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There is a huge number of Institutes for almost every exam preparation in India. It has become very hard for one to select the best coaching for the preparation. Here in this article, I will share with you the details regarding the SSB Interview,how to prepare for this Interview and best SSB Coaching in India etc. This article will help you out in the selection of the best coaching and I have also mentioned some tips and tricks to prepare for this Interview at home.

The SSB Interview is something that needs proper preparation and this is also one and the only way to become an officer in the Indian Armed forces. One will need to prepare very well. To prepare for this, One will need to join the Best SSB Coaching in India. There are many other ways as well to prepare for this without joining the coaching academy. Here we will see the details of it as well. Just check the complete article below, You will get all the information related to this.

What is SSB Interview ?

SSB (service selection board) is one of the toughest interviews and clearing this interview is not an easy task. SSB interview is the selection process of various defence jobs and it is equally important to written exams. This interview continues for 5 to 6 days where the personality, mental ability, social behaviour, psychology, and thinking ability of the candidates are tested. SSB interview is a total game of personality and character and it can not be built in a day, it takes a lot of time to change and shape the personality and behaviour of a candidate. Self-development is more important because it is the key to clear SSB. Here are some points which you can do for self-development:

  • Reading books, novels can be more effective because it slowly changes your mind in the right direction and brings professionalism.
  • Staying healthy is very important because when you focus on your body you gain confidence and that is what requires to clear SSB. A good physique can be your plus point.
  • You can also do part-time work to complement your preparation because you deal with a lot of things and you learn new skills that make passive income.
  • Follow the right guidance, make your role model and try to follow in their footsteps.
  • The right mindset is the key, live on your principles and change your mentality and thinking more like an officer. Think and live like an officer.
  • Do what you never did to bring confidence.
  • Study general knowledge and happenings of the world.

Best SSB Coaching in India

How to Prepare for Service Selection Board Interview:

Best SSB Coaching in India: Everybody has their own way to prepare for the Interview. But as per some experts, there are some common points that one must always focus on to prepare the better and most effective way to clear this Interview. You may not have any idea that the shortlisting of the candidates in the SSB Interview is usually done on the basis of the officers like quality and their overall knowledge about the subjects and the world etc. Here are some common points that one must follow to prepare much better for the SSB (Service Selection Board Interview):

  • Focus more on current affairs.
  • Building confidence and your own character is the key.
  • Learn to think and behave like an officer.
  • Deep knowledge of history, geography, political science, general knowledge and armed forces of India is required.
  • You need to know everything about your native place.
  • Learn to manage your time efficiently.
  • Bring confidence and work on your personality development.
  • Keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

Now let’s see the details about the best coaching for the preparation of the SSB Interview in India and how to select the best coaching for the preparation of the Interview etc.

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Best SSB Interview Coaching in India:

Best SSB Coaching in India: It is for me as well to mention the name of anyone coaching as best. One should always select the coaching which has good selection records and has proper training faculty etc. It may be difficult for any teacher to teach you or prepare you for this interview. One should always select the coaching which has offices for the training or Ex- SSB Interviewers etc. It will be easy for them to prepare one for the Interview. Here is the list of some best SSB Coachings in India that has given a better selection in the past few years and are known for the preparation of this:

  1. Study campus (Mumbai, Nagpur, Bareilly, Thane, Gorakhpur)
  2. Baalnoia academy (Delhi, Jaipur, Dehradun)
  3. The cavalier
  4. S S Mentors (Gurgaon)
  5. The Lakshya Academy (Delhi)
  6. Olive greens institute (Chandigarh)
  7. Doon defence academy (Dehradun)
  8. Niks academy (Indore)
  9. Khandekar’s eagle academy (Pune)
  10. Anupam defence academy (Lucknow)
  11. SSB universal counselling (Meerut)
  12. General Ranjit Academy (Gurgaon)
  13. col. Deol’s Minerva academy (Mohali) 
  14. Cadets Point Defence Academy (Allahabad/Prayagraj)

These are the some Best SSB Coaching in India but We the Thinks Knowledge here does not promote any coaching Institute here. All the names have been shared just to give you the knowledge to select the best one for the preparation. This article has been shared just for information purposes.

How to Prepare for SSB at Home:

SSB interview is 80% mental efforts and 20% physical efforts. One should always select the best study materials for preparation. Your study materials would be teh only and major source of preparation when you are preparing at home. It is the process of 5 days where they look for the officer qualities, your attitude towards life and goal, and many more. The duration of the interview is long as compared to other government jobs interviews. The process of the interview is as follows:-

Day 1 On first-day OIR (officers intelligence rating) and PPDT (picture perception and description test) tests are being conducted. In OIR you will be given 50 questions based on quantittaive aptitude and in PPDT, you will be shown a picture and you will have to make a story on that.

On day 2, you will be called for psychological testing. You will have to qualify given tests:

  • TAT (thematic appreciation test) You will be shown 11 hazy pictures and you will have to write a story on that and the 12th picture will be blank where you will be asked to write on your description.
  • WAT (word association test) You will be shown 60 words and you have to associatee these words with some positive events.
  • SRT (situation reaction test) You will be given 60 questions and you have to write 3-4 sentences on each.

Day 3 and 4:  On the 3rd and 4th days, a group testing officer (GTO) will be carried out. You will be given the following tasks:

  1. Group discussion (GD)
  2. Group planning exercise (GPE)
  3. Progressive group task (PGT)
  4. Group obstacle race
  5. Half group task (HGT)
  6. Lecturette
  7. Individual obstacle
  8. Command task
  9. Final group task (FGT)

Day 5: On the final day, you will be called for conference for verification of the panel and then the final list will be prepared and results will be announced. On any day between 2 to 4th day, personal interview will be held.

Best Books for the SSB Interview Preparation:

Best SSB Coaching in India: There are many books for the preparation of this Interview. Here are some books that are suggested by the experts and one can get complete knowledge about the interview through these books. I should always do proper cross-check only then select the book for preparation:

  • The complete guide by Dr N.K. Natarajan.
  • Let’s crack SSB by SSBCrack.
  • SSB OIL and PPDT: Complete guide st age 1 SSB interview (English)
  • Breaking the code of SSB psychological test: SSB interview by SSBCrack.
  • Get success in SSB interviews by Arihant experts.

FAQs For Best SSB Coaching in India

Which is the best SSB Interview Coaching in Delhi?

There are many on the list, But the HS Balnoi Academy in Delhi is one of the finest academies in Delhi for the SSB Interview preparation.

Can I prepare for SSB Interview at Home?

It is not impossible to prepare at home. One must have complete knowledge about its process when preparing at home and choose the best study materials for the preparation.

Are there any subjective questions in the SSB Interview?

There may be or maybe not. It completely depends on the examiners or the interviewer’s mood. He/she is free to ask any question. You have to prepare for everything.

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