India is the second fastest digitizing economy in the world. These technological changes in the regions are fueling the need for new capacity building and giving rise to new roles. According to The LinkedIn Top 5 Emerging Jobs in India In 2020 is report highlights these sectors. These courses are high demand across industries and the skills needed to procure these jobs.

Top 5 Emerging Jobs in India 2020

1. Blockchain Developer

The fraud of thousands crores of rupees exposed in the banking sector. Blockchain technology has suddenly come into the discussion. Experts believe that preventing this type of fraud is possible only through this technology. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has also announced a committee for research on this in the 2018 budget. Blockchain is considered to be the most effective technology of the future. Today, everything revolves around data. Blockchain is considered to be the most transparent, efficient, secure, and auditable and tamper-free technology to record and transfer these data. Governments and companies around the world are adopting it. In such a situation, today we are telling you about the career and job prospects in blockchain technology.

Scope of Blockchain Developer

Those who know blockchain technology, banking payments, cyber security, supply chain management, forecasting inference based things, networking and internet of things, insurance, private transport and ride sharing, cloud storage, charity, voting, Government Department, Healthcare, Energy Management, Online Music, Retail, Real State. There is a possibility of getting job in state, crowd funding etc. According to the State Bank of India, by 2030 all traditional banking services will be made available through blockchain technology.

2. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial Intelligence is a technique in which a computer, after understanding the instructions that are being given to its program. This is secures them and makes their decisions based on their different needs. Then according to these decisions, it does all its work. It has also become possible to communicate between machines through AI. In fact, Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the world of robotics. Robots can also learn many things due to this technique. Now any programmed robot can take decisions on its own to do many of its tasks according to different needs. Artificial Intelligence is also in the list of Top 5 Emerging Jobs in India In 2020.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The demand for jobs that require high skills in the industry will remain. But some jobs will change due to automation. Therefore, in order to maintain their usefulness, candidates have to focus on increasing their technical skills.

Posts of Artificial Intelligence

Those who specialize in AI technology can get jobs at positions like software analytics, robotics programmers, algorithm specialists, programmers in the gaming field, analytics in search engines, at an early stage. Knowledgeable candidates are expected to get jobs in research institutes, automobiles, industrial tools and private sector. Apart from this, candidates who have studied robotics technology can also find jobs in robot technology, computer controlled machine programming, and robotic sales.

3. Cyber Security Specialist

In modern era, the global economy has become dependent on internet based computing. All institutions and establishments are able to connect to every part of the world through the Internet. But, this connectivity and digital space is the biggest target of cyber criminals.

Cyber attack is a matter of concern for governments, institutions, every small and big enterprise worldwide. Not only this, data security has become very important due to the rise of smart phones & internet users. To avoid hacking or cyber attacks, companies are adding qualified professionals in this field on good packages, which strengthen the cyber security of the companies. So Cyber Security sector is become in Top 5 Emerging Jobs in India In 2020.

Career in Cyber Security

Now we know what kind of positions are there in cyber security field and what kind of work has to be done in them.

1. Cyber ​​Security Analyst

The planning, upgrading and implementing of safety standards and controls is done by the cyber security analyst. He constantly monitors external and internal factors related to cyber security. Apart from this, the responsibility of the analyst is network management, risk testing and monitoring.

2. Cyber ​​Security Manager

The cyber security manager is responsible for monitoring and managing the security protocol of an organization or company. Determination of standards for various projects, IT Professionals team management and data security is also involved in the important work.

3. Starting and Courses

To make this field a professional in the future, you can do B.Tech/BE in Computer Engineering / Computer Science / IT after 12th. It is necessary to pass 12th PCM for admission in them. There is also an option of M.Tech in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Network Engineering / IT / Cyber ​​Security / Information Security or Computer Forensics.

Scope in Cyber Security

The security architect is responsible for designing a company’s computer security architecture & network. In addition to designing, Security Architects have significant support in the work of Research & Planning. After preparing the security architecture, the security policies of the company, guideline for the employees, rules for the security system and immediate preventive measures for security breaches have to be worked out as well.

4. Digital Marketing Specialist 

Today’s worlds are almost entirely online and based on the Internet. With the digitization in every sphere of life, the market system or the world market has also been digitized in the whole world. Due to which digital marketing has become common in today’s time. Therefore, at present, there are many career options in the digital marketing sector. If you also want to take advantage of the possibilities of a great career, then you can make a career in this field by doing a digital marketing course.

Scope in Digital Marketing

Today’s era is the era of online media and digital media. In such a situation, the scope of digital marketing is also big. Earlier people mostly read newspapers and watched television. But today’s era has changed. Now people are using digital platforms for entertainment such as social media platforms or digital media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest etc.

You can go through the Top 5 Emerging Jobs in India In 2020.

Since all consumers are on digital media today. Therefore, every company is resorting to digital marketing for marketing its product. In the coming time, the demand of Digital Marketing Expert will increase.

Career Option in Digital Marketing

The scope of digital marketing has expanded considerably. In this you can work as Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Content Manager, Search Engine Marketer, Web Designer, SEO Executive, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Content Writer, etc.

Job Profile in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a huge field. In the previous section we have seen that there are many units in the area. It is not necessary that you have to learn everything. Rather, if you can become one or two experts, you can start an entry level job in digital marketing. Gradually, you can learn more skills and become a top level digital marketing strategist or consultant. There is a continuous opportunity for career development in digital marketing.

The most demanding job fields in digital marketing at entry level are:

  1. SEO Expert
  2. Content Creator
  3. Virtual Reality Developer
  4. User Experience Designer
  5. Paid Marketing Manager
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. Fact Analyst
  8. Artificial Intelligence Expert
  9. Email Marketing Specialist
  10. Web Designer And Developer

5. Robotics Engineer

The science of robot making is called ‘robotics’. In the branch of robotics engineering in which robot manufacturing, design, maintenance, development of new applications and robot research are done. Today robotics has become a field in which the best opportunities of Top 5 Emerging Jobs in India In 2020 and career are available. In this field you not only have the opportunity to work in the big companies of the world but also get the best salary of the world in this field.

There are many tasks which are not in the bus of humans, as well as they are risky for humans, robots are used to do these tasks. Now-a-days operations like robotic surgery, landmine removal, military operation and bomb deactivation are being done. Due to the increasing demand for robots, there are many job opportunities available in this field.

Qualification for Robotics Engineer

To make a career in robotics, you need to study physical and mathematics subjects in class 12th. Along with this, you should always have the ability to innovate and innovate. To make a career in robotics, you must first get a BE or B.Tech degree in Computer, IT, Mechanical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. After this you can get a master’s degree in robotics. Apart from this, if you want to have a degree in robotics in many big institutes of the country, you can also study from there.

Scope and Job Opportunities

 In current era need of humans to work with robots has not only become a compulsion. Therefore, there are many scopes for career in this field. After taking a professional degree in robotics, you can easily find jobs in the field of NASA, private industries, automobiles and industrial tools. In this field, you get jobs in roles like robotic scientist, robotic engineer, and robotic technician.

Here the author is discussing the Top 5 Emerging Jobs in India In 2020, for make your career bright. In this sector there are ample job available in India as well as foreign countries. So you can choose any one according to your choice and preference, for shaping your future.

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