How to Crack NEET in First Attempt

It is tough to clear the NEET Examination if you do not prepare for the exam accordingly. It is much more difficult in preparation. A candidate needs to prepare in the right manner. The NEET 2023 Syllabus is the same as the syllabus of classes 11th and 12th.  A candidate has to prepare the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in a better manner to clear the exam. Here in this blog, we will get to know the ways to Crack the NEET on the First Attempt. Tips shared here will be useful for better preparation for the exam.

NEET toppers believe in enhancing the preparation in an exceedingly sensible approach rather than dodging the Exam for the following session. The way to crack NEET on the First Attempt isn’t with regards to exertion however it needs hard work and intelligent preparation tactics as around 18 lakh students appear for the exam every year. We have brought out some best preparation tips to understand how to crack NEET on First Attempt.

How to Crack NEET on the First Attempt:

Once you made up your mind about the preparation for the NEET exam. Make sure to make the right table that covers the entire syllabus of the exam and offers you better preparation. Most of the students just start the preparation with no start and end. You just have to focus on the following things when you opt for the preparation:

How to Crack NEET in First Attempt

Divide Your Time: First, you have to divide your time regarding your work, study, and free time. Always keep your syllabus in your front.  Decide your time for each subject on the basis of your strength and weakness. This is the very first step that you have to follow to crack NEET on First Attempt.

Remember: It is up to you to decide which subject you have to give more priority to and where you can easily score higher. You have to study for at least 7-8 hours every day to cover the syllabus twice before the exam.

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Set Deadlines: You have a fixed deadline to cover the syllabus. Focus on each subject equally and once you are finished with the syllabus try to solve the maximum questions from the related chapters or syllabus. There are tons of sample papers available online. Solving questions will give you a better understanding of that chapter and the subjects.

Study Material: The Study Material is the only thing that will make you prepare for the exam. Make sure to choose the study materials wisely that cover the complete syllabus. Always choose the book that has been designed for the NEET Exams only. Other books may have some additional things that may just disturb your mind and nothing else. Your Study Material is 50% of your preparation if you are planning to Crack NEET on the first attempt.

The NCERT is known to offer the best preparation for the NEET preparation. Make sure to cover the maximum of questions from the NCERT Books of Physics, Chemistry Biology etc.

To Crack NEET on First Attempt Focus on Study Patterns and have a Competitive Mind Set:

As you know the NEET is a Competitive examination. You must have an idea about how to prepare for the competitive exams. The competitive exams are a bit different as compared to the academics examination. You may also need a mentor who can guide you throughout the preparation for the NEET Exam. You have to focus on the following things to Crack NEET on the First Attempt:

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Comprehensive Study: Try and create notes of every and each topic that is being covered to understand it in a better manner. This can be helpful at the time of revision. Since the NCERT textbooks cover most of the NEET Syllabus 2023, candidates should make sure that they’re aware of each topic of NCERT from end to end.

Evaluate Your Performance: Take it too slow and revise the topics. Make flashcards if aspirants have a drag in holding the ideas. Create a note of all the doubts that are coming on way and clear them with the help of Guides and Books. This can be useful in checking the performance of every day and you will also have an idea about your preparation etc.

Appear for the Mock Tests of the NEET 2023 Exam:

Once you are done with your syllabus, now you have to practice the real questions as much as possible. There are many websites that conduct Online Mock Tests for the NEET Examination. The Mock Tests conducted are like a real examination. The same level of questions, the same marking scheme, the Same Time Duration and also the same difficulty level etc. Practice is the only thing that can make you crack NEET on the first attempt. Here are some other things that you must try the practice for the NEET 2023 Exam.

How to Crack NEET in First Attempt

Solve Previous Year Question Paper: Solving the previous year’s question paper can give you a better understanding of the question that is asked in the NEET Exam. You can download the last five years of question papers and solve each paper every day. You can also make your own perspective that which topic has covered the maximum questions etc.

Revise the incorrect attempts: Once you are done with the paper and look at the mistake that you have made and revise those topics in a better manner and solve the next paper. Keep doing this unless you become 100% sure that you are going to Crack NEET on First Attempt. Confidence plays important role in any competitive exam.

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Practical Tips for NEET 2023 Exam:

Before you start your preparation for the Exam. You have marked out the complete syllabus of the exam that you have to cover for the exam and also decide a rough time to cover the syllabus. Once you are done with this and now do proper research look for the best study materials for the NEET Examination. The Study materials play an important role when it comes to Crack NEET on First Attempt.

NCERT Books are considered as best for the preparation of the NEET Exam but the NCERT has fewer questions to practice. You have to look for some alternative books as well.

Make proper short notes: While you are preparing for the NEET Examination try to make a short note that will help you a lot during the last moment for revision. Revision is very important at last time.

Analyze your Performance: Solving a Question paper isn’t enough. Analyzing all the answers is additionally necessary. It implies that you need to understand the rationale behind each correct and incorrect answer. Performance Analyses would take longer than finding a Question paper. But, it’s worthwhile. Once you recognize your strength and weak areas, you are almost ready to Crack NEET on the First attempt.

 Accuracy & Speed: NEET could be a 3-hour long Exam. So, several candidates assume that they have to be fast to answer. But, speed comes later. After you are beginning together with your preparation a year before or 6-8 months before, then you need to target obtaining clarity together with your ideas, and respondent questions properly. Once you have got done an ample amount of preparation then speed should be the following issue you should take into account.

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These are some Best tips to crack NEET on the First Attempt. The preparation completely depends on you. Some prepare day & night and are still not able to clear the NEET Exam while some prepare every day for a few hours and clear the NEET. Dividing time and setting a deadline for yourself is very important.

Just prepare accordingly, It is easy to crack NEET on the First Attempt. All you need is better study material, the right time management strategies and the right mentor to guide you throughout the process of preparation.

FAQs For How to Crack NEET in First Attempt

How Many students appear for NEET every year?

Around 18 lakhs appear for the NEET Exam every year. It is tough to clear the NEET with ordinary preparation. You have to show your best to beat this competition and get decent marks in the exam. 

How much time is enough for NEET preparation?

If it is pre-decided that you will prepare for the NEET Exam. Start your preparation a year before. You will have more time to prepare slowly and better. Either one can cover the entire syllabus in around 6 months. 

How much time should I study every day for NEET preparation?

An average study studies for around 6 to 8 hours every day and this is enough for the preparation. If in 8 hours the 5 hours are productive.

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