In the present time internet has made everyone’s life very easy. Now we do not have to go out for a lot of things that go one way only through the internet. Current time online works like bill payment, online ticket reservation, Online Shopping, Watching Online Movie, etc. The Internet has become an important part of our life without this a lot of our work not completed on time. In every home uses of Internet influence on kids is make a root base for their life. This is good for given its usage and simplicity it has been made available everywhere so that any work can be done as quickly as possible. But the excess uses of the internet are very harmful to the kids as well as all family members. In school, college, office, bank, education institution, shop, railway station, airport, hotel, mall and so on and it is available in almost everyone’s home, everywhere. Availability of internet is everywhere to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The Internet has come there are lots of changing in the world both positive and negative. It is very beneficial for students, organizations, businessmen and government offices. Through this, students can get related information related to their study just in time. Nowadays many online courses have been started for the student’s study at home. This is very beneficial for the business organization through they can trader and deal with other traders from any place. Through this, many such tasks have become easier which used to take months to complete earlier.


Boys and girls in their teenage use the Internet much more. In my view, this is also necessary but they should avoid its bad effects. Its measures parameter and guidance are also necessary. Children should not become addicted to the Internet.  It is also important to keep in mind that Internet influence on kids becomes negativity in children. They should choose from the vast store of information which helps in their positive development. In today’s time, only parents can give correct information to children.

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A. Filtering and Blocking A Better Way

There are many types of filtering and blocking systems on the Internet. In which you can open only voluntary sites and do not surf unwanted and unused websites. This feature is also available on Microsoft Internet Explorer so that you can visit the site based on the expected subject.

The Internet Content Rating Association has a website rating system. For this, go to ‘Tools’ menu in Internet Explorer and select ‘Internet Options’. Go to ‘Content’ and select ‘Content Advisor’, then click on ‘Enable’ and you can see the list of sites related to the topic you want using the rating option. Apart from this, there are many Internets filtering software that does not allow inappropriate sites to open. Internet service providers also provide filtering facilities. An example of such tools is MSN Premium.

B. Children Surfing Under the Supervision of Elders

Children should not see inappropriate sites, so it is important that the elders of the family take care. Young children should be surfing under the guidelines with parents or any other elder family member. Children should be given accurate information about net surfing.

In the consultation with teachers, a list of the website should be determined which is necessary and useful for children. The time of Internet usage by children in the home should also be fixed. Parents can take appropriate advantage of the net in due time. There are many sources for information about children’s websites and search engines.


Excessive uses of the Internet can make very big health issues. There are some health-related problem mentions below:-

1. Migraine Problem

Maximum using the internet on mobile phones or laptop for hours can become a major cause of migraine. Many Internet influences on kids complain of this problem and are advised to reduce the time spent on their mobile phones or computer screen but it is very difficult to get rid of this addiction. Thus, frequent headache and migraine complaints are common in this modern generation.

2. Effect on EyeSight

One thing is clear that the more you look at the screen to surf the internet or long time work on the laptop screen impact more negative for your eyes. This is especially a problem for common in all people who surf the Internet on their mobiles in bed. In night time maximum people using mobile phones at the bed, this sleeping angle pressure on eyes and problem comes in eyesight.

3. Back Pain

Use of mobile phones and laptop people sitting in a chair for watching movies or playing online games continuously can be a bad addiction. If anyone develops these bad habits then it can be difficult to stop them. Many people sit for hours to enjoy these experiences and this is why their back hurts. All of these causes back pain in the body.

4. Gaining Weight

Now a day, children play with internet on mobile and laptop maximum time. Instead of playing outside with their friends, children prefer to play online games at home or watch videos on the internet all the time. Such is this case same as with adults also. Socially involvement in outdoor activities preferences to spend time on the Internet. Lack of physical activity has led to the problem of weight gain in people. This type of lifestyle has caused obesity problems in many people.

5. Sleeping Disorder

People these days either sleep under the pillow or keep it on the side. People get up even after hearing the sound of a small beep in the mobile and every minute they have a keen desire to check their message. Using mobile at bedtime can stop the natural sleeping process and cause sleeping disorders.

6. Depression

Seeing pictures and posts of other fun can create a sense of inferiority. People are spreading the false image of themselves on the internet these days so that a large number of others can be caught. People who are leading a simple life find themselves feeling inferior and isolated because they often see people who celebrate and have fun all the time. The Internet influence on kids and also make the distance between family members. All this leads to depression.

7. Negative Impact on Personal Relationship

The Internet has reduced the distance of people living in far off countries, but also the people living close by. People have become so engrossed in connecting with their distant friends and relatives and sending messages to them that they have forgotten to pay attention to their children and family members. Social media sites, messenger and dating applications have led to cheating in relationships. This has led to quarrels among the couple which have a negative impact on their children and family.


In this modern age, the Internet has made human life very simple and informative. We should thank to internet and technology because today we are able to connect with the world. The help of the internet enhance the people’s knowledge and current news of every corner of the world is reaching us.

Internet, business, education, medicine, transportation, schools, colleges, traditional programs, and private life are used in every field. We have also made a video on the advantages and disadvantages of the internet which you can see by clicking below.

In the modern era, the Internet is being used for every technology-related work in every region of the world. The Internet has now become a human need. The Internet has provided more facilities in human life, it is gradually becoming a threat to humans. In the present time facility of internet has come home to home and everyone from child become familiar with using it. Regardless of whether people are using the Internet as entertainment or for business one should be aware of the benefits and losses of the Internet.

Positive Impact of Internet
1. Online bill

We can easily pay all our bills sitting at home with the help of internet. With the help of credit card or net banking on the internet, we can pay all the bills of electricity, telephone, DTH, or online shopping in a few minutes. .

2. Send and receive information

You can send and receive all types of related information from one place to another in a few seconds sitting in any place of the world. Today, voice messages, voice calls, video calls and e-mail can become easy on the Internet. In the business, the company’s companions can also send a different variety of important files within a second.

3. Online office

There are some big organizations that are allowing their employees to work from home via the Internet. There are maximum online marketing and communication-related companies, whose employees work of marketing through the mobile Internet and laptops at their home.

4. Online Shopping

Now people do not even need to go to the shop again and again because now you can shop online with the help of the internet sitting at home and buy goods at cheap prices without any bargaining. With the help of internet online shopping on a website become very easy. Today you can not only buy goods and services but if you won’t send the gifts to your family and other relatives.

5. Business promotion

As we know now the internet has made its way into the home. That’s why with the help of the internet you can take your business dealing far ahead. All the big companies of the world are taking the help of the internet to take their further business growth. With the help of affiliate marketing and website, online advertising, companies from all over the world are trying to spread their business worldwide help of the Internet.

6. Online job details and application

In the changing environment, it has become very easy to get applications and information for jobs related to their career. Now you can easily learn about any job with the help of the job portal website from home and you can also apply for the job by visiting their website.

7. Freelancing

Gradually freelancers are increasing on the Internets that are making very good money through freelancing. A freelancer means making money using their skills on the Internet. Today people on the internet are making money sitting at home by creating websites, online surveys, affiliate marketing, blogging, uploading videos to YouTube and many other ways.

8. Entertainment

In this present world, the internet has now become a means of entertainment at home or anywhere. We can listen to songs, watch movies and television with the help of internet. Also, we can chat with our friends online on social media or social networking website. Internet influence on kids plays a vital role in the entertainment world.

Negative Impact of Internet
1. Waste of time

For those who use the Internet for their office work and for getting information, the Internet is very beneficial, but for those who somehow make it their habit, it is nothing but a waste of time. We should use the Internet in a timely manner.

2. Exploitation and pornography and violent images

The speed of browsing Internet sites is very fast. That is why people exploit and take unfair advantage by misrepresenting any of their enemies or who they want to malign. There are many porn and vulgar websites on the internet which contain dirty content due to which young children are getting the wrong education.

3. Identity theft, hacking, viruses, and cheating

Near about 50 to 60% of the companies on which you register an account and work online. With the uses of mobile internet fraud companies is misuse peoples personal information. Some organization and wrong people can also work hacking important information with the help of internet. It’s all process comes in cyber crime this happens more when you use of the internet.

Recently, a Ransomware attack took place on many computers around the world, in which many people lost crores. There is a risk of viruses coming to our computers and mobile phones through the Internet itself, so it is very important to have good antivirus protection.

4. Spam emails and advertisements Spam emails and Advertisements

Stealing of personal information, documents and Email Id from the Internet, many fraudulent companies send false emails from which they defame them. Send only the emails you need. Immediately send the unsolicited email to the list of Spam or delete it. Do not buy anything shows link on your e-mail. All times go for purchasing directly to a big shopping website and buy the same.

5. Internet Addiction and Health Effects Internet Addiction & Health Effects

In this busy time, the person is not addicted to alcohol or anything else. This is true there are many people who do not eat and drink without the internet. All-time they are focus and work on the internet. The Internet also has a variety of bad health effects such as weight gain, pain in the legs and hands, pain and dryness in the eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, mental stress, back pain, etc.


Of course, there is a lot of useful material on the internet which can be used by children for their work. Personal net work and for students education and any kind of school project has not protected. Apart from all this, this boon of technology has been misunderstood by some people It has been contaminated by putting a kind of content which can be used to adversely affect the mental state of a person.

Above all, children or adolescents get carried away by the wrong things. The children are become quick become involved in wrong activities. Whether it is the growing trend of social media, the growing cybercrime through gaming apps like Blue Whale, or the content-looking sites of profanity, these misbehaving children take a deep mental impact by taking them away from courtesy. Today we will discuss here in this article on Internet influence on kids.

1. Threat of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction means that Internet addiction is not less than any kind of addiction. Just like a person loses his or her mind balance due to the addition of an addict. In the same way, excessive use of the Internet makes the person unconscious of the events around him. He remains busy in his own internet world. This is directly affecting his mental state as well as in personal life relationships start to weaken.

We see in the children playing their games on the phone for hours or using social websites. If such phones are taken for some time then anger and irritability can be seen in them. This happens only due to due to maximum uses of internet addiction. It can be considered a symbol of mental change or mental disorder.

2. Reason for Depression in Students Is Internet

Recently, a study conducted by the researchers on the excessive use of the Internet has revealed that people who Internet influence on kids more are at the highest risk of depression. This condition has been found to be very dangerous especially among students and adolescents. Problems of restlessness have also been seen in such people. Experts pointed out that the victims of Internet addiction are so mentally distracted.

Children have to face more difficulties in dealing with their daily tasks. Maximum uses Internet influence on kids unable to complete their task successfully. That is the reason the danger of depression begins to arise. Apart from this, the deteriorating relationship created by social media is also a major reason for causing depression.

3. Make Internet addiction a victim of insomnia

Insomnia is a disease often found in people who are either suffering from severe anxiety or who cannot find a suitable time to rest. But today the Internet, considered the most powerful global system, is spreading insomnia disease among people. Children, who are older or older due to internet addition, prefer to use the free time available during the night for internet browsing so that they can sleep only for short periods of time.

Every day late night chatting with friends and being busy with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will make you have the same habit so that even if you want to sleep, you will not be able to sleep and will start from here ‘Insomnia’.

4. Internet Addition prevents mental development as well as physical development

We all know that schooling as well as other sports activities are equally important in student life. Complete education means the mental and physical development of the student. Therefore, during school, children are given a break once or twice and a sports period is also kept in which children can relax their body and muscles by playing.


Internet influence on kids in the Internet addiction as if children have been overcome by the meaning of sports. In the past, where children used to go out in their free time and play a variety of sports by running with friends, today children are sitting on their computers or smartphones. This has a very bad effect on their physical development.

5. Internet addiction makes students misuse time

If we talk about the negative effects of the internet, then waste of time can be considered as the most important fact in it. Obviously, if you spend most of your time using the Internet, then you do not have enough time to do other important tasks of the day. What effect it will have on the students’ studies may not need to be explained here. While the real purpose of the internet was to provide appropriate and better material for the students to study, there has been a failure and inability of the students due to its proper use.

Of course, Internet influence on kids will be aware of all the negative effects associated with internet addiction in this article, but still, our aim to repeat these things was only one and that is to show the right direction to the wandering steps of our teenagers so that the future of our country itself. To overcome any kind of evil and achieve the best success in his academic career and become a successful citizen in future.

6. Educational functionality disturbances

Many children also take phones with them to their schools. Chatting or playing games with friends at school break time or in class is also increasing day by day. This makes it difficult for children to concentrate in class, difficult to remember the required lessons and as a result, children are not able to become properly knowledgeable about studies and exams.

7. Academic misconduct

Smartphones not only distract children from studying but can also be used in wrong ways to score well in examinations. Using inbuilt calculators in exams where it is not allowed, storing photos or reference information to cheat exams, or exchanging answers with other students on chats during exams, was seen in various schools is. Such behaviour not only affects education, but it also affects personality.

8. Inappropriate Media

Like any other device, mobile phones can also be used for wrong purposes. Children see inappropriate messages, photos, or text shared by their friends or group and can forward it to others. They can find their way of pornography at an early age, changing their perceptions and thought processes. Even sending and accepting their own photos can, irresponsibly, create an environment that affects their lives in the long run.

9. Medical problems

Children who stick to mobile phones in their spare time, do neither physical activity nor take fresh air. This puts them at risk of obesity and other diseases, which can later develop into harmful diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

10. Brain activity disturbances

Mobile phones mainly work on electromagnetic waves for all forms of communication, even internal communication. The brain has its own electrical impulse and communication takes place in neural networks. In children, waves from the phone can easily penetrate the internal parts of the brain, as they do not have a strong gradient.

Research has shown that by talking on the phone for only 2 minutes, the electric activity inside the child’s brain can be changed. This precarious activity can lead to changes in mood patterns and behavioural tendencies, and children may have trouble learning new things or focusing properly.

  1. Ensuring the right security measures related to mobile phones for growing children is extremely important.
  2. Avoid giving cell phones to children under 16 years of age. The skull bones of young children’s brains have not developed the required density and protective tissue, making them vulnerable to the effects of radiation.
  3. When your child talks on the phone, ask them to use a wired headset instead of holding the phone by ear.
  4. While travelling, avoid giving your child your mobile phone continuously.
  5. The vehicle’s metal shield blocks the signal, so the phone increases its power, which is harmful to children.
  6. Do not allow your children to use mobile phones in areas where the signal is weak. In such a situation mobiles increase their own radiation to get a good signal, which can be harmful to the child.
  7. As an adult, it is important for parents and others in the household to restrict their use of mobile phones when they are around children. This is not only to avoid radiation but also to create a behavioural pattern.
  8. It is advisable to take extra care if there is a mobile phone tower nearby or even near or above the child’s school, as their exposure to radiation is higher than normal.
  9. Completely ban your child from taking phones to school. Keep the contact number of the school and give them your number in case of emergency.
  10. Keep your mobile phone safely with you and keep it out of the sight of your children at night. Children can try to use them without being told.

Like every technology or device in the world, mobile phones also have advantages and Internet influence on kids with side effects. In today’s time, the smartphone is really a very powerful device and it gives children a lot to learn. But, keeping a restraint with the use of things ensures the well-being of children and a good habit that goes on for their whole life.

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