After 12th, students take admission to Bachelor’s degree and this is the turning point of their career. At this time, there is a situation lot of confusion among students about courses. In the current economic era, Students wish that as soon as the course is completed, they can get an attractive salary job or ensure employment. A career in fashion design course after 12th is one of the better options, which fulfills a good salary job. Along with that many doors are opened for the career. After completion of the degree, you can open your outlet and earn lakhs of rupees per month. This course mostly preferred by girls as a career.

Fashion design Course

Fashion is a field that attracts a large number of young people. There is big glamour here for the youngster. There are opportunities to make fantasies come true. In such a situation, the spirit of conquering the world is within you and you are a creative thinker, then you can do better in this field. This profession is very close to life.


Experts say that if you want to make a career in fashion designing, then you have to enhance your creativity and artistic approach. Along with this, you also have to understand the trend of fashion. To do better in this field, you have to pay attention to color and color combination along with your creativity while understanding style, fabric texture. For the course of fashion designing, the candidate makes their Career in fashion design course after 12th from a recognized board. There are many institutes in the country, which offer graduate, diploma courses in fashion designing.

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Everyone keeps an eye on the best quality of clothing as well as its design and style. Fashion designing involves walking with the present because the relationship of fashion is the real world. Belongs to us It is not only a great career in fashion design course after the 12th option, but it is also associated with every single person. By adopting fashion designing as a career, you can prove your creativity right. Apart from this, you can specialize in manufacturing, fashion coordinators, and marketing.


Admission information in this course is as follows:

  1. Candidates with class 12 pass from a recognized board are entitled to take a fashion designing course.
  2. To take admission in fashion designing course, 10 + 2 should have 50% marks.
  3. In premier institutes, admission is through written examination, status test, group discussion, and interview.
  4. Students who have passed intermediate with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are eligible for an undergraduate course in Fashion Designing. No special minimum percentage required
  5. Candidates who have passed the General Certificate Examination at Advanced (A) level are also eligible for this.


Fashion design is one of the most lucrative careers and glamorous in the modern world. There are many opportunities in the fashion industry that are constantly changing. The introduction of the international fashion market in India has given an impetus to the fashion industry, which has become a rapidly emerging industry, and the demand for a Career in fashion design course after 12th in fashion design is greater than before.

After a fashion designing course, you can make a career in various fields like:

  • Fashion Designing students can develop new styles and products for clothing apparel and accessories to create original designs or fashion to suit local conditions, trends, and buyers.
  • Fashion Designing students can also do clothing designing.

The most important thing is that these days more interest in fashion has increased among the youth. New design clothes are being liked by the young generation people. Modern people also like customers in modern times. Due to all these reasons, there is an increasing number of expert people in the fashion industry.

ASSOCHAM Report On Fashion Industry

The current market for designer clothes in India is about 162900 crores. Big businessmen like Ambani Birla and Tata, Mittal have also come in this sector. On the other hand, e-shopping companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, have entered the fashion industry. The reason for this growth in the fashion market is the attraction of people towards fashion.

Fashion shows have also become very popular these days. In addition to the fashion designer discussed at this Fashion Show, new fashion designers also get the opportunity to present their designed dress and make a career in fashion design course after 12th.

In today’s time, fashion shows have also started happening. The popularity of fashion shows is increasing day by day, with fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Satya Paul, Ritu Kumar, Ritu Berry, Sabyasachi, or Tarun Tahiliani, besides presenting their designed costumes to newly emerging designers and creat Career in fashion design course after 12th. Get a chance of Fashion designers to create new trends in fashion through their innovative garments. Apart from this, designer clothes are also in great demand for marriage.


As I have also told you above that to make a career in fashion design course after 12th in fashion designing, you have to have more interest than education, yet to learn any skill you need to learn it properly. After doing these courses, you can make a career in the field of fashion designing, even after tenth, twelfth, and graduation.

  • Diploma in Fashion Design (D.Fd)
  • Bachelor of Design (B.Design)
  • Bachelor and Owners – Fashion Design (B.Hons Design)
  • Master of Fashion Design (MFD)
  • Master of Fashion Technology (MFT)

There are many courses which you can do and make your career in fashion designing.


After doing a fashion designing course, all the students go to different fields like textile designing, aesthetics, etc., and the salary in all the areas is according to their merit, at the fresher level in fashion designing course, at least the salary will be 20,000 to 30,000. And if you have the experience, then the salary in this area can be 50,000 or more.

There is a lot of scope in the future

Fashion experts believe that the reach of the fit dress has reached the common people, surpassing the elite class. The Indian textile industry is expected to grow from $ 108 billion to $ 223 billion by 2021. With a growth of almost 100%, this field of fashion, design, and cloth is going to bring immense job prospects. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of every institute to create designers according to the industry, who are not only familiar with the technology of fashion designing but also play an important role in making the premium fashion show successful on a large scale.

Great career

A brilliant career is hidden in the fashion industry. Students who do this get to work in the future as lead designers, technical designers, textile design and engineering, fashion marketing, brand management, style, and photography. A good fashion designer is at the heart of the industry so that they build their Career in fashion design course after 12th. He plays a role in three categories of design. He designs men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Even the demand for ready-made clothes in India is not only in the country but also in foreign countries. From ramp to street fashion, there is no limit to the design.

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