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Medical Diploma Courses After 12th

There is a number of career options available after passing class 12th. Here in this article, We will talk about the career in the Medicine field and what are career options available after passing graduation or post-graduation or after diploma courses in this field etc. We will also get to know about the Medical Diploma Courses after the 12th. we can’t deny the actual fact that care professionals area unit the maximum amount vital as a doctor. And there’s a rising demand for these competent medical assistants and care professionals within the care and medical sector, not solely in India however conjointly abroad. For this purpose, credentials in medical courses area unit designed during thanks to train people as care professionals.

Doctors play a vital role in any society and being a doctor may be a very revered issue for anyone. Although doctors are skilled and can tackle the patient’s situation they are also talented assistants throughout practice. Apart from degree holders, Diploma holders also are in high demand and if you would like to enter the medical sector as early as attainable, then the Diploma in medical and certificate level medical courses are the best one after passing class 10th or class 12th etc. Let’s see the complete details about the Medical Diploma Courses after the 12th.

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Diploma Courses in Medical After 12th:

The medical field is one of the finest fields to make your career. It is not new for us, most of the students after passing class 12th with PCM opts for either engineering or medical. As per the survey in India, these fields are the most chosen field in India. the competition is too much in this then too candidates opts for this. The Medicine field is very vast and has huge opportunities for freshers as well as for the experienced.

Medical Diploma Courses After 12th

There are many career options available in this field after passing class 12th. One has an option to pursue the diploma course, degree course as well as the postgraduate course or postgraduate diploma course etc. Here we will get to know about the Diploma courses that are available in this field. The diploma courses are job-oriented. So, once finishing these short-term diploma courses, you get the good thing about selecting whether or not you would like to start out operating or study any for a degree as an alternative you’ll be able to do each at the same time.

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List of Diploma Course in Medical:

There is a number of courses available in the field of medicine. Here is the list of the diploma courses that one can pursue to make his/her career in that respected stream.

  • Diploma in Dialysis
  • Diploma in Medical, Nursing Assistant
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Radiology
  • Diploma in Hospital Administration
  • Diploma in Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Diploma in Emergency Medicine
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician (DOTT)
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing
  • Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  • Diploma in X-Ray
  • Diploma in Medical Record Technology
  • Diploma in ECG Technology
  • Diploma in Rural Health Care
  • Diploma in Dental Hygienist
  • Diploma in Dental Mechanics
  • Diploma in Dairy Farming
  • Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Animal Husbandry and Dairying
  • Diploma in Veterinary Assistant
  • Diploma in Veterinary Lab Technician
  • Diploma in Community Medical Service and Essential Drugs
  • Diploma in Optometry Technician etc

The Diploma Courses are widely offered by the Government as well as by the private institutes in India. The Education criteria and quality is the same in both private and government. There is a difference between the fees structure. The government colleges charge very little as compared to the private colleges in India. It is up to you (Candidate) to college as per your comfort and interest. Well, In order to pursue the Diploma courses, there are some required eligibility criteria that are mandatory to have in every manner.

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Eligibility Criteria for Medical Diploma Courses:

In order to pursue the medical diploma courses after 12th. A candidate needs to have passed class 12th with biology as the main subject. There are also some courses that do not demand biology and one can get admission through the 12th PCM as well. But, most of the courses demands biology. Here are the criteria required for admission:

  • A candidate must have passed 12th with Biology from any government recognized board.
  • There are no marks criteria that have been mentioned anywhere, but some reputed colleges may have mark criteria for admission.
  • There is no age barrier for admission. But your should be as per the Indian Education Standard.
  • There may be some relaxation in marks is given by some colleges or institutes.

All the criteria would be the same for every candidate, there is no other relaxation is given to anyone. Now let’s see the admission process in the Diploma courses.

Admission Process:

The admission of the candidates into the Medical diploma courses after 12th are from in various ways. The Admission Criteria or process completely depends on college to college. To get to reputed colleges, You will have to appear for the entrance examination that is conducted at the Institute level and on the basis of the marks scored in the entrance examination, admission will be granted.

Some private colleges also offer admission on the basis of the marks scored in the class 12th board. The shortlisting of the candidates is done on the basis of the marks scored in the class 12th examination and only the top candidates will be selected for admission. That is why I have mentioned the marks criteria in the eligibility criteria section.

Some private colleges also offer direct admission in the course without any entrance exam, shortlisting or Interview or oral exam. It would be always to wait for a year to get a better college than taking admission in low-grade colleges. Well, take your time and select the best college for admission. This is the field where your knowledge is everything and you have to choose the best college to get that.

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Fees Structure of Diploma Courses:

The medical diploma courses after 12th fees depend on college to college. The private colleges are known for charging more fees for the same while the government colleges usually charge less. It is completely up to choose the college. There is no difference between the education standards, it will almost same. There may be some differences in the syllabus but overall it will be the same.

The course fees of diploma can be somewhere between 1500 to 30,000/-  per year for government colleges. For private colleges, It can be somewhere between 35,000/- per year to 3 lakhs per year depending upon the college. Choose the college wisely as it decides your future. Always choose a reputed college for admission. As most of the reputed colleges conduct the college placement drive after the completion of the course. It would be very easy for you to get placed through the college.

FAQs For Medical Diploma Courses After 12th

Can I pursue Diploma in Medical Courses after the 10th?

Yes, there are many diploma courses in medical available after passing class 10th and most of the courses are job-oriented.

Is a diploma course is better than a degree?

No, It is easy to get a job with a diploma certificate but the degree holder gets better career growth in the respected field.

What is the duration of the Medical Diploma Courses?

The duration of the course can be somewhere between 1 to 3 years depending on the type, of course, you are opting for.

Can I get a better job with a diploma certificate?

Yes, Most of the diploma courses are job oriented and it is easy to get a job with a diploma certificate.

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