How to Become a Government Lawyer in India

The Law comes under the top ten courses that are pursued by the candidates after passing class 12th. Here in this article, I will share the complete details about how to become a Government Lawyer in India. With this, We will also get to know the details about the LAw Degree and what are the other options for the one who have pursued Law from any reputed as well as Government Recognized University/ College/  Institute etc. Check the paragraphs below to get complete information about this.

Government Lawyer

In order to be qualified to become a Lawyer in India is one must have pursued a Law degree from any College, Institute or University which is recognized by the Bar Council of India. the process of becoming a Government Lawyer in India is a bit difficult. We will discuss the complete process in the below paragraphs.


How to become a Government Lawyer After 12th:

All the candidate who has passed class 12th can apply for admission into Law colleges. There is nothing as an eligibility criteria requirement. Only one need to have passed class 12th from any stream either it’s Science, Arts, Commerce, Humanities or any other.  The Law degree course is offered by many private as well as Government Universities/ Colleges/ Institutes etc.

In order to get admission to Government colleges, one will have to clear the entrance examination. CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is one of the most famous examinations through which one gets admission in Law colleges. All the candidates who would appear for the examination, On the basis of the marks scored in the entrance exam the admission will be granted. A person who scores better in the CLAT Exam becomes eligible for admission to almost every law colleges in India.

Still, there are some colleges that do not recognize the CLAT and conduct their own entrance examination. There are also some private colleges that offer admission on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying examination (class 12th). or on the basis of the Interview or oral examination. But, to get a better and reputed college, it is mandatory to clear the entrance test.

Once you complete your law undergraduate course. You are now eligible to apply for the registration as an Advocate at the District courts in India. For the registration, You will have to clear the exam of the Bar Council of India. Once you are registered, you can practice as Advocate. Now let’s see the complete process to become a Government Lawyer in India.

The process to Become Government Lawyer:

First of all, You must know that there is no direct way to become a government lawyer. There is no exam or interview for Government Lawyer. Government lawyers are selected by the Government itself. The Senior Judges of the court prepare the list of the lawyer who is eligible and send the list to the Government. The ruling Government will shortlist the lawyers to be their public prosecutor. The ruling government has complete power to select the Lawyer for their government.

The panel of eligible candidates are prepared for consultation with the session judges and district magistrate. etc. If the name of the candidates is not on the list. The Selection Committee of the government will not be eligible to select the candidates as Government lawyer at any of the districts.

Eligibility for Government Lawyer:

In order to become Government Lawyer, One needs to have the following eligibility criteria so that Government may shortlist you. Check the bulletins below:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • Have a degree in Law.
  • Must have experience of at least 2 years at the District course and 5 years at the High Court.
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 35 years old and it should not be more than 45 years while applying.
  • There are some relaxation has been given to the candidates regarding age who belong to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled tribes as well as Other backward classes. etc.

Types of Government Lawyer/Public Prosecutor:

There are also some other exams the can make you a Government lawyer in some other department of the government. But in the District Court or High Courts of India. One can become:

  • Government Attorney
  • Legal Counsel
  • Legal Representative
  • In-house Attorney
  • Litigation Attorney

These are all the posts that one can apply for after the completion of the law degree. There is a Judicial examination that one will need to clear for these posts. One needs to have at least 3 years of experience as an Advocate at the District Courts of India or High Court of India. Well, Experience is not required for all.

This is all about the process to become a Government Lawyer in India. There is no direct recruitment. You may talk to the Selection committee to send your name to the government. This is the only way to be a Government Lawyer in India. The Selection Process of a Government Lawyer is the same in every state of India. Let’s see the Employment areas of the Government Lawyers where they can find a job.

Employment Area for Government Lawyer:

The lawyer hired by the Government can be placed at any government organizations. A Government Lawyer can work in the following sector.

  • Public Infrastructure
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Railways
  • Roadways
  • Public Transit
  • Military
  • Public Education
  • Health Care
  • Political Parties
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Judiciary
  • Law Enforcement
  • PSUs
  • Real Estate etc.

Now let’s see the details of What are the other career options available after the completion of the law degree course. Check the below paragraphs to get complete information about this.


Career options After Law Degree:

There are many government exams that one can appear for after the completion of the Law. One can appear for the Judicial Service Examination, RO (Review Officer) or Registrar etc. one of the finest things that you can do is to start practising at the District Court. Private lawyers money more money than Government lawyers.  You just have to work on your skills and knowledge. This is the field where your knowledge is everything. In the Beginning, you can work under the senior lawyer to learn quick, later you may have your own chamber.

Salary of Government Lawyer:

There is no defined salary structure of the Government Lawyer. But, They get paid very well for their job. On average, They get around 55,000/- per month to 70,000/- per month or even more. There are also many more allowances that one gets in the service like Dearness Allowances, Official Travel Allowances, Room Rent (if Rentee), Medical Facilities etc.

FAQs For How to Become a Government Lawyer in India 

What is the eligibility criteria to become a Government Lawyer?

One just need to have a law degree from any bar council of India’s recognized colleges. and also have an experience of 5 to 7 years at the District Court or High Court etc.

Are there any exams to become a Government Lawyer?

No, This is the direct recruitment process, One will be selected on the basis of their performance and the list will be prepared by the Session judges and will lawyers will be shortlisted by the Government.

Is there any age limit to become Government Lawyer?

Yes, The age should not be less than 35 years old and it should not be more than 45 years old. There is some relaxation for the reserved categories.

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