Fashion Designing Courses in India

There are tons of career options available in India that one chooses and opts for. Here in this article, we will get to know about the Fashion Designing Courses in India. We will see the complete details about Fashion Designing and what it takes to make a career out of it etc. It is easier to make a career in any field if you are passionate about it. Always join a better college and gain a proper education in the field. Here are the details about the Courses related to Fashion Designing.

Fashion Designers could be a study of making distinctive styles in vesture style. Staple Management, Size measuring, tools and vesture warehouse is the chain method on the market in Fashion Designer Study. It’s a dream of a student Who learns a fashion Designer course to require its assortment during a ramp walk and find recognized nationwide or internationally.

Fashion Designing Courses in India:

Fashion Designer courses involve Designers, vesture and constructing garments, if the student is innovative, inventive and has ideas of the latest market trends happening will simply elect the style Designer courses after the 12th. One will simply become a Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Retail Manager, consultant etc with the best remuneration packages job around the world.

Fashion Designing Courses

The courses of Fashion Designer opted after 12th commonplace are essential to be told regarding ideas of fashion from basic to advance. Fashion style is a necessary creative expression that entails the Designer of clothes and different living merchandise. in step with a recent estimate, India’s garment industry is increasing by a staggering seventieth annually. By the top of 2022, it’ll nearly most likely be priced at $50 billion.

List of Fashion Designing Courses in India:

There are basically three types of courses that one opt for in Fashion Designing. After passing class 12th one has the option to opt for the following courses in India:

Fashion Designing UG Courses:

  • Bachelor of Fashion Designing (BFDes)
  • BSc in Fashion Designing
  • BA Hons in Fashion Designing
  • BTech in Apparel Production
  • Bachelor of Textile Designing
  • B.Des in Interior Designing
  • Bachelor of Fashion & Apparel Design
  • BBA in Fashion Designing

Diploma Fashion Designing Courses:

  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Apparel Designing
  • Diploma in Textile Designing

Fashion Designing Certificate Courses:

  • Certificate in Fashion Designing
  • Online Fashion Design Course
  • Course in Fashion Design
  • Footwear CAD Design Online Course
  • Professional Certificate in Fashion Design and Creation
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Fashion as Design
  • Sketching For Fashion Design
  • Footwear CAD Design Online Course
  • Fashion CAD Design Online Course etc.

Best Fashion Designing Courses After 12th:

Course Duration Fee Level
BSc Fashion Design 3 Years Rs 25600 per year Undergraduate
BFA 3- 4 Years Rs 15420 per year Undergraduate
BA Fashion Design 3 Years Rs 12,654 per year Undergraduate
Diploma in Fashion Designing 1 to 3 Years Rs 10,451 Diploma
BDes in Fashion Design 3 to 4 Years Rs 34,784 per year Undergraduate
Btech in Fashion Design 4 Years Rs 42,451 per year Undergraduate


Fashion Designing Certificate Courses After 12th:

Course Duration Fee Level
Certificate in Fashion Design 6 Months to 1 Year Rs 6,451 Certificate
Certificate in Pattern Design 6 Months Rs 7,458 Certificate
Certificate in Fashion & Illustration 6 Months to 1 Year Rs 5,478 Certificate
Certificate in Tailoring 6 Months Rs 6,451 Certificate
Certificate in Garments & Tailoring 6 Months to 1 Year Rs 6,451 Certificate
Certificate in Jewellery Design 6 Months to 1 Year Rs 9,784 Certificate

Required Eligibility Criteria for the Admission:

Aspirants Who have cleared their class 12th from any stream (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) will pursue a Fashion style course at the graduate level. However, the hottest style faculties enable candidates to require half in their admission method on condition that they need to complete their schooling from a recognised board. For Fashion designers at the postgraduate level, aspirants Who have completed a style course at the graduate level are most well-liked for admission.

Required Skills:

Creativity and artistic taste Sensitivity to colours, shades, and tones
Good communication skills Originality and innovativeness
Ability to think in three dimensions to translate visualisation into garments Goal-oriented
Business acumen Interest in sketching
Eye for detail Visual imagination
Persuasiveness Observation
Good understanding of market and customer lifestyle

Admission Process:

Admission to the course is offered to through the Entrance exam conducted at the National level as well as the State Level etc. Here is a list of some famous entrance exams in India that are conducted for admission to Fashion Designing Courses:

NIFT Entrance Exam Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
GD Goenka DAT NID Entrance Exam
IIAD Entrance Exam AIEED

Career after Fashion Designing Courses:

Aspirants Who want to hitch the style business have to be compelled to have in-depth information on assorted materials, weaves, draping qualities, and colours still as dynamical trends. Candidates Who want to pursue a career in Fashion style will undergo the list of job profiles mentioned below:

  • Fashion Designer: In such employment, profile aspirants will either begin their own label or be a part of a firm to style garments for them. As a Fashion Designer, a person must work on styling different kinds of garments like jeans, jackets, women’s wear, children’s wear, men’s wear, evening wear, knitwear, sportswear, and also the like.
  • Fashion Marketer: during this job, profile candidates can work for vesture corporations, boutiques, or outlet chains. As fashion design aspirants have to be compelled to work towards publicising and increasing awareness of a specific whole, designer labels, or department shops. So, essentially if one chooses such a knowledgeable field then they’re expected to set up, direct, or coordinate selling policies and programmes, like crucial the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors and determine potential customers.
  • Fashion Concept Manager: Individuals operating underneath this profile are expected to consider distinctive themes on that a vesture or accent vary ought to be designed by a designer, brand, or fashion firm. Also, individuals during this profile analysis recommend through which the printing operation of the vesture ought to be publicized.
  • Quality Controller: The primary and first task of a high-quality controller is to line quality standards for all the world and everything that’s purchased for a brand-new assortment. excluding this, the standard management (QC) manager additionally problems tips for every department to determine quality in numerous processes besides the assembly of clothes. QC is additionally to blame for checking the standard of the merchandise through the assorted stages of production.
  • Fashion Consultant/Personal Stylist: folks that want to become fashion consultants/personal stylists are principally freelance. However, one will solely create a mark for themselves during this job profile if one needs an extremely smart name within the industry. the standard task of a fashion consultant/personal stylist is to assist individuals to develop a wardrobe that promotes their public image. individuals operating in this profession advise others on the most recent fashion trends, vesture designs, colours to wear/avoid, and the way to try their make-up and hair.
  • Technical Designer: individuals operating as technical designers are to blame for deciding how a garment ought to be sewn and created. Thus, they’re to blame for making a technical package or TP. So, their task starts once a sketch of the garment to be created is given to them. generally speaking, technical designers have to be compelled to place stitching details, points of measure (or POM), wash description, label/hangtag placement, and packaging directions.
  • Fashion Coordinator: they’re to blame for making a unified ‘look and feel across all fashion divisions of a sales outlet, style house, or fashion magazine. A fashion organizer has to perpetually monitor numerous fashion publications and desires to be up-to-date with business trends so he/she will advise the organisation relating to that cloth, pattern, and elegance the firm ought to manufacture.
  • Fashion Show Organisers: someone Who works as a fashion show organizer has to organize numerous fashion events. To achieve success in this profession one ought to have smart connections.

These are the complete details about the Fashion Designing Courses in India that a candidate can opt for after passing class 12th or graduation etc. Hope you got the complete details about this.

FAQs For Fashion Designing Courses

Is there a demand for fashion designers?

The demand for fashion designers is increasing with every passing day. this is often primarily a result of individuals becoming additional and additional fashion-conscious. Fashion-style graduates aren’t solely employed by illustrious fashion designers but additionally by stores.

What qualification does one need to have to be a fashion designer?

To be employed as one has to possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the field of design. Full-time Fashion style courses offered at the college boy level are typical for 3 to 4 years period. The education and coaching needed to be a Fashion Designer are specified aspirants ought to have adequate information on materials, textiles, and fashion trends.

How long will it take to become a fashion designer?

Aspirants who pursue a bachelor’s degree in fashion style will expect to start their careers in 3 to 4 years when they complete their degree. Whereas most fashion style graduates realize adding the style business or connected fields on completion of their course however candidates have to be compelled to note that it should take years for them to become a recognized Fashion Designer.

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