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Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses

There are tons of career options available after passing class 12th. Most of the candidates who pass class 12th with Science opt for Medical Courses or Engineering Courses etc. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the Career Options after the 12th Non-Medical Courses. Well, A career in the non-medical field can be also better, one just has to gain the right knowledge about the process. Check the complete article below to get detailed information about the courses and what are the options available for one etc.

There are a huge number of courses available that can be considered as Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses. One has an option to opt for Certificate courses, Diploma Courses as well as Degree Courses etc and more. Here I am sharing details about the fields where one can pursue any kind of course like a certificate, Diploma Degree etc.

Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses:

After studying 12th non-medical, there’s a considerable whole number of career opportunities however selecting the correct one is important. There are such a big amount of aspects to seem over, which incorporates info regarding subjects, subject interest and budget. From the infinite career choices below ar, a number of the simplest career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses will clutch and build a flourishing career.

Career Options after 12th Non Medical


It is the sorted career once the 12th non-medical is engineering. It’s essentially a four-year course of study to safe employment within the government sector, MNCs, and plenty of alternative connected fields. the scholars who have an interest in this precise field have to be compelled to emerge for the JEE Exam conducted by CBSE. All private and govt. Colleges choose students per their JEE rank.

A career in Management:

Building a career within the management field, encompass 3 essential opportunities tally the bachelor of business integrated BBA and Master in Business Administration, administration (BBA), and bachelor of management studies. The bachelor’s degree course is three years long, and the incorporated prospectus is 5 years long. additionally, one can even opt for MAT, CAT and CMAT once BBA to induce admission in an exceedingly superior school for a Master’s in Business Administration.

Computer Application Science:

It is one of the foremost favoured career choices for those that have an intense concentration in the IT sector, speedy thinking and high analysis skills will examine true and pertaining ideas to determine them. a number of the career choices are package developers, internet designers, internet computer users, package authorities, technical authors etc.

The Legal Degree- LAW:

Distant from the science domain, non-medical students can even select law as their career possibility. Candidates will value more highly path B.Com LLB, B.B.An LLB, B. An LLB followed by AN LLM. One can even opt for enclosed courses like MBA-LLM.

Career in Hotel Management:

This career field results in job opportunities in hotels, restaurants, aviation, resorts and Aviation etc. A Hotel Management course is typical of 3-4 years and some short phrase courses also are accessible in this field.

Commercial Pilot Training:

Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses can even opt for a career in civil aviation as a Commercial pilot. For opting for this field candidates got to pass a pilot power take look at and examination to be appropriate and knowledge coaching.

Creative Careers (Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses):

If you’re willing to settle on some non-medical field, you’ll conjointly look over for various career choices within the artistic field like fine arts, media studies, journalism, film creating, packaging etc.


These industries boost being the most important exchange jobholder for the country and gift many career roles to the candidates. Candidates who are trying ahead to create their career in the business line ought to have keen data regarding travelling and traveller destinations, social etiquette and business techniques.

National Defence Academy:

National Defence Academy teaches the 3 cadets navy, army and air force. An exam, interview and medical processes are followed for an assortment of candidates. the ultimate result created on the muse of benefit. UPSC organizes the doorway of NDA twice a year for non-medical candidates and therefore the regulation to become qualified is 19 years.

So, these are some Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses. Before creating a wise call for your career, it’s vital to understand your interest and data regarding the sphere and then go ahead with it.

Best Career Options after 12th

Now that you simply have done your analysis and hopefully followed the top of steps, you in an exceedingly higher position to browse on to search out that are the simplest career Options after the 12th.

Pursue higher studies as Options for a career after 12th:

The best career recommendation anyone will provide you with is to finish your education. the planet has emotional on from educational activity. there’s not a great deal of scope for career Options after the 12th if you are doing not have a proper degree. Thus, my initial suggestion would be to hold on together with your studies after the 12th. all of your steps from on top of would are available handy during this path. they’re going to enable you to settle on the degree you wish to pursue. To a student at school, there are several Options available:

For career Options after 12th (Science):

You can pursue the subsequent degrees for career Options after 12th science:

  • Bachelor of medication and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  • B.Sc in Home Sciences
  • B.Tech in BioTechnology
  • B.Sc in Pharmacy
  • B.Sc in Agriculture
  • B.Sc in biological science
  • B.Sc. in Veterinary Sciences

While all of those were regarding drugs, you’ll conjointly pursue many engineering-related professions as career Options after 12th science:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

For career Options after the 12th commerce:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Certified Monetary Planner (CFP)
  • Bachelor of social science
  • Bachelor of Law (BA-LLB)
  • Chartered accounting (CA)

How to Choose a Better Career after 12th:

One ought to keep in mind that stereotyped jobs aren’t the sole answer after the 12th non-medical. There are ample job Options that an aspirant will take into account. One will simply work towards chasing your dreams. If you’re a student in classes 11th or 12th then decide the sphere you wish to induce into. Also, begin getting ready for the doorway exams for the trail you decide on. you would like to focus on your interests level and data before selecting any career path. A Career Options after 12th Non-Medical Courses. 

The fear of selecting the incorrect career path hovers over everyone’s head, and, hence, it becomes essential that one weighs altogether the factors before sinking down for a specific profession. A solid career map ought to be planned out with utmost vigilance. The age-long question of the way to decide your career scares everybody. It’s traditional to start out from scratch—not have to be compelled to panic. You get a grip over others if you choose your line early in your adulthood throughout your faculty time, however that doesn’t mean it’s late just in case you don’t. Career designing is crucial, and then in selecting the correct career path. while not a doubt, this may sound sort of a heap of labour, and it most undoubtedly is. however if you cross-check it in the longer run, you may be glad that you simply took the time to replicate and select.

Who knows, you would possibly bump into one thing you ne’er even detected of, and you would possibly find yourself therewith a specific job. you would possibly begin by considering employment in defence however find yourself with a career in engineering, technology, client service, teaching or perhaps management. Overall, in the end, the essential issue is that you simply find yourself selecting a career that doesn’t solely intrigue and excite you but conjointly awakens your curiosity and causes you to happy. Following these steps and forming a well-detailed arrangement for yourself can prevent a great deal of your time, trouble, and a great deal of uncertainty in the future.

FAQs For Career Options after 12th Non Medical

Which Course is best after class 12th Non-Medical?

There are many but as per the latest survey, a Career in Engineering and Management is better and it is easy to get a better-paying job after the completion of the course.

Which Stream is best for the future?

Well, it is up to the interest and passion of one individual but Science is an attractive stream and one can have much better career options than other ones.

Which is the best field after the 12th?

If you have an interest in Computers and technology. A career can be much better in the field of Computer and Technology. You just have to gain information and more practical knowledge about the field.

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