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Merchant Navy Courses after 12th

The Merchant Navy is one of the finest career options for those who love seas and want to explore the world. There are career options available in this field right after passing class 12th. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the complete details about the merchant navy courses after the 12th. We will also get to know the required eligibility criteria that one needs to have to apply for the vacancy as well as the complete selection process etc. Make sure to check the complete article for detailed information.

Well, one becomes eligible to apply for the Merchant Navy vacancies right after passing class 10th. One can join the service as a sailor, technician, cook etc. Here we will only talk about the vacancy which is available after the 12th and our main focus would be on the higher grade posts in the service like officer’s entry, engineer’s entry etc.

What is Merchant Navy (An Overview):

The Merchant Navy is completely different from the Indian Navy. It is basically a merchant ships where you transport cargo from one to another place or one nation to another nation etc. A Merchant navy or Merchant marine is a fleet of transport that are registered in an exceedingly specific country. about to do a Merchant navy course once the 12th? If affirmative, A Merchant navy or Merchant marine or Merchant marine is the fleet of merchant’s vessels that square measure registered in an exceedingly specific country. On merchant’s vessels, Seafarers of assorted ranks and typically members of maritime trade unions square measure needed by the International Convention on Standards of coaching, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) to hold Merchant Mariner’s Documents. A career within the Merchant navy course once twelfth would be helpful if you’re searching for remunerative jobs.

Merchant Navy Courses

Merchant Navy is one of the oldest plebe coaching courses in the world. it’s a sophisticated course, that helps students to develop skilled skills and improve their temperament. That trains candidates for changing into master or captain, who will handle all the work associated with shipping vessels like navigation, piloting. Now let’s see the list of Merchant Navy Courses after the 12th that one can opt for to make a career in this field.

List of Merchant Navy Courses after 12th:

One has an option to join the service as an officer as well as an Engineer or electrical. For any of these entries, one will have to pursue the course which is dedicated to that particular like for Officer’s entry, there is a course called Diploma in Nautical Science followed by Bachelor’s in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering for Engineer’s entry etc. Here is the list of the following Merchant Navy Courses after the 12th. Merchant navy courses after 12th Course Duration.
1. BSc Nautical Science. 3 Years.
2. BE/B.Tech. Marine Engineering. 4 Years.
3. BSc in Marine Catering. 3 Years.
4. Diploma in Nautical Science. 1 year.
5. Pre Sea GP Rating Course. 6 Months.
6. Maritime Catering Course. 6 Months.
7. BE Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering. 4 Years.
8. BE Petroleum Engineering. 4 Years.
9. BE Harbour and Ocean Engineering. 4 Years.
10. BE Civil Engineering. 4 Years.
11. Electro-Technical Officer Course. 17 Weeks.
12. Diploma in Marine Engineering. 1 to 3 Years.
13. BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management. 3 Years.
14. Marine Engineering under Alternate Training Scheme. 1 Year to 2 Years.
15. MBA in Shipping Finance. 2 Years.
16. B.Tech Ship Building. 4 Years.
17. B.E Mechanical Engineering. 4 Years.

These courses are offered by many Shipping companies in India and they recruit candidates as well for their shipping companies. One has the option to opt for the government shipping companies like the Shipping Corporation of India or can also opt for teh private shipping companies like Anglo-Eastern, Great Eastern etc and more. Now let’s see the details about the required criteria one needs to have to pursue the merchant navy courses after the 12th after that we will talk about training institutes in India etc.

Required Eligibility Criteria:

In order to apply for the Merchant Navy Officer’s vacancy. A candidate must have passed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with a minimum of 55% marks. Well, the marks criteria depend on the company. Some companies have the marks criteria of 70% as well. Well, this is the educational qualification required to apply for the Merchant Navy Courses after the 12th.

Age Limit: The minimum age is 17th years and therefore the must is 25th  years to be eligible for examinations concerning the bourgeois navy. As per the govt rules, the most age relaxation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is five years.

Physical Fitness: Fitness is of utmost importance for a career at sea. A certificate of fitness from a registered caregiver is obligatory for admission into a course. Candidates with incapacity aren’t eligible for admission into courses with reference to the bourgeois navy. This wasn’t a lot to try and do with discrimination per se because it is supremely vital to be totally in a position in winding up the duties on board a cargo vessel.

Eyesight: 6/12 in every eye or 6/9 in the higher eye and 6/18 in another eye for distant unaided vision. A congenital defect in any case is completely not permissible.

Physical, as well as medical fitness, matters a lot in the Merchant Navy. One will need to fit and fine all the time for a successful career in the Merchant Navy. Now let’s see the list of some best training institutes in India that provides merchant navy courses after the 12th.

Top Institutes in India for Merchant Navy Courses after 12th:

Here is the list of top 10 colleges in India to pursue Merchant navy courses after the 12th. We are promoting any college here, teh names have been shared just ot help the students. Well, all these institutes have their own official website, you can check the official to get the latest details about the Admission and criteria etc. Merchant Navy Institute in India.
1. Balaji Seamen Training Institute (Chennai).
2. Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology (Chennai).
3. GKM Institute of Marine Science and Technology (Chennai).
4. Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (Dehradun).
5. Institute of Maritime Studies.
6. Haldia Institute of Maritime Studies and Research (Haldia).
7. Institute of Marine Engineering (Kochi).
8. RL Institute of Nautical Science (Madurai).
9. J.Sons Merchant Navy Institute (Mumbai).
10. Institute of Marine Engineering (Navi Mumbai).
11. Guru-ship Education trusts Maritime Training Institute (Mumbai).
12. Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (Mumbai).
13. St.Xavier’s technical Institute (Mumbai).
14. Talent Maritime Institute (Mumbai).
15. Fleet Management Training Institute (Navi Mumbai).
16. SNS Maritime Training Institute (Navi Mumbai).
17. Aquatech Institute of Maritime Studies (New Delhi).
18. Sriram Institute of Marine Studies (New Delhi).
19. Institute of Marine Education and research OVT LMT (Patna).

Well, Apart from that, One has an option to join the Government Shipping company and college which is the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI). This is a government institute and every year they release their vacancy on their official website, interested candidates can directly apply from there.  The notification is released twice a year somewhere between February ot April and again in the month of September to December etc. Now let’s see the details about the required criteria that one needs to have to apply for the Merchant Navy Courses after the 12th.

Benefits of Joining Merchant Navy:

There are a number of benefits that one can get in Merchant Navy Jobs only. Well, It is easy to become an officer in the Merchant Navy as compared to the Indian Navy. The Salary in the merchant navy plays a very important role and most of the candidates just join the service because of the high pay package. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Firstly, the pay scale is high in the case of Merchant Navy jobs, as compared to different traditional jobs.
  • This is to indicate that, from the start, Merchant Navy personnel get a good pay package!
  • Besides, except from the pay, supported seafaring activities, a number of perks and bonuses also are obtainable.
  • Moreover, Merchant Navy people have a chance to travel around the World.
  • Hence, people who have an interest in visiting completely different elements of the globe, obtaining such reasonably employment are going to be a boon for you.
  • However, not like different table jobs, Merchant Navy jobs involve a lot of action and journey.
  • Hence, those that love action-filled jobs can love this course.

Well, Before opting for any Merchant Navy Courses after the 12th. Make sure to gain a sufficient knowledge about that particular course and find suitable course as per your interest and passion.

FAQs For Merchant Navy Courses

Which Course is best for Merchant Navy?

If you want to become a Deck Officer for Diploma in Nautical Science followed by Bachelor in Nautical Science or want to go for engineering opt for Bachelor in Marine Engineering.

What is the starting salary in the Merchant Navy?

A junior officer in the service gets somewhere between 96,000/- per month to 140,000 per month and Engineers gets somewhere between 105,000/- per month to 130,000 per month as a junior engineer.

Can A 10th passed candidates apply for Merchant Navy?

Yes, Right after passing class 12th, you can apply for the GP Rating course through which you can become a Sailor, technician or cook in the service etc.

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