Raksha Bandhan

India is a country that is known for its various festivals. We Indian celebrates every moment as a festival. Here in this article, I will share with you the details, information and some unknown facts about the Rakha Bandhan. This festival is very commonly celebrated in almost every part of the country. Let’s see the Raksha Bandhan Date, Why it is Celebrated and when it is celebrated etc To get detailed information, one must check the complete article below. The Indian People are emotionally connected with this festival. This festival is basically a way to show love towards the Sister and taking pledge that I will protect my sister at any cost and no matter what. Well there are many more things to discuss about this festival. So let’s begin the article.

What is Raksha Bandhan Festival?

Raksha bandhan, the word itself depicts the meaning of this festival i.e., Raksha is a hindi word which means to protect and bandhan means bond, which symbolises the protection bond between brothers and sisters. It is the symbol of pure love of friendship and brotherhood. The Raksha is bascically known as Rakhi and the Rakhi is defines as:

  • R: Rock healthy relationship
  • A: Acceptance all along
  • K: Kindness to the core
  • H: Heartwarming presence
  • I: Idealistic relationship etc

It is celebrated all over the India every year. It is the festival of Hindus but all Indians celebrate the bond of sister and brother.  Raksha bandhan is the festival of love and togetherness. Boys who do not have sisters or the girls who do not have brother tie Rakhi to their brothers and sisters and sometimes their frinds and promises to protect them from all evils.

raksha bandhan

Why Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated?

It is not the festival of only siblings, it is also the festival of brother from another mother, it means sisters who don’t have brother tie Rakhi to their cousin brother. As they grow up, the bond between them also grows and develop the sense of understanding. Mostly elder brothers are more protective and elder sisters are more caring. The day Raksha bandhan carries lots of love, joy in our lives. It is the symbol of togetherness and love.

Everyone knows that siblings carry a special place in our hearts, no matter how much they fight, the love and  care between them still remains the same. The bond between brothers and sisters is very unique and pure, it is the selfless love they share with each other.   Brothers are always there to support their sisters and sisters always protects their brother from parents scoldings. Siblings often tease and scolds each other but at the end it is the love that wins. Even gods and godesses celebrated this festival, like Draupadi tied Rakhi on the wrist of Krishna and considered him as her brother.

How Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated in India?

On the day of Raksha bandhan, all family members dress up in new and trendy clothes mostly ethnic wears. Markets gets decorated with loaded colourful Rakhis and sweets. Womens select the most pretty Rakhi for their brothers and brothers buy gifts for them.  Usually sisters show their creativity and make Rakhi by themselves as it feels awesome to make Rakhi and feel the love in making.

On this day sisters get up early in the morning, take bath and wear new dresses and decorate the pooja Thaali. sisters then tie a thread called Rakhi on the wrists of their brothers and take Aarti and apply Chandan on the forehead of their brothers. And in return their brothers gift them something like chocolates, flowers etc and promises to protect and keep them safe throughout their life. This is the most awaited festival, people of all ages celebrate this festival with high enthusiasm and happiness. It strengthens the bond of brother and sister.

When Raksha Bandhan is celebrated 2021?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated according to Hindu calender, which falls in the Saavan month. On the last day of Saavan month Raksha Bandhan is celebrated.  It usually falls on the month of August. It is said that in ancient times kings and soldiers used to go on wars and before going to wars, their sisters uses to tie Rakhi on the wrists of their brothers because they strongly believed in the prayers and worships of their sisters. They believed that the Rakhi on their hands will bring them luck and it will keep them safe from enemies and they will return to their residence after winning the war.

This is the festival that is celebrated in teh very part of the India either its north India, South India, East India or West Indian etc. Most of the famous personalities like Politicians, Celebraties, Indian Athelets also promote. This is the fextival which is full of love and kindness. Here are the few common points related to the raksha bandhan that would be easy for one to remember.

Common Points related to Raksha Bandhan:

  • The raksha bandhan is one of the famous festival in India, Which is celebrated by every Indians either its Muslim, Hindu or Chritian, Jain or any other religion.
  • It is the festival of exchanging love and affection among the brothers and Sisters.
  • The festival has been named with two different words as Raksha which means protection and Bandhan which means Bound or Tie.
  • On this festival Sisters ties a rakhi on the Brother’s wrist and its means a thread of protection.
  • It brings happiness to the family.

Our Responsibility as Indian:

There is no descrimination amoung the Hindus and Muslims or any other religion. We all stand up together to celebrate this festival. The India is known for its festive culture and we all should stand together to make it more beautiful. I personally belongs to Muslim Family but I have grown up with my loved hindu friends. I never wanted to mention my religion as well as my friend’s religion but this is the only way to show love. We never argued over Hindu-Muslim, Eid-Diwali etc. Our Culture may be different by religion but our hearts are same. We all are same and it is our duty to maintain peace amoung us.

In every book, we would found that, our good works will be only carried to the heaven. If we all would be fighting over the religion, this world would become hell for all of us. There are many more things that we can discuss to make this Country more and more beautiful. I never wanted to mention all this here but through blogs, I had to mention to show my love towards the country and the people of this country.

Wishes on Raksha Bandhan:

  • We disagree. We fight. We argue. But my love for you is eternal. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dear Sister.
  • You are my best friend who has always been there for me. I know, If I ever Need you You will be always there for me. I promise you that I will be always available for you no matter what. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
  • A very happy Raksha Bandhan Sister, You have always been my best friend.
  • Happy Raksha Bandhan to my Sister, I don’t know what I would do without you.
  • Bachpan ki wo bheeni smritiyan Lekar aaya Rakhi ka tyohaar Baat-baat par wo roothna mera Sneh tumhara jyun babul ka pyaar Mubarak ho Bhaiya tumhein Raksha Bandhan ka ye tyohaar!
  • No matter the distances between us, my Rakhi will always reach on time, to be tied on the wrist of my loving brother with the heartwarming wishes of joy and happiness to illuminate your life.
  • You are much more than my sister. You are my best friend and guardian. Happy Rakhi and enjoy the day!
  • I feel so blessed to have sister like you and you like an Angel are always there when I need you. happy raksha Bandhan to my dear Sister.
  • Nobody in this world understands me as you do. You are my closest friend and and who I can trust completely without a single doubt. Happy Rakhi, dear sister! Dear sister, whenever you would need support or advice, I will always be there by your side.

Th Wishes always comes from our heart and it can be explained in quotes. It is blessed to have sister. Sister is someone who is after your mother and sometimes they also act as grandmother. Well, Hope this was helpful to you and you got the complete information about the Raksha bandhan festivals and dates.

FAQs For Raksha Bandhan

It is celebrated as per the Hindu Celender, This year it will be celebrated on 21 August 2021 (Sunday)

As per the culture, It should be tie in the right hand

As per the Maharastra Culture, It can be removed on the 15th day or it is completely up to one to remove when want or need.

There is a particular Muhurat to tie rakhi as per the Hindu Culture. But, If you are late somehow, You can tie any time in day.

It is celebrated in almost every part of India but it is commonly famous in North India.

It is celebrated in every part of India. The native tamilians do not celebrate this festival. In Down South, The raksha bandhan is also known with different names.

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