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Best ITI Courses after 12th Arts Details

There are tons of certificates and Diploma Courses available in India that candidates pursue to land a job after the completion of the course. Here in this article, We will get to know about the Best ITI Courses after 12th Arts. A candidate who has passed class 12th with arts has tons of options to proceed further in life and land a better job. Check the complete articles below to get the list of ITI Courses available after passing class 12th arts.

Have you ever questioned that you just will get jobs quickly once finishing annual courses, you’d surprise however that might be attainable, affirmative it is often possible. Students, once they completion of the 12th board, will quickly get jobs by following ITI courses. Let’s see the complete details about the ITI Courses after passing class 12th.

Best ITI Courses after 12th Arts Details:

There are varied jobs accessible within the business that wish to pursue short-term courses and realize the most well-liked jobs. One of the chosen career methods for such students is to pursue ITI courses after 12th arts. This text provides data concerning the entire most effective ITI courses list after the 12th that one can pursue. Before moving on to the list of courses. Let’s get to know a bit about What is ITI Courses and whether it adds value to someone’s resume.

What is ITI Course?

ITI stand’s for Industrial Training Institute and could be a sort of faculty that provides several lines of work-level Training courses to students. it’s established underneath the board of directors General of Training, Ministry of talent Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

Industrial Training Institute offers each technical and non-technical courses to students. Students will take admitted to ITI courses once 8th, 10th, and ITI Courses after 12th Arts etc. However, the eligibility criteria vary from course to course.

The majority of the ITI courses have short period courses as a result courses are designed in such how that in a very short term period students get most theoretical also as sensible data. Also, the courses are designed with a read to obtaining jobs so once the completion of the course, students will get job opportunities right away.

ITI Courses after 12th Arts

There are quite cardinal government ITI schools and personal ITI schools that are with success running in India. to require admission to ITI faculty you’ve got to travel through the admission method. The admission method is unsteady from faculty to school as some ITI schools take direct admission whereas some ITI schools take admission on the premise of an advantage list or examination.

Types of ITI Courses in India:

There are basically two types of ITI courses for a candidate after passing class 12th that are supported subjects to targeted or the abilities provided by the courses:

Engineering ITI Courses: These are the courses that primarily specialize in all the engineering varieties like Maths, Science and Technology, Engineering etc.

Non-Engineering ITI courses after 12th Arts: These are the courses that primarily specialize in Soft skills, languages, Job-specific skills and data etc.

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List of ITI Courses after 12th Arts:

Here is the list of Non-Engineering ITI Courses that are available for the candidates who have passed class 12th with Arts or Commerce or Humanities etc. They can choose the course as per their interest and passion.

Course Name Course Type Duration
Architectural Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Architectural Draughtsmanship Non-engineering 2 Years
Agro-Processing Non-engineering 1 Year
Bakery and Confectionery Non-engineering 1 Year
Building Maintenance Non-engineering 6 Months
Business Management Non-engineering 1 Year
Basic Cosmetology Non-engineering 1 Year
Creche Management Non-engineering 6 Months
Cabin or Room Attendant Non-engineering 15 Months
Catering and Hospitality Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Computer Hardware Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Counselling Skills Non-engineering 2 Years
Cane Willow and Spray Painting Non-engineering 2 Years
Computer Operator and Programming Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Commercial Art Non-engineering 1 Year
Craftsman Food Production Non-engineering 1 Year
Cutting and Sewing Non-engineering 1 Year
Corporate House Keeping Non-engineering 1 Year
Call Centre Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Dairying Non-engineering 1 Year
Dress Making Non-engineering 2 Years
Dress Designing Non-engineering 1 Year
Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician Non-engineering 2 Years
Desktop Publishing Operator Non-engineering 1 Year
Digital Photography Non-engineering 1 Year
Domestic House Keeping Non-engineering 6 Months
Data Entry Operator Non-engineering 6 Months
Excavator Operator Non-engineering 3 Months
Embroidery and Needle Work Non-engineering 1 Year
Electroplater Non-engineering 2 Years
Event Management Assistant Non-engineering 6 Months
Foundryman Technician Non-engineering 1 Year
Food and Vegetable Processing Non-engineering 1 Year
Finance Executive Non-engineering 1 Year
Floriculture and Landscaping Non-engineering 1 Year
Footwear Maker Non-engineering 1 Year
Fashion Technology Non-engineering 1 Year
Food Beverage Non-engineering 6 Months
Front Office Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
GoldSmith Non-engineering 2 Years
Hospital Waste Management Non-engineering 1 Year
Hospital House Keeping Non-engineering 2 Years
Health and Sanitary Inspector Non-engineering 1 Year
Hair and Skin Care Non-engineering 1 Year
Health Safety and Environment Non-engineering 1 Year
Human Resource Executive Non-engineering 1 Year
Institution House Keeping Non-engineering 6 Months
Interior Decoration and Designing Non-engineering 1 Year
Library and Information Science Non-engineering 6 Months
Leather Goods Maker Non-engineering 1 Year
Litho Offset Machine Minder Non-engineering 1 Year
Lift and Escalator Mechanic Non-engineering 2 Years
Laboratory Assistant Non-engineering 2 Years
Mason Non-engineering 1 Year
Medical Transcription Non-engineering 6 Months
Mining Machinery Non-Engineering 2 Years
Marketing Executive Non-engineering 1 Year
Multimedia Animation and Special Effects Non-engineering 1 Year
Office Assistant Cum Computer Operator Non-engineering 1 Year
Old Age Care Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Painter Non-engineering 2 Years
Para Legal Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Plastic Processing Operator Non-engineering 1 Year
Preparatory School Management Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Physiotherapy Technician Non-engineering 1 Year
Resource Person Non-engineering 1 Year
Spa Therapy Non-engineering 1 Year
Secretarial Practice Non-engineering 1 Year
Steward Non-engineering 1 Year
Steno English Non-engineering 1 Year
Steno Hindi Non-engineering 1 Year
Travel and Tour Assistant Non-engineering 1 Year
Tourist Guide Non-engineering 1 Year
Vessel Navigator Non-engineering 2 Years

All these courses are Job-Oriented and it won’t be tough to get a job after the completion of the course. Whichever course you choose, make sure to gain complete details about that like admission criteria, required eligibility etc and more. Now let’s see the overall criteria required for admission in the ITI Courses after 12th arts in India.

Required Eligibility Criteria for ITI Courses:

Getting admission to any route depends on you clearing its eligibility criteria. If you fail to satisfy the eligibility stipulations set by victimization the institute for the course, you may now not be thought of for admission to the program. Given at a lower place are some elementary eligibility criteria for best ITI courses list once 12th that you just ought to qualify.

Apart from these, the institute that you look for to pursue the direction may need a completely different set of conditions also. you must verify the selected stipulations of the direction at the institute before applying for admission.

  • A candidate must have passed class 8th, 10th or 12th depending upon the course you are opting for.
  • The faculty from that you complete your certification must come from an acknowledged board of education.
  • It is necessary for you to own received passing marks altogether the exams that you just have passed 10th or 8th class.
  • Depending upon the selection of ITI direction during which you’re seeking admission, you have to be compelled to mandatorily have some subjects at the class 10th or class 8th level.

Whichever course you choose for admission. Check the complete detail about that particular course. Here are the Admission Criteria to the ITI Courses after 12th arts that are followed by most of the colleges in India.

Admission Process of ITI Courses after 12th Arts:

There are basically three main criteria to offer admission in the ITI Courses after 12th Arts. Most reputed colleges conduct their own entrance examination and select the candidate on the basis of the marks scored in the entrance examination.

Some Colleges also offer admission on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying examination like marks in your class 8th, 10th or 12th class mark sheet etc. They declare their cutoff marks every as per the availability of the seats.

Some private colleges offer direct admission to the Course without any exam or interview but their fee structure may be higher than the other colleges.

Well, it would be always better to join a reputed college and gain proper education and practical knowledge. It is all about your career and time. Take decisions very wisely.

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Career Scope after the Course:

It would be very better to choose the reputed college that conducts placement drives after the completion of the course. It would be very easy for one to get placed through the College placement drive. Most of the courses that have been mentioned above are job-oriented. So, it won’t be that tough to get a job after the completion of the course.

Yes, Initially, there may be less salary but it will increase with your experience in the field. To proceed better in the field, one must opt for Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree in the respected field to reach a higher position.

So, this was all about the ITI Courses after 12th Arts. I hope, you get the complete details about that. If you have any doubts regarding the course. Do let me know in the comment section below.

FAQs For ITI Courses after 12th Arts

How many types of ITI Courses are available in India?

There are basically two types of ITI Courses. One is technical and another is non-technical courses.

Is ITI equal to the 12th Certificate?

Yes, it is equal to the class 12th Certificate. But would be much better to complete your class 12th with a respected stream and then move to ITI Course.

What is the duration of ITI Courses?

The duration of the course can be somewhere between 3 months to 3 years depending upon the course you are opting for. Generally, Technical Courses are longer in Duration.

Can I do ITI after 12th Commerce?

Yes, All the art side ITI Courses are available for Commerce students as well.

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