of the best Job oriented courses if you want to lead the Al-driven technology revolution. As this offers the best salary package, the competition is also too much in this field. There are micro topics that come under Machine learning like ML and NLP concepts etc. Join the best Institutes and get proper education and training.

All the courses that have been shared are the best job-oriented courses in recent years. One can become very successful if take proper knowledge, education, and training, etc. Offline and Online both ways are open to gain knowledge about these courses. But free Online courses may not give you any certificate, it may be difficult to find a job after the course. Join the Online or Offline Program that offers certificates after the completion of the course. In my personal opinion, paid courses are more valuable than free courses. Now let’s see the Long-term job-oriented courses in India.

Long-Term Job Oriented Courses

  • Management Courses
  • Engineering Courses
  • Aviation Courses
  • Charted Accountant
  • Hotel Management

I have categorized the list of the five job-oriented long-term courses. Almost every Institute conducts a placement drive after the completion of the course. It would be very easy to get placed well through the college. The salary package after these courses is also very high. One can a successful career, if gains proper knowledge, Training, and Experience, etc. let’s see the details about these courses.

Management Course: The management courses are like BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). There are many micro streams under this course. The duration of this undergraduate course is 3 years. One can also for a master’s degree in this field and the master’s program is 2 years. If one pursues these courses from a reputed college, can get a better job after the completion of the course.

Engineering Course: We all are very familiar with the word engineering. One can get the best career through Engineering courses. One can pursue or BE after the completion of class 12th with Science. One can become a Software engineer, IT Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and many more. All these jobs are highly demanded in the market.

Aviation Course: The Aviation courses are lucrative and known for paying well. One can pursue the course like Airport Security, Cabin Crews, Pilot, Flight Dispatcher and many more, etc. All these courses are job-oriented and can get a better career after the completion of the course. The duration of the course can be between 1.5 years to 2 years etc.

Charted Accountant: If you are from a commerce background and love the accounting field. You can opt for Charted Accountant after the completion of class 12th with Commerce. The job of Charted Accountant is highly demanding in the market, they are paid very well for their job. It is not easy to become Charted Accountant. One must be very hard working. The admission process in the charted Accountant courses is a bit different. Check the more details about this

Hotel Management: This also comes under the management course but it is very demanding and one does not need to pursue BBA or MBA that is why I kept it here. One can pursue the hotel management course and become a manager at 5 star or 7-star hotels. this job is lucrative and pays really well. Make sure to join the best Institute and get proper training.

All these courses that are mentioned here are the best job-oriented courses after 12th in India. After these courses, it would easy to get a job in the respected fields. Now the growth of your career completely depends on you, your education, your experience, and your practical knowledge. I hope you got the answer for job Oriented courses after 12th in India. There are also many more other courses on the list. Whatever is shared here is trending.

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