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If any students want to make their career in the medical field, then the paramedical field is better for you. Paramedical science forms the basis for medical science. Lots of job oriented courses are available in Paramedical sector at this time. The courses are Diagnosis, Physiotherapy, X-ray, Ultrasound and Medical Lab Technology. In India any students want to make their Career in Paramedical Courses after 12th 2021 they go for this course. In the present day, the demand for skilled paramedical professionals is not only in India but also in countries like USA, Canada, UK Germany and UAE. Courses available from degree level, diploma level and certificate level program available in the paramedical field. If you are 12th pass from Biology then you can take admission in these courses.



The main thing is that, if you want to do any paramedical course then you must have passed 10th and 12th in a science subject. All paramedical courses after 12th are divided into 3 sections that are Diploma Course, Degree and Certificate Course. This is the minimum qualification of all paramedical courses running in India. If any student has wanted to more knowledge in the paramedical sector go for a degree course.

Paramedical Certificate Courses 2021

  1. Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant
  2. Certificate in Rural Health Care
  3. Certificate in HIV and Family Education
  4. Certificate in dental assistant
  5. Certificate in home-based health care

Paramedical Diploma Courses 2021

  1. Diploma in Dialysis Assistant
  2. Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  3. Diploma in Operation Theater Technician
  4. Diploma in X-Ray Technician

Bachelor Degree in Paramedical Courses After 12th 2021

  1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  2. BSC X-ray Technology
  3. BSC Operation Theater Technology
  4. BSC Medical Laboratory Technology
  5. Bachelor speech therapy
  6. BSC Medical Record Technology

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Let us explain to you that, paramedical is now a very important career option and they are employed by the paramedical staff as Emergency Medical Care Providers. Paramedical services provide services related to first aid and trauma.

At present, the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID – 19) spread everywhere in our country, in this situation paramedical staff are playing a very important role. Clearly shows their great need and helps us. India becomes proud and salutes these corona warriors. The need not only in the present time the need for paramedical staff is always.


The scopes of paramedical courses are widespread in India. Mainly in hospitals, nursing homes, test laboratories, clinics and all other areas of medical science are in great need. In such a situation, if you choose as a Career in Paramedical Courses After 12th, then surely you will not be disappointed in future.

India is a developing country in the population-wise India ranked second. On the base of statistics data according to the population of the country, their availability of paramedical staff is very less. Obviously, as the investment in the medical sector increases, as the public attention is focused on it, the paramedical field will touch the heights as a career.


Talking about work, at present, in paramedical field, physiotherapy, diagnosis, ultrasound, x-ray work is done. If you are a paramedical professional, you can get excellent opportunities in all emergency centres, blood donation centres, pharmaceutical industries, labs, clinics and other diagnostic centres.

1. Physiotherapy

It is a healthcare profession, in which work is done to restore, speed up and repair the disabled or injured parts of the body. In this, physiotherapists work to heal damaged muscles, joints and bones through heat, radiation, water, electrical agents etc. with the help of various massages, exercises and some devices.

Prospects: Physiotherapists can find employment in any hospital, be it ICU or geriatrics. Good progress is possible in this professional area.

Course: This is a 4 year Bachelor Course in Physiotherapy (BPT) is conducted, which also has a 6 month internship.

2. Occupational Therapy

Through this therapy, an attempt is made to make unhealthy patients physically healthy and self-sufficient. Through this, cognitive, physical and motor skills are developed in children. This treatment includes handicrafts, manual and industrial art, recreation and everyday activities. For this, a 4-year course is offered in B.Sc in Occupational Therapy; make their Career in Paramedical  Course After 12th  

Prospects: Occupational therapists find employment in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, diagnostic centres, etc. If any Occupational Therapist wants to work also do independent work.

3. Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineering

It involves the production of artificial organs for the wasted organs of the body. Prospects: After doing this course, you get employment in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, diagnostic centers, polyclinics etc.

Course: Under this, diploma in Prosthetic or Orthotic Engineering (DPOE) is offered. In this course total duration is 4 Year 6 month.

4. Nursing

Nurses basically help doctors. They have many functions, for example, they give medicines, injections, dressings to patients and help doctors in surgery. A career in Paramedical Course After 12th this is the charming and ever-demanding course in India.

Prospects: There is immense potential in this profession because after doing this course, there are good chances of employment in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, industry and private medical clinics. Defense forces may also get a chance.

Course: There are 4-year course is offered in BSE Nursing. General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) courses are of three and a half years. The course of the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) is one and a half years, while for the Health Worker (Female). The completion of this course is 18-month duration.

5. Pharmacist

People associated with this profession are also involved in manufacturing pharmaceutical products, developing methods of pharmaceutical production and quality control etc. Pharmacists may work in drug manufacturing companies, private or government institutions associated with research, dispensaries and medical stores, etc. They also perform the delivery of medicines prescribed by doctors. Also serve as a medical representative.

This field is very good for those students who want to work as a doctor. You can choose this course to improve your career in paramedical courses after 12th. The best advantage of doing paramedical is that you get to do different courses in it and after doing the course there are many areas available for doing the job. So, my dear students, this post will help you to select for Paramedical Course.

FAQs For Paramedical Courses After 12th

How to apply for paramedical courses?

If any candidates make your career paramedical sector, you should visit the official website of the particular university/college and apply than fill application form, and pay application fee.

Which paramedical course is best?

• Bachelor of Physiotherapy
• BSC X-ray Technology
• BSC Operation Theater Technology
• BSC Medical Laboratory Technology
• Bachelor speech therapy
• BSC Medical Record Technology

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