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Accounting Courses After 12th

There are many courses available in India that one can pursue to make a career in the field. Here in this article, we will get to know about the Accounting Courses after the 12th in India, the types of Accounting Courses, the Eligibility criteria to apply for admission and complete the admission process to the course etc. To get detailed information about the accounting courses in India must check the article below:

Accounting Courses after 12th

Accountancy and Accounting is the process, mensuration, and communication of Non-Financial and monetary info relating to economic entities like companies and businesses.

The subject of Accounting may be a huge origin that has promoted the choice to take in jobs with efficiency and effectiveness. All the techniques and tools utilized in Accounting are helpful to require strategic body choices that embody value management, structure designing, profit maximization, and structure management.

It conjointly involves several up-to-date cost accounting techniques like responsibility accounting and ABC that facilitate business Organizations in achieving a competitive world framework. It helps in spreading market opportunities and adding product lines that enhance the firm price to the business.

Accounting Courses After 12th

Accounting courses area unit offered in each online yet offline mode. The Accounting courses also are offered at completely different levels, like graduate, postgraduate, and certification yet as degree level presently.

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Types of Accounting courses in India:

Rather than this, there are lots of opportunities to urge Accounting certification from completely different online platforms accessible like Coursera, Udemy, edX, and more.

Certificate Programs
  • Mostly offered by self-training and recognized certification institutes.
  • Major streams opted are Introduction to Accounting, Central Excise, monetary Accounting, Taxation, Income tax, Accounting Techniques, capital market, Management occupation, Public occupation, and more.
  • Major online certification programs are self-reliable.
Diploma & PG Diploma Courses
  • Top PG certification and certification courses in India are –
  • Certification in Accounting courses when after  12th – Diploma in Advanced Accounting, certification in advanced accountancy, certification in monetary Accounting and taxation, certification in Taxation, certification in Accounting and auditing, certification in Customs and central excise, certification in Tally package, etc.
Undergraduate Accounting courses
  • You will do regular Accounting courses when twelfth courses like B.Sc, B.S, B.Com, BBA.
  • Generally, the length of those courses is three to five years.
Postgraduate Accounting courses
  • Postgraduate students who are trying to find specialization in an exceedingly specific branch of this field largely select master’s courses.
  • Many master’s Accounting courses when graduation area unit M.Sc, MBA, M.F.C, MS,, etc
Doctorate Accounting courses
  • Many universities supply Doctor of Philosophy courses to candidates who are trying to find teaching and analysis opportunities in this field.
  • You will do ph.d in occupation, finance, accounts, etc.
  • The Duration of those courses has huge diversity; it principally ranges from three to five years at the graduate level, two years at the postgraduate level, one year just in case of certification and certificate programs are typical of a couple of hours and at the most, they will take up to 1 year.
  • Many online platforms like Coursera, udemy, and EDX conjointly supply accounting management courses with zero fees. These programs are free and you’ll access them simply anyplace.
  • You will do specialization in accounting management in areas like Accounting, Advanced Auditing/Accounting, monetary Accounting, Accounting info Systems, Management, and Tax designing, rhetorical Accounting, financial plan analysis and interpretation, analysis and management, profit designing, and budgeting, quality management and a lot of.

After finishing your graduation, you’ll get jobs like securities analyst/Senior monetary Analyst, Finance & Accounts Manager, Budget Analyst, Treasury & Payroll Manager, workers bourgeois, Accounting Manager, VP – monetary designing & Analysis, Manager/Director – Knowledge Analytics, Manager/Director – Strategic designing, CFO, and more.

Some of the highest skills demanded by employers in Accounting Courses in India currently are Introduction to Management Accounting, monetary Accounting, accountancy, Management accounting, monetary fund management, and more.

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Required Eligibility Criteria:

There are also some required criteria to pursue any type of Accounting course after the 12th. A candidate must match with following mentioned criteria:

  • One must have passed class 12th from any recognized board.
  • If one has done 12th with Commerce can be very beneficial.
  • There are no age criteria to pursue the course. Any age candidate can apply for admission. But, make sure that your age is as per the Indian Education Standard.
  • Some institute also has criteria for marks for admission. One must have passed class 12th with a minimum of 55% marks.

Well, accounting can be tough if you have done your 12th with science or Arts side. Most commerce students pursue this course. Admission to the course offered by the institute on the basis of the entrance which is conducted at the national level as well as on the State Level. Some institutes also conduct the Entrance on their own. Whichever course or college you select, gain more information about that particular.

List of Accounting Courses after 12th:

There are many courses that are available after passing class 12th. Here is the list of the following courses that one can pursue to make a career in the field of Accounting after passing class 12th:

Certified Tax certification Program:

  • CTP – Certified income Tax Professional
  • CTC – Certified Income Tax Consultant
  • CTA – Certified income Tax Advisor

Professional Accounting Courses after 12th:

  • Certified Company Accountant (CCA)
  • Certified Professional Tax Preparer (CPTP)
  • Accounts Training Institute in Chennai

Technician Certificates:

  • Certificate in Income Tax Technician (CIT)
  • Certificate in Gst Technician (CVT)
  • Certificate in Excise Technician (CET)
  • Certificate in Accounts Technician (CAT)
  • Certificate in e-Accountant (CeA)
  • Certificate in Tax Practitioner (CTP)

Level Certificate:

  • ICA Level 1 Award in Accounting
  • ICA Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping
  • ICA Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting
  • ICA Level 2 Award in Taxation
  • ICA Level 2 Award in Accounting Skills

All these courses have their criteria for admission as well as educational qualification requirement etc. Whichever you select, make sure to check the required criteria as well as the admission process of that particular course.

Top Colleges in India for Accounting Courses:

There are many colleges in India that offers accounting courses after the 12th. It is hard to mention the name of colleges for Certificate or Diploma courses. Here is the list of colleges for the Undergraduate Diploma courses as well as the Post Graduation Diploma Courses in Accounting:

Colleges for Diploma Accounting Courses After 12th:

College Name Location
CIMA Mumbai
Symbiosis International University – SIU Pune
Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
Kota Open University (KOU) Kota, Rajasthan
Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University Madhya Pradesh

Colleges for PG Diploma Accounting Courses:

College Name Location
CIMA Mumbai
LaSalle College Montreal Canada
IIS University – ICG Rajasthan
Amity University Noida

The name of the college has been shared just to help the aspirants. We are not promoting any college here. A candidate is free to choose any college as per their interest.

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How to make a Career in Accounting:

As in any business, beginning a career needs discipline and temperament to create sure sacrifices. With this in mind, here are some tips to assist you to start to create a career as an associate degree comptroller once following accounting courses:

Correct Degree Program: though many colleges provide accounting courses, not all courses are created equal. search for opportunities in colleges that are legendary for outstanding educational achievements and sensible relationships and toil.

Scholarships: The last item you would like to try is dropping out of faculty with a student loan debt of $30,000 (about the typical level of school graduates today). something you’ll do to hide these prices is useful, and scholarships are one of the simplest tools in your contraption pocket.

Develop Skills: Too several money firms are being competitive during this business, you would like to develop skills like innovation, communication, initiative, resilience, leadership, and even sympathy. These skills won’t solely cause you to a much better comptroller, however, they’ll additionally cause you to be an additional engaging candidate for applications and interviews for extremely competitive graduate jobs.

Internships: This expertise can form your skills and provides you with a much better understanding of what variety of accounting you would like to interact in once graduation.

Choose a Path: supported your college time and billet opportunities, you’ll prefer your course or major within the final year of study. this could embody any range of choices additionally to the 2 main areas. Major: National Accounting and Accounting.

Interview With Best Companies: The last step is to use for employment, interview the corporate, and expect the correct chance. many colleges hold conferences with accountants as job fairs for graduates. Your college has one in every one of them, please take care to go to them.

Salary After Accounting Courses after 12th:

Job Profile Salary
Accountant Rs 3.00 lakh per annum
Senior Accountant Rs 8.00 lakh per annum
Revenue Agent Rs 6.00 lakh per annum
Chief Revenue Officer Rs 27.00 lakh per annum
Finance Manager Rs 9.00 lakh per annum
Financial Analyst Rs 4.12 lakh per annum
Tax Policy Analyst Rs 3.50 lakh per annum
Tax Consultant Specialist Rs 5.17 lakh per annum
Tax Specialist Rs 6.87 lakh per annum
Personal Finance Consultant Rs 6.27 lakh per annum

A career can be better in Accounting Courses after 12th in India. One just has to the right college and gain the right theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the field. After the completion of the course, it would not be that tough to get a job in the related field.

FAQs For Accounting Courses After 12th

Is Accounting a Good Career?

One can make a better career in the field if one chooses the right college for education and gains the right information about the field.

What is the most important role of accounting?

The most important role of Accounting is to initiate an analysis of relevant costs to check the formed expenses and to provide suggestions to improve the activities.

What is taught in Accounting?

Accounting includes the presentation of information in the finance field that is used for internal purposes in the management to make key business decisions.

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