Career in Merchant Navy After 10th

There are many career options available in India after class 10th or class 12th. Once you passed class 10th, You become eligible for the various government as well as private vacancies in India. Here in this article, we will get to know about the Career in Merchant Navy after the 10th. We will get to know the Selection Process, Eligibility Criteria, types of posts available for class 1oth passed students, etc. To get complete information, You must check the complete article below.

Merchant Navy After 10th

The Merchant Navy is private as well as the Government Organization. Basically, the work of the Merchant navy is to carry goods and carriers from one place to another or one nation to another nation. The Government Merchant Navy is known as the Shipping Corporation of India. The rules, regulations, as well as the working nature of the merchant navy, are completely the same either it is for Government Navy or Private Navy.

How to build a career in Merchant Navy after 10th:

The Merchant Navy is one of the finest professions for a person who loves traveling and wants to travel the world for free. One an join the merchant navy on various posts after passing class 10th. Now let’s see the types of entries as well as the requirement, training, and amount that is required for the training etc.

In order to join the merchant navy service after the 10th. One can join the Technical Branch as well as the Non-technical branch. For the technical entries, there are some requirements for technical diploma certificates. Now let’s see the complete details about the eligibility criteria required and process to become a Sailor or technical sailor in the service.

Eligibility Criteria for Merchant Navy after 10th:

There are some required eligibility criteria that are mandatory to have to apply for this. Here are the lists of the eligibility criteria requirements:

  • A candidate must be a citizen of India to apply for this.
  • The candidate must be unmarried either male or female.
  • Oe must have passed class 10th with physics, chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • One must have good eight sights, with or without glasses.
  • One must be physically as well as medically fit in all manner.
  • One must-have skill of working with a team from different cultures.

These are some mandatory criteria that are very much important to have to apply for the Merchant Navy. Now let’s see the other details like the Selection process and types of entries that one can opt for after the class 10th in order to make a career in the merchant navy.

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List of courses in Merchant Navy after class 10th:

There are different types of courses in the merchant navy to make a career in the different branches of the navy. Here is the list of the following that can opt for:

  • GP (General Purpose) Rating Course.
  • Deck Rating Course
  • Engine Rating Course
  • Saloon Rating Course
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering etc

These are the courses that one can opt for after passing class 10th in order to make a career in the Merchant Navy. These courses are offered by the various colleges, Institutes. Let’s see the brief details about each course and what type of job will be offered after the completion of the course.

General Purpose Rating: After passing class 10th, one can pursue this course. The duration of the course is six months. After the completion of the training, One can join the merchant navy as a Deck crew or as an Engine crew, etc.

Deck Rating: After this course, One can become a deck crew in the Merchant Navy service. The duration of the course is 6 months. After the completion of this training. One will get posted in the service as a trainee cadet. To become an experienced crew and to get more salary, perks ad other benefits. one will need to finish three years of training. First-six months would be pre-sea training and the rest of 1 year would be on the ship.

Engine Rating: Through this course, one can become an Assistant Engineer or Engine Crew in the Merchant Navy Service. There are many merchant navy institutes that also offer the Degree in Marine Engineering. But this is a Diploma course and the duration of this course is six months After the completion of this course, one can join the service as an Engine crew. The work of the engine crew is to assist the Engineers to maintain the engine department of the ship.

Saloon Rating:  This course is basically for the gally department of the ship. The duration of this course is around 6 months. After the completion of this course. One will join the Catering department of the ship.

Diploma in Marine Engineering: This course has been specially designed to become an Engineer or to become an Assistant Engineer in the Merchant Navy Service after passing class 10th. The duration of the course is 3 years. After the completion of the course, One will be awarded the diploma certificate in Marine Engineering. This is one of the finest courses to become an Engineer in the Merchant Navy service right after passing class 10th.

Top Colleges for Merchant Navy Training:

There are many private Institutes are available for Merchant Navy training. Before joining any of these colleges, you must do a proper cross-check about the admission criteria, Placement criteria, Type of training, campus and other details etc. Here is the list of the colleges that you can look for admission to. Remember, I am not promoting any college here. All the names that have been shared here are on the basis of the review and their performance etc

  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune, Maharashtra
  • BP marine institute of marine engineering, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • AMET, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • SIMS, Samudra Institute of Maritime Science, Lonavala
  • Indian Maritime Institute, Noida

Career Prospects and Salary in Merchant Navy:

This is the career option that gives you the opportunity to get financially free at a very young age. If one has done class 12th with Science, he/she can also become an officer or engineer in the service. Well, after any of these courses, you can join the deck or engine department as Crew add can earn a handsome salary which is easily not possible to earn in any other field.

Right after the course, One can get 35,000/- per month to 50,000/- per month or even more depending upon the type of company you have joined. Foreign companies are usually known for paying well. The average package of the merchant navy is around 4.5 lakhs per month to 25 lakhs per month.

This is the career of passing, You do not join the merchant navy if you do not like training. The perks of joining the merchant navy are that you will get to travel the world for free. These perks are only in few professions. To join the service, make sure to clear your training phase better and get proper training and proper education about your stream or department. This is the field where your talent does matter a lot.


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