Sport is a competitive activity governed by many rules and regulations. Sports are commonly called activities where the physical ability of the competitor is the sole or primary determinant of the outcome of the game. Top 5 games in the world sports are generally defined as an organized, competitive, and trained physical activity, with commitment and fairness.


Despite being a form of entertainment for the game participants, many games are played in front of the audience. Most professional sports are played under some kind of ‘theater’, a stadium, grounds, golf course, race track, or open road for general public viewing. Often there is a provision of tickets for them.

1. Football (Soccer)

Association football, commonly called just football or soccer, the top 5 games in world football is one of the most popular sports. It is a collective game and is played between two teams of eleven players. Football is a sport in which the ball is played by kicking the ball with the foot and that is why it is called football. It is an outdoor game played between two rival teams.

11–11 players from both teams participating in the game are part of the game. According to international standards, the duration of the game is 90 minutes, which is played in two intervals of 45 minutes each. In this game, both teams try to score as many goals as possible against their opposition. In the end, the team that scores the most goals is declared victorious. This game, there is a goalkeeper for both the teams no player other than the keeper is allowed to touch the ball with his hand. If anyone does so, the referee restricts it.

2. Cricket

Cricket is a bat and ball team which started in southern England. In the early time, this game was found in 1598 and now it is played in more than 100 countries. There are many forms of cricket, with the highest level being Test cricket, with the current major national teams being India, Australia, South Africa, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, New Zealand, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Ireland. It is mainly administered by the International Cricket Council (ICC) based in Dubai, which organizes the game worldwide through the domestic controlled bodies of its member nations. The ICC controls both men’s and women’s cricket played internationally. Although men cannot play women’s cricket, as per rules, women can play in the men’s team. Cricket one of the top 5 games in the world.

3. Tennis

Historians trace the origins of the game of tennis to the 12th century in northern France, where a game was played by hitting the ball with the palm of the hand. At that time the game was called “Jiu di poume” (palm game). The racket came into use in the 16th century and the game came to be called “tennis”, from the Old French word tenz, which can be translated as “grip”, “take”. It was popular in England and France, although the game was played only indoors where the ball could be hit against the wall. Henry VIII of England was a big fan of the sport, which is now known as Real Tennis. Tennis is under the top 5 games in the world.


Tennis game is a ball-played game between 2 teams with a total of 2 players (singles) or 4 players (doubles). The tennis bat is called a tennis racket and the ground tennis court. Players throw tennis balls from the top of the net to the opponent’s court using a woven tennis racket. In the last years of the 19th century in England, tennis was born, which is played in the garden outside the roof and later became popular all over the world. Today this sport is included in the Olympics and is quite popular among crores of people of all major countries of the world. Tennis under the top 5 games in the world.

4. Volleyball

Begins in the United States at the end of the 19th century. It was produced by William G. Morgan, a sports instructor of the Sports Association of Young Coaches (YMCA), (Young Men’s Christian Association). Volleyball is a sport. Its ground length is 18 meters and its width is 9 meters. It is divided into two equal parts in length. Thereafter, the boundary of this field is made by a line of two inches (5 cm) width. There should not be any obstruction around the ground, up to three meters, and up to 7 meters in height.

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An offensive line is drawn at a distance of three meters from it on both sides parallel to the middle line. A line is drawn along the back of the field, on either side of the sideline, three meters away from the field, towards the back of the field. This is called the service area. Morgan’s aim was to develop a sport that blends elements of other disciplines (basketball, tennis, handball, among others) to create a new discipline that was not so demanding in terms of physical resistance, the beginning of volleyball.

5. Hockey

Field hockey or field hockey, or hockey in general, is a team sport of hockey. The origin of the game is believed to have occurred in Scotland, Netherlands, and England in the medieval period. This game can be played on grassland or artificial grassland. Each team consists of players with a goalkeeper. Players use a stick or stick made of wood or fiberglass to hit a rubber ball like around and a hard. The length of the player depends on the individual length of the player. Infield hockey, there is no left-hand maneuver and can be hit from one side of the flick. Its attire includes shin-guards (a cushion below the knee), cleats, skirts or niches, and jerseys. By the 21st century, it started to be played globally.


It was practiced mainly in Western Europe, the Indian subcontinent and Australia. Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan and is generally counted as a national sport of India too although there is no official national game of India. The term “field hockey” became popular primarily in Canada, the United States, Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world where ice hockey is played. Hockey under the top 5 games in the world.

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