Drought Prone Areas in India

Every country faces Drought somewhere, somehow. This is a very sensitive topic and we all should know about this. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the Drought prone areas in India. We will get to know the reasons behind this, what are governments plan for this and how can we overcome this problem. I will try my best to cover the maximum points related to this topic. You will get a piece of detailed information about this. To get detailed information about this, check the complete article below:

What is Drought in India:

Drought is the period of the Un-usual Drying of lands that causes water shortage, crop damage, and many more things that can be affected by the Water.  India is a country that faces a huge number of deaths every year because of this. Agriculture in India is completely dependent on the Weather condition. Due to not good weather conditions in India Especially in the southern part of the country. The Indian People face a Water shortage, Resulting in a below-average yield. The Majority of the Indian population is dependent on farming. Due to the crop Damage and less drinking water, people die hunger and thirsty, etc. There are mainly three types of droughts in India as well as in the world.

  • Meteorological Droughts
  • Hydrological Droughts
  • Agricultural Droughts

what is drought

The reason is very simple. Meteorological droughts are some things that are caused when the actual rainfall in the area is less as per the climatological means of that area. Hydrological droughts are when the depleting surface water causing low stream flowing and drying of lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. The Agricultural Droughts is somethings that we all are familiar with if ever been to any village. The Agricultural Drought is something like Inadequets Soil Moisture that resulting in Causing stress and fall of agriculture productivity or crops.

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Drought Prone Areas in India:

There is a huge number of areas that have been affected by the droughts but it is not possible to mention the name of every area. Here is the list of the major part of India that is considered as Drought prone areas in India:

  • Southern Maharashtra
  • Eastern Maharashtra
  • Northern Karnataka
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Odisha
  • Gujarat
  • Telangana etc

In a very simple word, the droughts have destroyed India on a very large scale. In the year 1770, Bengal has faced droughts, and around one-third population of the country was affected and on average 5 million people have died in that disaster. Similarly, In the year 1876 to 1877 around 4.5 million people has died in Bengal, and in the year 1972, Maharastra has also faced this, and around 2.5 crores people were affected by this. There are many stories related to this but we need to find the solution to this and how to control this to see minimum damage. Now let’s see the drought in Prone’s areas in India and after that, we will see the best procedure to prevent it.

Drought Prone Areas in India

Droughts Years in India:

India has faced droughts several times but Most of the droughts were happed in Ancient Indian times. So, it is difficult to find the exact reason behind every drought that has happened in India. Here is the list of years when India or the Indian States or Districts faced the drought and caused a million deaths. The major Droughts years in India are:

  • 1877
  • 1899
  • 1918
  • 1972
  • 1987
  • 2002 etc

These are the year when the Indin faced the worst drought. Still in India, many areas or districts are facing droughts every year. There is actually not a suitable way to prevent this from happening. But we have an option to take necessary precautions to stop this from happening sooner. Now let’s see how to prevent droughts in India and also the reason behind this.

How to Prevent Droughts in India:

Well, the Indian Government is taking all the possible precautions to prevent this from happening. No one has the power to stand against nature. The Droughts in nay country affects the economy badly and Natural resources of the country. Here are the necessary measures that the Government takes or should take to prevent the Droughts in India:

  • Construction of Dam and Water barrages.
  • Arrangement of Water Tankers in the affected areas of saving maximum lives.
  • Proper Implementation by PDS Supplies.
  • Medical Support in Affected areas like Hydration and other required helps.
  • Crop Insurance to the farmer to save them from crop loss etc

Indian Government has a lot of rules and regulations for droughts but not all the rules are followed strictly. Whenever the tough situation has ever raised in India. India has tackled the situation wisely since 2002. Drought is something that is called a natural disaster. Np Individual has the power to stop this from happening but what we all can do is to take precautions. We should plant maximum trees. India is the country where 28 trees are there for one person while America and Russia have more than 100 trees per person. The Droughts have taken a huge number of lives. We should pray so this should not happen again.

Download PDF – Manual For Drought Management According By Government of India

FAQs For Drought Prone Areas in India

How long has India been in a drought?

India faced Drought for around 30 years. From 1872 to 2002 due to an overall rainfall deficit of 19 percent.

What is drought in India?

Drought is the period of the Un-usual Drying of lands that causes water shortage, crop damage that results in People die hunger and thirst. Drought has damaged India on a very large scale.

What are the main causes of drought in India?

There are four reasons for droughts in India:
1. Failure of monsoon
2. Variability of monsoon rainfall
3. Long break in monsoon
4. The areal difference in the persistence of monsoon.

Which state in India is prone to drought?

Southern Maharashtra, Eastern Maharashtra, Northern Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, and Telangana, etc are the most prove droughts areas in India.

How can we stop drought in India?

There are several options to prevent the damages that are caused by the Droughts in India like by making Water Damm maintain the water supply and by arranging the proper medical facilities in the affected areas for Hydration and other help etc.

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