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ITI Courses After 12th Commerce

Are you among those that need steady growth in their employment at an awfully young age? This is often doable with the short-term Best ITI courses After 12th Commerce. ITI courses after the 12th change students to develop trade-specific skills. There is an embarrassment of ITI courses instructed in ITI Institutes across India. Courses associated with each trade are obtainable in ITI.

You’ll be able to opt for any course that supported your interest. You’ll be able to do the ITI courses after finishing your twelfth in any stream. Therefore you’ll be able to select ITI courses After 12th Science or ITI courses After 12th Commerce or ITI courses After 12th Arts.

What are ITI courses after the 12th?

ITI which stands for Industrial Training Institute may be a kind of institute that gives students varied job-level Training courses. It was established by the Board General of Training, Government of India & Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

In the ITI courses, you’ll be able to notice engineering and non-engineering ITI courses that may assist you to get into employment in one of the industries. ITIs are Training centres or industrial Training institutes that give courses for college kids Who need to urge into employment. A minimum of fourteen years mature throughout the admission year is required; but, there’s no higher ordinance for ITI course admission.

Types of ITI Courses in India:

ITI Courses After 12th Commerce or Science or ITI Courses after 12th Arts will be divided into 2 classes reckoning on the abilities of the students: Here are the details about both:

Engineering Courses: Engineering courses involve those courses that contain technical or technology-connected matters. For following engineering ITI courses, you ought to be sensible in Engineering, Maths, Technology and Science.

ITI Courses After 12th Commerce

Non-Engineering Courses: Non-Engineering courses involve those courses that contain non-technical connected matters. For following non-engineering ITI courses, you ought to be sensible at soft skills, language skills, job-specific skills, etc. ITI Courses after 12th Commerce comes in the Non-Engineering Courses.

List of Engineering and Non-Engineering ITI Courses after the 12th Commerce

Here in this, we will majorly be focused on the Non-Engineering ITI Courses after 12th Commerce. So, Here is the list of  Non-Engineering Courses which is for the Commerce stream students:

Course Name Duration
Architectural Assistant 1 year
Architectural Draughtsmanship 2 years
Agro-Processing 1 year
Bakery and Confectionery 1 year
Building Maintenance 6 months
Business Management 1 year
Basic Cosmetology 1 year
Creche Management 6 months
Cabin or Room Attendant 15 months
Catering and Hospitality Assistant 1 year
Computer Hardware Assistant 1 year
Counselling Skills 2 years
Cane Willow and Spray Painting 2 years
Computer Operator and Programming Assistant 1 year
Commercial Art 1 year
Craftsman Food Production 1 year
Cutting and Sewing 1 year
Corporate Housekeeping 1 year
Call Centre Assistant 1 year
Dairying 1 year
Dress Making 2 years
Dress Designing 1 year
Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician 2 years
Desktop Publishing Operator 1 year
Digital Photography 1 year
Domestic Housekeeping 6 months
Data Entry Operator 6 months
Excavator Operator 3 months
Embroidery and Needle Work 1 year
Electroplater 2 years
Event Management Assistant 6 months
Foundryman Technician 1 year
Food and Vegetable Processing 1 year
Finance Executive 1 year
Floriculture and Landscaping 1 year
1 year 1 year
Fashion Technology 1 year
Food Beverage 6 months
Front Office Assistant 1 year
GoldSmith 2 years
Hospital Waste Management 1 year
Hospital Housekeeping 2 years
Health and Sanitary Inspector 1 year
Hair and Skin Care 1 year
Health Safety and Environment 1 year
Human Resource Executive 1 year
Institution Housekeeping 6 months
Interior Decoration and Designing 1 year
Library and Information Science 6 months
Leather Goods Maker 1 year
Litho Offset Machine Minder 1 year
Lift and Escalator Mechanic 2 years
Laboratory Assistant 2 years
Mason 1 year
Medical Transcription 6 months
Marketing Executive 1 year
Multimedia Animation and Special Effects 1 year
Office Assistant Cum Computer Operator 1 year
Old Age Care Assistant 1 year
Painter 2 years
Para Legal Assistant 1 year
Plastic Processing Operator 1 year
Preparatory School Management Assistant 1 year
Physiotherapy Technician 1 year
Resource Person 1 year
Spa Therapy 1 year
Secretarial Practice 1 year
Steward 1 year
Steno English 1 year
Steno Hindi 1 year
Travel and Tour Assistant 1 year
Tourist Guide 1 year
Vessel Navigator 2 years

The required eligibility criteria to get admission to the ITI Courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts are pretty much similar and candidates have an option for any course as per their interest and passion. So, Here are the details about the Engineering ITI Courses after the 12th:

Engineering ITI Courses after the 12th:

Course Name Duration
Auto Electrician 1 year
Automotive Body Repair 2 years
Automotive Paint Repair 1 year
Carpenter 2 years
Draughtsman Mechanical 2 years
Draughtsman Civil 2 years
Dent Beating and Spray Painting 1 year
Drive Cum Mechanic 6 months
Electronics Mechanic 2 years
Electrician 2 years
Fitter 2 years
Firemen 6 months
Horticulture 1 year
Instrument Mechanic 2 years
IT & Electronics System Maintenance 2 years
IT & Communication System Maintenance 2 years
Machinist 2 years
Machinist Grinder 2 years
Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2 years
Mechanic Tractor 1 year
Mechanic Diesel 1 year
Mechanic Engine Fitter 2 years
Mechanic Lens or Prism Grinding 1 year
Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance 1 year
Mechanic Mechatronics 2 years
Marine Fitter 2 years
Mechanic Auto Electrical & Electronics 1 year
Mechanic Agricultural Machinery 2 years
Mechanic Mining Machinery 2 years
Office Machine Operator 1 year
Plumber 1 year
Pump Operator 1 year
Plate Maker Cum Impostor 1 year
Radiology Technician 2 years
Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Mechanic 2 months
Radio and TV Mechanic 1 year
Rubber Technician 3 years
Surveyor 2 years
Spinning Technician 2 years
Steel Fabricator 3 months
Surface Ornamentation Techniques 1 year
Sheet Metal Worker 1 year
Scooter and Auto Cycle Mechanic 2 years
Stone Mining Machine Operator 1 year
Sanitary Hardware Fitter 6 months
Tool and Die Maker 2 years
Turner 1 year
Wireman 2 years
Weaving Technician 2 years
Welder 2 years
Weaving 2 years

Now let’s see the details about the eligibility criteria that one needs to have to get admission to the Engineering or Non-Engineering ITI Courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts etc.

Eligibility Criteria for ITI Courses After 12th

Candidates should work into the eligibility criteria so as to urge admission into ITI courses. Moreover, the eligibility demand could take issue from Institute to Institute. So as to urge admission, the candidates should want to work into the listed categories to get admission to the ITI Courses After 12th Commerce or Science or Arts.

  • Candidates should have passed 10th and 12th from a recognised board and may get a minimum of 45% marks in their 10th and 12th.
  • Candidates Who have cleared the 8th class may also get admission to some ITI trades.

ITI Courses After 12th Duration

The majority of the ITI courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts are short durational courses as a result of they’re designed in such a way to produce the Students with theoretical furthermore as sensible data. The course Duration ranges from 6 months to three years. The courses are designed to use the Students after completion of the course.

Admission Process

There are quite a thousand government furthermore as personal ITI faculties that are providing admission to students Who need to pursue ITI courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts. The admission method varies by Institute, as some ITI faculties provide direct admission whereas others provide admission supported by a Merit list or Associate degree test. The admission is offered on the basis of the marks scored in the last qualifying examination.

There are many reputed institutes in India that may conduct written examinations for admission to the ITI Courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts. So, whichever Institute you select for admission, check the admission criteria of that individual.

ITI Courses after 12th Top Colleges:

Here is the list of top institutes for the ITI Courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts that one can opt for admission. Well, the names have been just shared to help the students. We are not promoting any college out here.

  1. Govt Industrial Training Institute, Purulia
  2. Govt Industrial Training Institute, Faridabad
  3. Government Industrial Training Institute (Women/Mahila)Rae Bareli
  4. Industrial training institute, Mandvi (Surat)
  5. Sharda Industrial Training Institute of Delhi
  6. Govt Industrial Training Institute, Bareli etc.

In order to get admission to these colleges, one may have to clear the entrance examination that is conducted at the institute level. Then too, it is better to check the admission criteria of the college that you choose for education.

ITI Courses After 12th Fees:

The fee for ITI courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts depends on the course the candidate is following. additionally, the fees should also vary from school to school. the govt ITI school fees are relatively low compared to personal ITI school fees.

  • Average Government ITI faculties Fees: ₹1,000 to ₹20,000
  • Average personal ITI faculties Fees: ₹5,000 to ₹1,00,000

Private colleges or institutes have no fixed fee structure. So, It is all the way better to choose a government college for admission in order to save your cost of education.

ITI Courses After 12th Job Scope:

Candidates will get employment opportunities after completion of ITI Courses. after finishing the course, you’ll be able to get employment within the government or the personal sector. varied opportunities are obtainable for engineering and non; engineering ITI courses.

Benefits of doing ITI Courses After the 12th:

  • You can infuse new knowledgeable, technical, and non-technical skills in a brief amount of your time.
  • You will simply get employment after completion of the course.
  • Get an ITI certificate after completion of the course.
  • Many notice opportunities in growing industries or factories in their several fields.

Employment Opportunities:

After finishing the course, many employment opportunities are created obtainable for the people who have completed their ITI courses. they’ll notice employment in:

  • Public sector
  • Private sector
  • Factory
  • Industries
  • Self-employment (start their own business within the several ITI course) etc.

It is not that tough to get a job after the completion of the ITI Courses after 12th Commerce or Science or Arts. But, Make sure to choose a better college for admission that could train you in a better manner and make you able to get a job after the completion of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration of the ITI Courses?

The Duration of the Courses can be somewhere between 6 months to 3 years depending upon the type, of course, you are opting for.

Is there any age limit to pursue ITI Courses?

Yes, The age of the candidate must be at least 14 years while applying for admission to the course. There are no maximum age limit criteria has been mentioned anywhere.

Which is the best Institute for ITI Courses in India?

As per the latest ranking criteria, Govt Industrial Training Institute, Purulia & Govt Industrial Training Institute, Faridabad are considered to be the best.

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