Money Making Agriculture Business in India

If you think that farming a non-profitable business and have myths regarding the Agricultural business in India. Here we will talk about the Money Making Agriculture Business in India that one can do to fulfil their needs and can also live a better lifestyle. Most of Indian depends on farming. But due to the lack of financial support, Most of the farmers suffered a lot. Now let’s talk about the Businesses that one can do in India. Agricultural Business can be divided into three broad categories.

  • Productive Resources like Seed, fertilizer, feed, Equipment, Energy, and Machinery, etc.
  • Agricultural Commodities like Raw and processed commodities of food and fiber.
  • Facilitative services like credit, insurance, marketing, storage, processing, etc.

Money Making Agriculture Business in India
It would be difficult to say which particular business is best for money-making. In order to make money for any particular agricultural business, It is important to do that at a wide level. Here are some businesses that one can do at a wide level as well as at a small level etc.

  • Livestock Feed Production
  • Fruit Juice Production
  • Groundnut Processing
  • Cashew-nut Processing
  • Quail Egg Farming
  • Shrimp Farming
  • Fish Hatchery
  • Piggery
  • Soya Beans Processing
  • Spice Processing
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Chicks Hatchery
  • Rajanigandha Farming
  • Tea Growing
  • Grocery E-Shopping Portal
  • Landscape Expert
  • Medicinal Herbs Farming
  • Cactus Arrangements
  • Dairy Farming
  • GoateryFarming
  • Jatropha Farming
  • Potato Powder
  • Corn Farming
  • Certifies Seed Production
  • Soil Testing Lab
  • Green House Flower Export
  • Horticulture Crop Farming
  • Potato Chips Production
  • Fodder Farming for Goats and Cows
  • Agro-Farming Blogging

Apart from all these ideas, there are also some businesses which lack initiative. Once you start that, money multiplies But it’s all up to you, your plans, and your budget to start this business.


All you have to do in this, just buy harvesting tools and you can give this on rent or you can hire anyone to do harvesting for other people who can not afford to buy these tools of their own. And after that, you can simply invest the earned money in buying another tool.


The demand for milk and other dairy products is increasing very rapidly because in rural areas people are migrating to cities in the search of money. So even in rural areas people are lacking milk, curd, butter, etc. so the business in this is very profitable and remains in demand. To start this business you just need little investment and guidance from experts but if you are determined to do this then it’s very easy to start this because whatever field you choose if your interest lies in that, it gets easy.



Recent studies have shown that people are getting much more health-conscious. So bee farming is in demand and will remain the same and it will be a profitable business if you thinking to start this but it needs training because it’s not that easy. Once you start this you will experience a high-profit margin.


If you have land which is good for cultivation and some people who can work in this then you can cultivate the vegetables because these are always in demand and people tend to buy green vegetables in every season.  Vegetables of good quality and high yields can lead to a profitable business.


Fertilizers and pesticides are very demanding because everyone uses this to increase the fertilization of the land and to kill the unwanted grasses which can harm the crops. Distribution of fertilizers can be started at any scale i.e., at small scale, medium scale, or large scale. Retail shops are of small scale which generally operates in a particular area like district and at large scale distributors operate within the state or more than one state. It is usually controlled by the government, it requires regular capital investment but it is very profitable.


This business is very rapidly growing and most profitable countrywide business. It is very easy to start and always remains in demand as it is the fastest-growing part of agriculture. Poultry farming is beneficial in every way people tend to buy the soil of this farming and use it as fertilizer for their crops and it requires a very little amount of money to start this. It is a great initiative towards Money Making Agriculture Business in India and it never fades.


 The most important need of sunflower farming island. Growing sunflower for oilseed is very easy and requires less capital to start growing this.  It is a very profitable crop and takes less time duration to complete the production ( around 80 to 120 days), it is best to grow in rainfed conditions.


Fish farming is raising the fish in ponds, lakes, etc for the purpose of food-producing. Commercial fish farming has already established a successful and profitable business not in India but all over the world. This business is not seasonal, it can be raised in every season. It requires modern techniques and little investment. You can raise the fishes and until they are ready to sell in the market. It also helps to preserve the ecosystem.


Tree farming is a time taking business but the return of this farming is very high. It takes years but it is very beneficial, you can earn profits by selling these trees in the market once it is developed fully. Some of the trees are being produced which returns high prices like Ashoka, Lyptus, etc. tree farming comes under the category of the profitable farming business.

There is also a lot more business. In order to do any business in a better manner. It is very important to maintain to have a proper plan as well as a budget. The Indian Government also supports the person in the Agricultural Business. Now let’s see some perks and benefits of doing Money Making Agriculture Business in India

Benefits of Doing Agricultural Business

Agricultural business in India provides around employment to half of Indians. First of all, the Indian Government supports a lot in Agricultural Business. It will be easy to get a Loan from a bank as compared to the other fields. The chances of loss are very less in agricultural businesses. One can also apply for the Insurance in order to be extra secure for any kind of bad situation.

A lot of changes has been seen in this sector in the last 10 year. Most of the farmers quit farming and shifted to the cities to have a better lifestyle. If you want to be better in the field of farming. You are one who can take it to the next level.

FAQs Money Making Agriculture Business in India

How to Start Agriculture Business?

There are a lot more types of the farming business. You need to select a business that is better according to you. In order to start any business, you must have a proper plan and a proper budget. It is maybe easy to start but how you manage it further that you matter a lot and will turn out to a profitable business for you.

Which is the Most Profitable Farming Business in India?

It cannot be said which is best but as per the recent survey in the field of farming, the Dairy Business and Tree plantation is low-cost operative and most profitable in terms of per month of return. For the Tree plantation business, you will have to patient for at least a year or two years. Well, this business has been also considered a high return business.

How to Money Required to start farming Business?

Well, it completely depends on your business and the type of business you are about to do. On average, if you have your own farming land, you can start in as less than Ten thousand rupees. Your budget also depends on how you are managing it further.

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