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Digitalization Drive In India

Digital India is a mega planning scheme launch by the Government of India. The main objective is to effectively make India digital. India is a great country with thousands, millions of villages are connected with each other from the Internet. There should be a digital infrastructure in the entire country as a public utility service for all Indian people. This digital drive will provide the high speed internet access which will make all government services easy and fast.

The Digital India program was launched by the Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi on July 1st, 2015. This scheme has been formulated to provide all digital facilities in the entire country of India by 2019. The event was attended by many famous personalities of the country such as Narendra Modi, Mukesh Ambani, Wipro chief Azim Premji and Tata company head Cyrus Mistry. All prominent individuals put their views and make a plan for Digital Drive. For the success of this scheme provide an amount of 113000 crore for e-education, e-health, connecting with all village by internet, digital signature and others electronic scheme.

Due to the arrival of Digital India in our country, all the works started very easily and smoothly. Therefore, no work was done without wasting much time. All people started getting other types of information. The Digital India campaign will also help the youth of the country. Nowadays, the youth of the country will get a lot of help from digital India in starting starts ups across the country. This will gives rise to new techniques and simplicity. New jobs will also be generated automatically.

Benefits of Digital India Campaign

Digitalization Drive will make it possible to implement a digital locker system which result in enabling e-sharing through registered, collecting as well as reduce physical documents by which paperwork will be reduced.

Various approaches such as discussion, working and distribution. This is an effective online platform that can involve people in the governance system through

Right information about everything is reaching people with digital drive programs. It is easy to get information about various activities happening in the country through Digital India Program.

Negative aspects of Digital India Campaign

There is nothing to lose from the digital India mission, but in the short-term, the loss of digital India will be to the poor and less educated people because it will take some time to understand to use this technology frequently.

There is a big problem that is poor people who do not have android mobiles avail the BHIM APP. When any major change happens, it is not in a simple task, it will take more time and more practice. In current scenario, the digital India mission is touching the steps of success at a faster pace.

There is a big problem of internet speed in many parts of the country, which is not allowing digital India to grow in those areas. In this way, some place is proving to be a major obstacle for this project.

Today, the country has gained a lot due to the digital India campaign, as the work has gained momentum due to digitization in many government offices, there is a wave of fearlessness in the work. Now a day has come to lock in the theft of the most important government clerk, which is a successful attempt to give a big relief to many poor. The government is introducing all digital facilities and service to the people. In this situation, it is the duty of every Indian to learn to use digital transactions as it is the beginning of a simple, safe and successful life. These digital processes save our time as we use our time any other important work.

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  • Due to digitization of our country every task are scheduled in a smart way.this article is very halp full to understand.

  • The vision of Digital India programme is inclusive growth in areas of electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities. It is centred on three key areas – digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, governance and services on demand, and digital empowerment of citizens.

  • Good article sir. In this digital world, it’s play an important role for development of human life.

  • Use of digital instrument become Hi-Tech lifestyle of people in India. India run fast with the maximum use of digital items.
    Good article sir.

  • Nice article sir, with the help of this article we aware something about digital India programme.

  • Good article but, There is a big problem that is poor people who do not have android mobiles avail the BHIM APP. When any major change happens, it is not in a simple task, it will take more time and more practice. In current scenario, the digital India mission is touching the steps of success at a faster pace.

  • Definatley every coin has a two phase …in the same way digitalisation have both positive as well as neagtive impact…

    In sense of positive it makes our work easily doable and also saves time…

    But if we talk about its negative impact that that its security and people who is not familiar with these technology..saveral fraud cases has to seen due to digitalisation…
    Suggestion– if you know my veiws on this topic is that fully digital is not a good idea makes partial where as both types of person use the way the they like and wher e they feel more convienient….

    Nice article ……….

  • In the present scenario digitalization became basic needs of maximum people’s without this economy also suffer. So I accept it lot of disadvantaged of digital but the movement of any country stop without digitalization mechanism.

  • But we have to aware about our privacy, security because there are many cases of fraud which aware us.

  • There are both some positive and some negative point with it but digitisation makes our life easier.

  • Very nice article sir but I am observe it are you support only private because no any discussion for BSNL

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