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After the completing their 12th board examination with physics, chemistry and mathematics, so many students thinks about the best Career after 12th PCM 2021. Obviously, not everyone would want to have a single career. Some student takes up those subjects due to pressure or lack of self judgment.  Some of the student pursues an engineering degree in hopes of getting a good job. But in the current scenario there are various career opportunities for boys and girls after 12th PCM.

Career After 12th PCM

A good word that is ‘sky has no limits’ there are lot of other options available which would be perfect for you choose it. By obtaining an engineering degree you are equally satisfied and well paid for these alternative jobs.

1. AVIATION 2021

While the areas mentioned earlier were mostly related to research or desk jobs, aviation will take you on a sky-high ride. A perfect blend of science, technology and travel, Career after 12th PCM 2021 in aviation can top your list if you’re looking for a career in Aviation. As a commercial pilot, you will need to command flight control, and ensure that passengers and cargo are transported around the world safely. Nevertheless, the field of aviation is not limited to becoming a pilot only.

Career Opportunities in Aviation

As a commercial pilot, you can work with major international or regional airlines, fly cargo planes to transport cargo / cargo, work as a corporate pilot to fly corporate jets, And may also operate medical or air emergency aircraft. As an aircraft maintenance engineer, you can find opportunities with leading international and domestic airlines, airport authorities and aircraft manufacturing firms.


Ethical hacking, by its very name, sounds like an exciting and off-beat career, and it really is. A career with a new-age nature, ethical hacking is fast becoming a popular career option for students due to advances in technology. Ethical hackers, unlike their malicious counterparts, attempt to disrupt the security of computer systems, finding faults in the security of the system. They expose any weaknesses in the company’s network security to prevent leakage of sensitive information. This is not just a career for computer geeks and if you possess the right logical thinking and technical skills, you can think of ethical hacking as a full-time career option.

Career Opportunities In Ethical Hacking

As organizations become increasingly concerned about their network security, they are hiring ethical hackers to protect themselves from cyber attacks.


Product design as a design area involves designing or creating products that will be used by consumers. Thus, when designing anything, a product designer needs to ensure that the product being designed is easy and safe to use.

It is not necessary that a product designer always design new products. He can pick up an existing product and change its design in such a way that its functionality improves and it is affordable as well as attractive to the target audience.

Career Opportunities In Product Design

After completing a UG level course in Product Design, aspirants can either pursue higher education or they can choose to do the job. After completing such a course, the most common job profile that connects to aspirants is to become a product designer.

The tasks assigned to the product designer begin with meeting the client and receiving the client brief. After receiving the brief, the product designer conducts user research and benchmarking. After completing these steps a product designer comes up with a design proposal.

In addition, the product designer uses computer aided design software to produce a detailed blueprint of the product. Next, they make working models / mocks / samples of the product known as prototypes.


Would you like Career after 12th PCM science  2021 that takes you around the world? Do you want a job where you will live in the sea for months? This is exactly what a career in the Merchant Navy gives you. Unlike the Indian Navy, which protects the nation at sea, the Merchant Navy serves to facilitate international trade by transporting cargo, cargo and commercial goods around the world. If you are sufficiently capable to stay on board a ship for long periods of time with family, it can be a highly rewarding career for you both professionally and financially.

Career Opportunities In The Merchant Navy

You can work in various departments of a merchant ship, including the Engine Department, Deck Department, Architecture Department and Catering Department. Job specifications and educational requirements vary for each department.


Many of us find investigative crime shows and movies attractive, yet have you ever thought that this could be your full-time career option? Forensic science, a relatively new field in India. This course is rapidly carving out a niche for itself. In this forensic science leading to an increase in crime, and a scientific, methodological approach is needed to solve cases.

Forensic scientists collect evidence scientifically. to make their document and analyze it in the laboratory. Forensic science is an applied field of science. in this course uses of knowledge from various fields of science, including chemistry, physics, anthropology, biology, and even computer science. To make a career after 12th PCM science for girls and boys in this field. The course content demands you need to be detail oriented and have good observation and investigative skills.

Career Opportunities In Forensic Science

The scope of the study in forensic science is wide. You can get jobs in various governments and private sectors. Study will improve your skills and knowledge. After completing your degree, you can open your own forensic practice and forensic services office. You can also work in forensic laboratories, detective offices, banks and other government offices and private agencies.

There are endless opportunities in this area because unlimited crimes are happening in the world.  Job opportunities in forensic science field are endless. You can find a job everywhere in India or abroad.

Forensic Science has many applications, and you can work as Forensic Scientist, Forensic Toxicologist, Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Anthropologist, Forensic Ballistics Expert, Polygraph Examiner, Digital Forensic Expert etc.


The Bachelor of Fashion Technology program is widely recognized and is considered one of the best in degree fashion and design courses, with a weight of certificate.

In this course Career after 12th PCM boys and girls in fashion designing is right for those students who are creative and talented. You should also have the ability to be original and creative and love to make people look good. In addition, you have to be creative enough to combine colors, shades and textures and express your ideas through sketches. You should imagine new designs, patents, textiles and accessories and enjoy working with clothes and accessories.

It is a 4 years long residential program. In the fashion technology takes period of 4 years that is total 8 semesters in this course. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, importance is knowledge of practical, internship program, field trips, projects etc.

Career Opportunities In Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is a place where you can succeed if you have the right set of skills and creativity. In case of graduates, there are sufficient job opportunities. Textile mills, apparel production firms, apparel and accessories manufacturing companies, etc. are the major recruits. Starting salary is Rs 15 to 25 k per month. This figure depends a lot on the profile of the employer. After graduation, one may take on the following job posts.

  • Designer
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Marketer
  • Fashion event organizer
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Consultant


The animation sector in India is growing at a fast pace, due to the increase in demand for VFX, post-production and CGI. While the Indian television and film industry has a long history of outsourcing such technologies to professionals from abroad, the need for door-to-door content is being felt. The demand for talented and competent professionals in the field of animation and graphics has resulted in an increase in popularity for this career.

Professionals in this field are knowledgeable about 3D animation, digital film-making, animation, VFX, multimedia production, graphic design, etc. If you have strong creative skills, aesthetic sense, ability to work then you can also make a thrilling career in this field.

Career Options in Animation and Multimedia

There is a vast range of opportunities available, including, Graphic Design, Story boarding, Game Design, Digital Art, Texturing, Web Design, 3D Modeling, Flash Design,  Cartoon Design, Composition & Story Writing, VFX,  and Character Animation etc.

  • TV Channels/Production Houses
  • IT Software firms
  • Creative/Design Firms
  • Gaming Industry
  • Media, Advertising


The spirit of patriotism, the passion to serve the country and the campaign to overcome challenges all point towards a single career, defense. Considered one of the most prestigious and awe-inspiring careers, defense is the backbone of the country’s security against external threats. Defense personnel are responsible for peacekeeping operations and supporting humanitarian operations. There are three primary branches of defense of any country, namely, army, navy and air force. You can choose for make your Career after 12th PCM science serve in any of the three and will have to undergo different admissions and training procedures depending on your choice.

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Career Opportunities in Defense

Your career opportunities vary, depending on the particular defense force you have entered. The Indian Army offers an opportunity to work in various fields, such as Air Defense, Combat Unit, Engineering and IT Unit, Army Service Corp, Education, etc. The Navy allows one to work in executive, engineering, medical, electrical and academic branches. Opportunities in the Air Force include working in a flying branch, technical branch or ground duty branch.


Those who students want to work at computers, programming languages ​​and coding. Such students can find the field of computer applications as a boon. Professionals in this field have a thorough knowledge of computer hardware, operating systems, programming languages ​​and software concepts. To make a successful career in this field, you need to keep good command on programming languages, keep up to date with the latest developments in the field and possess strong logical abilities.

Career Opportunities in Computer Applications

Providing education in this field gives you the knowledge to work in both Indian and global organizations as Software Developer, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Technical Writer, System Analyst, Web Designer, App Developer, etc. And will equip you with skills.


Architectural wonders such as the Burj Khalifa, the Louvre, the Petronas Towers and other buildings of the modern world simply do not come out of thin air. These projects are intensive on planning, designing and architects. They work closely with their customers to customize the design according to specifications and are involved in the construction and restoration of buildings, such as residential premises, malls, commercial spaces, restaurants, and more. A career in architecture requires keen observation skills, beauty.

Career opportunities in Architecture

Students can choose their career after 12th PCM  to specialize in several sub-fields, such as Urban Planning, Urban Design, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Conservation, Interior Design, Industrial Design, etc.


B.Sc Marine Science is a field related to marine studies and offers exciting, thrilling as well as financially well rewarding careers. The 3 year Nautical Science B.Sc is a graduate level course which is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping. That comes under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.

The course is a study of the basic educational and practical tools required to safely navigate and operate a seaplane. The course is navigation and seamanship basic science of the application of shipboard equipment and tools.

Candidates should have make their career after 12th PCM with (science stream) Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the main subjects. A minimum score criterion also exists. Minimum marks required are – P, C and M 50% marks in each subject. The age of the candidate should be between 17 to 25 years, at the time when the course starts.

Career opportunities in Marine Science

The B.Sc is a 3-year long course in nautical science divided into 6 semesters, each lasting 6 months. After completion of the course, the candidate should undergo 1 year long maritime service. After maritime service and after clearing the subsequent oral examination, the candidate can obtain the certificate of going abroad to another partner. This certificate will be able to hold the rank of Navigation Officer on merchant navy ships.


B.Sc Aviation career after 12th  PCM deals with the field of aviation science. In simple terms, aviation science is concerned with the study, design and operation of flight capable machines (aircraft, helicopters, gliders etc.).

Aviation science is concerned with the design, development, manufacturing, maintenance and operation of a flight capable machine. Aviation science scholars are trained good knowledge in mentioned areas.

The SC Aviation curriculum covers diverse subjects such as aircraft design, production and operations, it provides graduates with diverse employment opportunities. Most of the students feel that B.Sc. The Aviation Course is designed for commercial pilot training candidates. BSC Aviation candidates play to various roles such as mechanic (aircraft design, construction and maintenance), pilot, flight attendant, air traffic controller, cargo manager and airport ground operations manager.

Students who have passed 10+2 Science and make their career after 12th PCM from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects are eligible to pursue this course.

Career opportunities in Aviation

B.Sc. Aviation graduates have different career paths and opportunities available in front of them. Prominent job roles available in front of them (within the aviation industry) are:

  • Flight attendant
  • Cargo manager
  • Pilot (must possess CPL)
  • Airport ground duty manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft maintenance professional


Dieticians are consultants who examine and evaluate the dietary habits of individuals, and guide them to eat a balanced diet according to various principles of diet and nutrition. They deal with nutrition science and apply that knowledge to health care and rehabilitation.It is a 3-year course, focusing on a wide range of subjects, such as human physiology, nutrition basics, food biotechnology, health, weight loss strategy, human physiology, and more. The degree not only focuses on general health, but also confers. Expertise in areas such as public health, maternity and child nutrition, you will be exposed to techniques of food preservation, food and quality analysis, bakery fundamentals etc. By the end of the course, you will be trained to plan diet charts and work on weight loss plans personally.


Becoming Dietician after 12th

You can make career after 12th PCM in a science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) is highly recommended, as it opens up a wide range of courses and career opportunities. Furthermore, taking biology as a subject will help you build a base through focusing on human physiology.

Career opportunities in Nutrition and Dietetics

Pediatric Dieticians: They work with children of all age groups such as infants and adolescents and advise them on nutrition.

Health & Sports Dieticians: They work with various sports clubs, sports hostels, and athletic teams.

Clinical Dieticians: They work with patients in health care settings, such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, etc., and help them in maintaining their nutritional intake.

R & D: Dieticians can also work in the field of research to ensure the quality and nutritional values of food items.


Food technology relates to a mixture of physical, chemical or microbiological techniques. Their  processes the conversion of raw materials into food and other forms in the food processing industry. this is best option for career after 12th  PCM for both boys and girls students.

Food processing refers to the conversion of raw ingredients into food components or other food forms in food. The BE / BE Take in Food Technology is a 4-year program. Food technology is concerned with various chemical processes that pass through to make food products consumable and ready for market.

Scope B.Tech in Food Technology

  • B.Tech in Food Technology is a 4-year course
  • This is an engineering program that students in technical good concepts of crop processing technology, food analysis and regulations, plant and animal technology and food process engineering.
  • Food Technology is industry based course that trains students to handle roles in food manufacturing, food processing, research laboratories, and similar industries.

Scope B.Sc in Food Technology

  • B.Sc in Food Technology and science total duration is a 3-year course.
  • It teaches students about the basic sciences involved in biochemistry, biotechnology and, food processing / packing / manufacturing.
  • Some colleges are offered to choose a route elective that allows them to design their curriculum according to their career objective.
  • For example, students studying B.Sc food technology can choose according to corporate jobs or an alternative route to pursue higher studies.

Career opportunities in Food Technology

Food technology has a lot of scope available. The main scopes are given below:

  1. Become an organic chemist, the food technologist advises on the means by which raw materials are to be converted into processed food.
  2. Work as biochemists, they suggest improvements in taste, texture, storage, and quality.
  3. A home economists, they become experts in diet and nutrition and they test food and dishes according to the instructions of the containers.
  4. As engineers, they are required to plan, design, improve and maintain processing systems.
  5. Research scientists, they conduct experiments on improving the yield, taste, nutritional value, and general acceptance of packaged food.
  6. As managers and accountants, they manage administration and finance in addition to supervising processing work.


Although we did not want to mention anything related to engineering, we cannot leave it out. Aeronautical engineering is somewhat different from traditional engineering streams such as computer science, mechanical, electrical etc.

It is the perfect blend of science and technology. Due to less competition, many new job avenues are opening up for students. The course teaches students how to develop new technologies in the field of aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, etc.

Career opportunities in Aeronautical Engineering

You can specialize in construction, designing, navigational guidance, development etc. There are plenty of job opportunities in private as well as public sector. New airlines arrive every day, and satellite technology is improving to make it more sustainable, so it is a good career after 12th  PCM group  option.

FAQs For Career After 12th PCM

What should do after 12th PCM?

You can do after 12th pcm (Science) join Defense sector, Government jobs, B.Sc, Aviation, Architecture, Computer Application, and IT sector etc.

Can I do B.Sc After 12th PCM?

Yes, you can take admission but you fulfill following criteria class 12th with PCM, PCB or PCMB etc.

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