List of Social Issues in India

Well, Every country always has some kind of issues that issues may be related to the public, Education, Poverty or may Countries Internal Security or maybe external Security etc. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the List of social issues in India. I will try to mention all the details about each problem that is occurring in India, what is the reason behind the issue and how can it be solved etc. Check our complete article below to get each piece of information in detail.

List of Social Issues in India

A number of reasons can be behind the rising issues. Democratic governments are for the people and by the people. It is the work of every running government to solve the problem as much as they can. The list of social issues in India is very long and it is almost impossible to mention all of them out here. Here I will tell you only about the Issues that are very bigger and needs to be short out as soon as possible. let’s see the list of Social Issues in India.

What are the Social Issues in India:

There are a huge number of social issues in India. People of India are suffering from poverty to gendered issues for a very long time. Since we got Independence from the Britishers, So many things have been changed in the past 65-70 years but still, some issues are running in the country since then like Hindu-Muslim Controversy. Religious Poison has been used well by the Politician to get votes. This issue is one of the biggest issues in India. Crime rates in India are still increasing rapidly, Women Safety, Political Threats lack education, unemployment etc. Most of the issues in India that the public is facing are actually raised by the Politician or maybe by their mistakes. India suffers the corruption a lot. Corruption is the reason for at least 70% of issues in India.

The Number of Issues is huge and It is almost impossible to mention everything out here. There are many people who have raised their voice to end up the corruption and other social issues but due to the lack of support, nothing worked. As per some new source, the majority of the Indian People are used to living under the issues, Maximum people do not even care about what is happing around them. They just want to live. many people tried to raise the voice as responsible but people did not support them.

Religion problem is one of the biggest problems in India. Politician uses this very well to get votes. We all have to understand that practising religion is another things but our country is permanent. We must vote for the development of our country, Not for the sake of our religion. As I said above that It is almost impossible to mention every problem or issue out here. Here I have categorized some main issues that need to shortlisted as soon as possible.

List of Social Issue in India:

Here are some most famous current issues that need to solve as soon as possible. Indian System has complete control over these issues but due to lack of strictness, It could not be solved. Check the ten Social Issues that are the biggest list of social issues in India.

  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Education System
  • Corruption
  • Caste System
  • Blind trust in Government
  • Gendered Violence
  • Communalism
  • Air, Sound and Water Pollution
  • Rural versus urban Social Issues etc


India is among the country whose poverty rate is very high. According to the planning commission, Around 22% of the people of the Indian Population is lives below Poverty Line. It is hard for them to have even proper food.  The reason behind the poverty is still unidentified. The majority of the population in India is dependent on farming. This may be the reason behind the poverty. The Populations of India is at their peak. Due to the overpopulation, maybe the Government is not able to short it out yet.

There are many schemes run by the government for the people who are living below the Poverty line. Due to the high corruption rate in India, none of the schemes worked properly yet. Government issues like ration at very less cost compared to the market, free education facilities, medical Facilities at Government Hospitals etc.

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The unemployment rate in India is also high. Even a person who has done a PhD are jobless. Indian people always blame the government for the rising unemployment rate in India. Well, there is some reason by which blaming Government is not wrong. The current Government has reduced the number of seats in almost every Government vacancies. Almost every State Government Vacancy, as well as central Government Vacancies, has been reduced by the 30%-35%. The Government has done this to save the amount that is about to be given as salary.

But Blaming Government is not correct in every manner. It is not possible for the Government to job to everyone. There is some limited number of vacancies Government has. We must not look at the Job only. Start your own business and be the job provider.

Education System:

Indian Education System is completely full of corruption. This is the department where the government spends the maximum amount. but, due to the high rate of corruption only 30% to 40% of the amount are used. In order to remove Poverty, Unemployment, education will play an important role. Indian Government provides Free education to the rural area peoples. But due to the lack of Strictness, nothing works properly.

Teachers in Government Schools are irresponsible. There is no one to guide the teachers. Indian System is finest but the It will only work If there would honesty. Indian Government is responsible for the Indian Education System. there must be a third party to manage as well as to cross-check in the systems.


All the issues that are India are facing today. Corruption is the reason for almost 70% of issues. Indian Government is so liberal towards this. The whole system is corrupted. The Situation is that, if you do not have money, there is no one to listen to you. All the rules, regulations and laws are only for the common citizens. a person who has money control the system.

You may have heard that maximum rich people never go to jail, even if they commit a crime. It is all because that they have enough money to feed the government officials. Money works everywhere in India. A common person will get admission to the school for the children if they do not donate. you may not proper treatment in the government Hospital without paying a huge amount. We will have to change the system. It is our duty to change the system and make our country a better country.

Caste System:

The Caste System is in the Indian Law. We all are aware of the Indian Caste system. Well, In the caste system, there is some special relaxation that has been given by the government like relaxation in Age for every vacancy. relaxation in marks in every exam, relaxation in fees for every fee, the amount that has to be paid to the government.  many protests have been done to stop this. But nothing worked.

There are many people in general and OBC categories who lives below the poverty line but Due to the System, they do not get any relaxation. It is not necessary to end up the caste system but it should be also given to the person who actually needs it.

Current Social Issue in India:

Increasing Crime is one of the biggest issues in India. There is no strict rule for criminals in India. We as a Citizen should not have blind trust on the government. That is the main reason behind the increasing crime rate as well as corruption in India. Government is for the people and by the people. we must ask the government to stop the crime as well as for the Corruption. This is our right. This is a Democratic government, we all have the right to question the government. We should do our duty to look for the changes.

Women’s Safety one of the most discussed topic in India but nothing ever worked. The crime against women still increasing. Indian Government should take an important step to stop the crime against women. Indian Judiciary System is so week against the criminals. There is no strict rule in Indian Law for Criminals, rapists etc. the System is also slow and it takes years to solve even a critical case. Someone from the system should take a step further to stop this all and make a law for the Criminals, Women’s and as well as there should be a most painful punishment for therapists etc. We can take the fine example of it from the Arab, Dubai and another country. Their crime rates are very less even equal to zero. This is all because of strict law.

FAQs For List of Social Issues in India

What is the reason behind Corruption?

 Indian System, There is no strict law for corruption in India.

Who is responsible for the Unemployment?

It is hard to say that who is responsible for this. People usually blame the government for Employment. But blaming the government is not completely correct. It is not possible for the government to give employment to everyone in the country.

What is the main cause of Poverty?

As per some survey, It is found that India’s population is increasing rapidly, that may be the reason behind the increasing poverty. Well, It is not completely correct. Reasons also may be Proper Education, fewer government facilities etc.

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