List of Free Data Entry Courses Online

Since th lockdown has happened in India. Most people are now looking for ways to earn money online. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the List of Free Data Entry Courses Online and that one can pursue to gain basic to advance level knowledge about data entry. Most of the courses available online are for self-learning but, there are also some courses that are job-oriented and one can opt for a job in the related field after the completion of the course. Let’s see the complete details about the Data Entry Courses that are available online.

There are many types of courses available. Well, most of the Data Entry Courses Online are paid for while some are also available for free. It is always better to opt for the paid courses where you are looking to career in the field or just want to side hustle to earn from amount this field.

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What is Data Entry:

Data entry refers to the method of coming into knowledge or data into a computer program or info with a keyboard, mouse, scanner, disk, or voice. Data entry jobs involve transferring knowledge from one medium to a different. Usually, it involves writing hard-copy data into a bug designed to arrange the data in an exceedingly means that’s helpful to a business. knowledge entry jobs area unit obtainable as regular, part-time, or freelance positions. In most cases, knowledge entry jobs offer tremendous work-from-home flexibility.

Data Entry Courses Online

There are platforms available online where you can learn about data entry and make some money by working as a freelancer for a company or can start your own business in a related field. Here are some benefits of data entry Courses.

  • Learning new technologies is enhanced by taking a data entry course.
  • The course also assists students in the research and analysing process.
  • In addition, the classes assist with electronic word processing.
  • Assists in the migration of data.
  • Opportunities to learn and work from home

Now, We are going to share with you the List of data Entry Courses Online along with their fees structure and overall time duration etc. Check out the complete details below:

List of Data Entry Courses Online:

There are many online platforms but we are not promoting any of them here. The names have been shared just to help the students and provide them with all the better education possible. There are two leading websites that provide Data Entry Courses Online for Free.

Course Provider
Data Entry Course for Beginners Udemy
Data entry and keyboard Skills Unacademy

They provide a free data entry course. Well, By the time you read this, they may charge something. But Currently, these two websites are offering the Free Data Entry Course Online. Now let’s see the details about the other courses that are available online to learn data entry.


Course Duration Fees
Excel Skills for Business (Data Entry): Essentials 18 hours ?3,584


Course Duration Fees
Learn Data entry & launch a successful home-based business Self-paced INR 665
Data Entry Course for Beginners Self-paced INR 665


Course Duration Fees
Excel for Everyone: Core Foundations Self-paced N/A

These are the best Data Entry Courses that are available online. Candidates who want to learn the data entry, Make sure that he/she is having a laptop or computer. Because this is the course that needs practice and you have to practice on a daily basis along with the course to get better in this field. Now let’s see the details about the skills that are required to have to be successful as a data entry operator.

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Skills Required for Data Entry:

There are no eligibility criteria required to pursue the Data Entry Courses Online. In short, there are no criteria required to pursue an online course. To pursue the data entry, you just need to have knowledge of basic English and a better understanding of the computer and its tools etc. To be successful in the field of data entry operator. One needs to have the following skills:

Organizational abilities Basic software knowledge
Superior typing speed Good concentration
Good customer service skills Diligent and responsible
Ability to meet deadlines Good knowledge of English and grammar
Able to maintain data confidentiality Accuracy
Attention to detail Concentration
Self-motivated Able to work under pressure

Important Data Entry Tools:

Here is a list of some tools that are very commonly used in the field of data entry. A candidate must have an idea about what are the uses of these tools and how to use them in the data entry work. Check the complete list of data entry tools below:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • FormTools
  • Winautomation
  • Zoho Forms
  • Capture 3.0
  • Kamisha Soft
  • MoreApp Forms
  • ElectroNic Studio IDE
  • Team scope etc

Well, Now let’s see the overall syllabus of the Data Entry Course Online which is covered by most of the online classes to teach the students in a right and proper manner.

Data Entry Course Online Syllabus:

The course is offered by various websites. The Syllabus of the course may be different but, overall, One will be studying the following topics in the data entry course.

Basics of Computer Functions in MS Excel
MS word Computer Fundamentals Basics of Word Processing
Operating System Input and Output Devices
Creating Presentation Formatting Documents
Optimization of data Basics of Spreadsheet
Reporting and presentation of data Preparing to deploy
Validation of data Data analysis. Mail Merge

Career After Data Entry Course:

The Online Course is basically designed to give you an overview and basic to moderate level information which is sufficient to work as a freelancer and earn some amount. But, to work for some reputed company, you may have to go for the advanced level course that is specially designed to make a career in this field. Here is the list of some top recruiting companies for data entry operators and pays really well to freshers.

  • United Health Group
  • Addison Group
  • MedExpress
  • Coleman Data
  • ARDEM Incorporated
  • Perfect Data Entry,
  • DataPlus
  • Axion Data
  • SaivionIndia
  • Youth4work
  • Lake Data Center
  • Central Vigilance Commission
  • Comptroller & Auditor
  • General of India
  • CBI
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Central Government Departments etc

Well, you can make a successful career in the field of data entry if you have an interest and really want to work for some reputed companies and earn a handsome amount. Here are some top job profiles from bottom to top.

Top Job Profiles after Data Entry:

Job Profile Average Salary Per Annum
Data Entry Operator INR 192,000
Data Entry Clerk INR 155,994
Data Entry Specialist INR 221838
Back office executive INR 200000
Bank Officer INR 3,81,750
Accounts Clerk INR 1,83,087
HR INR 2,92,400
Office Administrator INR 2,45,036
Administrative Assistant INR 2,51,799
Secretary INR 3,66,993

If you are looking for a career in the field of data entry Make sure to pursue the course from any reputed webs and follow the practical training as much as you can. Start with the Data Entry Course Online and keep on enhancing your knowledge to be better in this field.

FAQs For Data Entry Courses Online

How can I learn data entry for free?

There are many online platforms that offer free data entry courses. You can join those courses to get the basic to moderate level information from there.

Which Course is best for Data Entry Job?

There is no course that is especially best for the data entry job. But, any course that can give you basic to advance level information is best for data entry.

What are some examples of data entry?

Here are some examples of Data Entry Job Duty includes transcribing, updating customer information and entering accounting records.

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